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Kate's Lawyer -- Jon's Move Is 'Pathetic'

4/7/2010 5:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate GosselinKate Gosselin's lawyer says Jon's attempt to wrestle custody away from his client is "pathetic."

Attorney Mark Momjian tells TMZ Jon's motives are transparent, saying, "He's never questioned her ability to provide for their children. He's out of the limelight, while 23 million people are watching Kate on 'Dancing with the Stars.'"

Momjian finds it ironic that Kate is effectively the only breadwinner, and when she goes to Hollywood to earn a living he turns around and says she's not in Pennsylvania caring for the kids.

Momjian says the legal docs filed by Jon are "incoherent" and so flawed that he fully expects the judge to throw his petition out ... stat.

Momjian says Jon is out for Jon, adding, "Do I think his motivation is the children's best interest. Squarely no."


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Will if you think Kate working on DWTS is so wrong then you don't like women truck drivers or women Drs or women that work for airports or women that are on tv . An Kate isn't a star she is a mom but she is not the frist one on DWTS that hasn't been a star. Try the women Holly from Girls next door, OR the Bachelor or the women off the Bachelor thay are not starts. An for you just moms that say she needs to stay home. Will she is not the frist mom on the show and I am sure she wont be the lasted so get off this WORKING MOTHERS BACK. AN as for Jon when she frist started DWTS he was backing her 100% and was so proud of her but that befor his ex Girl friend KICKED HIM OUT. Now he don't have anyone he can USE and SPEND THErE MONEY so he wants the KIDS MONEY TO SPEND. BEcouse if you get the KIDS YOU GET THERE MONEY TO RUN OR TO HIM HE CAN SPEND IT HIS WAY.

1627 days ago


To the supporters : Thank you
To the negatives: I have sunken to new lows. I am possibly the ONLY mother in America who will dance for crowds to support my family.

I understand that it is unlikely for me to be commenting here, but, I have been left no choice. I have to defend my family and my name. My house was from TLC. If I had to give it back, I would manage. HELLO..I'm dancing for income. I'm doing the show to show my kids that you don't have to be good at everything..just try it! There is a book tour in motion but thats why Skype was made. I can still see my children everyday. I love my family.

Kate Gosselin

1627 days ago


It's a publicity stunt.

1627 days ago



Is a desperate male! When he was partying and running around with bimbos, that was okay. But OH she goes out and tries to have a life...then all at once he wants custody? Yeah right...he does not want custody...he is just upset that Kate has gone on with her life...without him. What a deadbeat! Classic pathetic little man.

1627 days ago


Some of you are insane. Why should Kate not live up to her current earning potential? Saying things like "try living in an apartment with no nannies, blah, blah, blah" Who would willingly do that if they didn't have to? And so what if DWTS isn't in PA? Lots of people travel for work. And this job, at the LONGEST, is 10 weeks. Jon is a dead-beat, and Kate's reality star status isn't going to last forever, so why not make tons of money now? So sick of people ragging on Kate for regular job is gonna cover the costs of her 8 let her be...if you hate her, don't watch her. Simple.

1627 days ago


Maybe jon can make some money on Dancing with Douchbags

1627 days ago


I'm waiting for TMZ to do a side by side with Kate Gosslin and Carol Burnette. No offense to CB but she looks a lot like her and watching her on DWTS reminds me of one of her comedy sketches.

1627 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Relax Kate. Most of these women are so damn jealous of you it's pitiful. They complain that they're sick of you and Jon but they're on here after every article that's written about you. Sick people and I can guarantee you that most of them have had their kids in Day Care and think it's fine. Hypocrites. No mother is expected to spend 24/7 with her kids but these "ladies" seem to think that this does not apply to you. Jealousy. As for that scum bag you married and divorced I wish you luck in court and there is no justice in this country if he gets anything he looking for. Never would've guessed he was such a loser. Hang in there. You're doing a great job with your kids. I sure do miss seeing them.

1627 days ago


Thank You 'TorontoWoman' people are very cynical.

I don't understand why I'm so disliked on here? I don't understand it. I thought I could come on here, talk with the fans and get to have an open dialogue. Apparently I'm mistaken. I may not be June Clever but I work as hard as possible. If I didn't work than people would call me a dead beat.

Kate Gosselin

1627 days ago


I think Kate's "dancing" and "fame-whoring" is more pathetic.

1627 days ago


Perhaps Jon shouldn't have had sex with his children's nannies, in their own home, while the children were there.

I'm neither a jon nor kate fan, but I don't understand the irrational hate towards her. She is living the life that our society provided for her, with TMZ's help. If we were not so celebrity and gossip driven, she and family would never have had a tv show or any notoriety.

So she is working with what she's got. She should turn down thousands of dollars to go work at a minimum wage job in PA? Would you?

She didn't force herself onto the dancing show. They asked her to come. There have always been not so good dancers on the show, every season. That's the nature of the show.

Let's get rid of all the mothers on the show, Brooke Burke (4 children, and had an infant when she was a contestant on the show), Niecy (3 kids), Pam Anderson (2 kids), and the list goes on and on. Also, many of these people are involved in several shows at the same time. I doubt they are hardly ever home.

You should be fair and logical in your criticisms.

1627 days ago


nice set of DSL's on her......

1627 days ago


I can't stand either of them, but she is worse! She is an attention whore, and she has nothing whatsoever to offer. On DWTS she lumbers around like a baby elephant. I truly believe the votes were fixed to keep her around longer. Controversy = viewers and the show knows that! And what's with her eyes, it always looks like they are rolling up in her head, she looks drugged. Or maybe it's just part of her general pissy miserable look.
She doesn't "need" money, remember she gets 22,000 from Jon each month. Think I'm kidding? Research that fact. She likes to make it look like she is poor and scraping to pay the bills. Poor her, boo hoo. She just wants sympathy on her side. She is such a crock of BS.

1627 days ago


Jon has never been successful at anything. He wants attention. The only time he gets attention is when he gets a new whore.

He had been living in Utah with some girl he met on the ski slopes, and they recently broke up.

Love her or hate her, Kate is trying to make a living, its really hard supporting one or two kids, I cannot imagine 8.

Jon just wants to live the playboy lifestyle, he is only interested in the money, and with no talent, the only way he can get it, is using his kids.

Eventually is behavior will effect his relationship with his children. They will turn against him.

1627 days ago


If she's such a great mother why isn't she,at least, in the same state as them? Poor things. At least John would be a present parent. She should be ashamed. Dancing with the "STARS"??? Give me a break! Kate, if all you care about is providing for your children, then downsize your mansion and go back to nursing. Pathetic egomanic.

1627 days ago
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