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Anna Nicole's Daughter

Supreme Force

4/8/2010 6:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith's daughter may only be 3 1/2, but her lawyers are all business, threatening federal judges to either reverse themselves or get ready for a dose of Supreme Court humiliation.


Lawyers for Anna's estate -- who effectively rep Dannielynn -- just filed legal papers with the federal appeals court that shut down the estate's claim for a big piece of J. Howard Marshall's fortune.

In the papers, filed today and obtained by TMZ, Dannielynn's lawyers note that the same three judges who shut them down last month did the same thing years before, only to have their decision reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The new legal docs are a not-so-veiled threat to the entire 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Dannielynn's lawyers want 11 judges on the 9th Circuit to review the case and side with the cute little kid. The lawyers warn ... if the 11 judges don't heed this advice, they will be embarrassed when the U.S. Supreme Court tells them for a second time they're all wet.

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And thats the truth    

Larry Birkhead is a photographer, and has been for a long time. I really wish that people would do a little research before they come on here and put in their 2 cents. I found that information in about 2 minutes by using Google.

Yes, Dannielyn looks just like her Mother. He is absolutely gorgeous. I do not know how Larry does not get a little choked up every time he looks at that little angelic face.

1553 days ago

And thats the truth    

55. I believe she is going to have mental health issues. Her eyes appear that she is not all there. I could be wrong, but considering her mother's past, I wouldn't be surprised. I just hope she is taken care of, one way, or the other. Her father seems to be doing a good job.

Posted at 9:50PM on Apr 8th 2010 by Surfie

Huh? Her eyes look perfectly fine to me. Maybe you should wipe the dust off of your monitor. I believe that she was born with an eye that crossed or turned in which Larry had corrected when she was much younger. To say that she has mental issues is ridiculous.

1553 days ago

Blue Swan    

Collagen for toddlers? Say it ain't so!!

1553 days ago


I agree with some of the posters who state Larry never sold out his daughter...except: He had/has Splash news organization on his speed dial and they would and continue to miraculously show up at different places Birkhead was/is with his daughter; he sold his daughter's first visit to Anna Nicole grave site to ET for close to a million dollars and the first thing he purchased was a brand new top of the line Range Rover (a true necessity); he sold her first and second birthday party; he sold her first Christmas; he was pitching reality shows staring Dannielynn to a number of networks but Birkhead wanted too much money...there's many more exploiting of his daughter. Yes, he worked as a photographer. He no longer has to work because he can just sell out his little girl. She's only 3...He'll be selling her out until she dies and you idiots will continue to claim he's self made.

How 'bout them apples...

1553 days ago


Who is the puke who insulted her biological father of opportunistically using the child? Larry B. has been working and taking care of her all along, and he's done it with no guarantee of any such payoff on the Marshall case. And yes, there WAS a paternity test, BTW.

It would be nice if the Marshall estate could at minimum help secure a monthly stipend and a small college fund for the child. God knows they can afford it. Perhaps if they did the decent thing by Anna Nicole and laid a small settlement on her in the first place, they wouldn't be tied up in this years later.

And finally, yes, she is beautiful.

1553 days ago

Higher truths    

I live in Texas. I'd love to see the Marshall's and their shyster lawyers and friends get their dressing down. There's one set of rules for the ultra wealthy and crooked and another set for the common folk. Life should be fair for everyone and justice shouldn't be for sale.

51. “In the papers, filed today and obtained by TMZ, Dannielynn's lawyers note that the same three judges who shut them down last month did the same thing years before, only to have their decision reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

The insistence on stupidity of these three is astounding. Years and years go by, SCOTUS instructs the 9th what to do and they do not do it. Imagine what happens to all the regular citizens inflicted with the crazy 9th as their appeals Court. Elaine Marshall owes DL $88 million, interest and Attorney fees on behalf of her belligerent and nefarious husband Pierce. This has nothing to do with the HC Probate Court in Texas or the old man, JHMII.

Posted at 8:57PM on Apr 8th 2010 by Only swim in the Ocean

Read more:

1553 days ago


She's so pretty... Anyway, Anna deserves the money because in real life she was married to this guy. They didn't have a prenup. If the old guy didn't want to leave anything to Anna, he would have got one, but he didn't. He wanted to provide for Anna even after her death.

However, there are a lot of crooked, evil judges out there that will do what they think will make them look glorious in public. It is illegal to do that but a lot of judges, cops, detectives and lawyers don't care. But the law is the law!

1553 days ago

Hawaii spring break    

Marshall family will prevail in the end.

The justice is on their side.
Larry Birkhead wanted Marshall money as a part of paternity contract with Anna Nicole/Vickie Marshall, but she refused and fled to Bahamas. She didn't want to share fame, money, child with anybody. She told Birkhead, "I'm the star not you, don't ever forget that." Birkhead as a parent and guardian of Anna's sole heir, could have dismissed the lawsuit against H. Marshall's family, but clearly he wants that money. Birkhead as a former paparazzo doesn't have a job. He sells pictures of Dannielynn and has no other income. Dannielynn financially supports him and his new gay lover, young aspiring actor.

1553 days ago


and so I care why? The lil girl will be much better off if she is raised by a father who will provide a decent normal living for her rather than learn how to sue people for millions rather than work!Work skills are hard to teach young people this day and age! However, I do hope she did get an inheritance from her mom.Somehow with or without it, I think Larry will do right by her. I hope so.Shes a cutie and looks like her mom.Hope she never gets in to the hollywood lifestyle and can just live a productive clean lifestyle!

1553 days ago


Yes, she is a beautiful child, but that doesn't make her entitled to more than if were she ugly. Her life will already be easier because of her beauty. We are such a beauty-driven society, and when looks are all you have, you're never happy, because there is always someone prettier and beauty fades.

1553 days ago


What a beautiful girl! A natural beauty in hollywood...that is something.

1553 days ago


What a beautiful little girl she is....In a sad way I think that Anna's death will mean Dannilynn has a shot at a normal life. Imagine if Anna was still alive and raising her, fighting LB every step of the way. Anna would be using her daughter in every way possible to be making money to support her drug habit and Howard Stern would still be the leeching wimp boy. Its so laughable now that he could even think for a minute that this was his child. I hope she doesn't turn out like her mother, its so sad to think that she was born addicted to the drugs her mother took while pregnant. I wish her a normal happy life, but clearly Anna's drug use is going to affect this little girl somehow ! Larry is taking good care of her, thank god he is raising her and not Anna.

1553 days ago


#65---The Marshall's made a settlement offer to Anna Nicole while she was still alive $88 million to be exact and she declined that offer. I think going forward if I remember correctly when Anna Nicole died the Marshall lawyer said the family was still willing to make a offer to settle the case. He said the offer was the original offer amount of $88 million. I'm sure at some point there will be a settlement. Anna was greedy and turned down the $88 million, I bet if she were still alive that money would look mighty good. And leave Larry alone, he isn't out there making money off his daughter and if there were some financial gain by having photo's of party events I'm sure the money is being used to raise his daughter. With her beauty she will somehow be able to make alot of money for herself if she chooses that life. I hope she doesn't. And to someone who made the comment about her probably having some mental health issues in the future, thats a guarantee considering all the drugs that her mother ingested while pregnant. She will definitely have issues and thats so sad because she didn't deserve to be treated so badly while her drugged out mother ate pills like candy !

1553 days ago


And why doesn't she deserve the money? So some beyond physically disgusting ancient billionaire see a stunning stripper on the verge of starvation and says "I'll buy her for as much money as I choose to spend on her." So if she's a gold-digger what is he, a slave owner? BTW Larry IS supporting Dannielynn, they haven't gotten a dime out of the old geezer's money yet.

1553 days ago

Hawaii spring break    

Larry Birkhead fought very hard for Marshall money as a part of his paternity contract. He stalked and blackmailed Vickie until she fled to another country. She didn't want to share her money with a greedy sperm donor. Birkhead will have to do what he knows best, sell pictures to tabloids. Vickie spent $7M and then wanted $400M from Marshalls. Greed killed her.

1553 days ago
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