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Anna Nicole's Daughter

Supreme Force

4/8/2010 6:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith's daughter may only be 3 1/2, but her lawyers are all business, threatening federal judges to either reverse themselves or get ready for a dose of Supreme Court humiliation.


Lawyers for Anna's estate -- who effectively rep Dannielynn -- just filed legal papers with the federal appeals court that shut down the estate's claim for a big piece of J. Howard Marshall's fortune.

In the papers, filed today and obtained by TMZ, Dannielynn's lawyers note that the same three judges who shut them down last month did the same thing years before, only to have their decision reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The new legal docs are a not-so-veiled threat to the entire 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Dannielynn's lawyers want 11 judges on the 9th Circuit to review the case and side with the cute little kid. The lawyers warn ... if the 11 judges don't heed this advice, they will be embarrassed when the U.S. Supreme Court tells them for a second time they're all wet.

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This isn't about getting billions for Vicky's illegitimate daughter. This is about Howard Stern's and Larry Birkhead's lawyers frothing at the mouth because they were expecting to hit a huge pay day. Out of decency, I side with the Marshall family for fighting off the golddigger stripper and this kid.

1637 days ago


The best thing for this little cutie is to lead a quiet normal life out of the limelight. Having all that money may be the worst thing for her in the long run.

1637 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

"Dannielynn's lawyers want 12 judges on the 9th Circuit to review the case and side with the cute little kid".

What a bunch of 3rd level lawyers. They keep losing, and now they're threatening the judges to try to force them to side with them or "they'll tell on them!" Say goodbye to your commissions, losers; you've spent years on this and will never be paid.

This lying, stupid, drug addicted gold digging leg spread whore has been dead for years, but the legacy of her greedy, sour life continues. All she ever gave the world was self important problems & trouble, and she didn't deserve one penny of that man's money. I hope she's rotting in hell as we speak

1637 days ago


Oh yeah, that kids a Stern. LOL

1637 days ago


Wow, she is BEAUTIFUL! She has got to be the cutest kid in Hollywood...sorry Suri and Shiloh.

1637 days ago


What a beauty! She looks just like her mother. Give her the money and let this be over with!

1637 days ago


Get off your high horse! Marshall was MARRIED to Anna Nicole in case you forgot. His previous wife was also a stripper.

1637 days ago



1637 days ago

fly on the wall    

Listen Anna Nicole was a gold-digging whore! Everyone knows this. Larry Birkhead should work and support his daughter like normal Joes have to do! Larry Birkhead is nothing more than a male bisexual classless wh*re. Go get a job!

1637 days ago



Who the hell do YOU think HAS been taking care of Dannielynn for the past 3 years?! HER DAD!! Give Larry some credit, people! That baby is GORGEOUS, she looks healthy and well taken care of and happy. She acts like a total daddy's girl, and he doesn't pimp her out. We see them every so often, usually on a holiday when he takes her out and they are photographed. I think Larry is a great dad and I wanna see Danni grow up. Not a new pic every day, but once a year is awesome! She's beautiful and I hate it that Anna is not here to enjoy her.

1637 days ago


Only 14 1/2 year till she's legal!!!!

1637 days ago

Boo Hoo    

I bet Larry reconsiders a reality show now that money is drying up.

1637 days ago


She looks like her mama

1637 days ago


Come on, people. Do you think Birkhead wants to get a real job knowing he can make millions, and has made millions, exploiting his daughter? Yeah, she's beautiful but she's gonna grow up having to continue to support her lazy father. He will sell her out till the day he dies. Larry Birkhead is a lazy son of a b***ch so of course he will continue to go after any kind of monies that will mean he can continue to live his very expensive and luxurious lifestyle without actually working. Before Anna Nicole and his daugther entered the picture, the guy drove around in a beat up jeep and lived in a studio apartment and was always broke. Now he has a number of properties, drives expensive cars, wears designer clothes, eats in the best restaurants and only travels first class. He -himself- needs millions of dollars to continue his lifestyle. I hope he gets nothing!

1637 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Give the girl her money !!!! ... Schhessh

1637 days ago
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