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'Dancing' Judge -- Kate Gosselin Is 'Crap'

4/8/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Dancing with the Stars" judge Bruno Tonioli just unloaded on Kate Gosselin, calling her ballroom skills "dreadful," "a catastrophe" and "crap" ... but added it's all "in a good way."

Bruno Tonioli: Click to watch
It all went down on "Lopez Tonight" where the judge also compared Kate to one of the most feared disasters of all time.

Gotta respect the honesty.


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wendy carin    

kate wants you to think she is a good mom.What makes a good mom.She is not.She wants fame and to consume all of man kind.She is bossy pushy and she cannot dance.Being pushy and domineering is not being a good role model for her children.Being on dances with the stars shows us kate can't take critisism either.What does that tell her kids.Especially those little girls who will grow up thinking they can push a man around.Could be pretty lonley for them.Good mom ,no,good dancer,no.Ego seeking sad woman yes!

1636 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

What A Joke!!! These two complete MORONS fighting about their private issues in the press and acting like two year olds who can't their own way!!!

It's the most disgusting display of immaturity I have ever seen!! And honestly, who gives a shit anyway???

Shame on the media for propogating this crap ad infinitum and offending the intelligence of most average people who could really care less anyway!!!

These two BUFFOONS are fighting over their children like seagulls fighting over a dead fish on a beach without any regard for the feelings, dignity or damage they are doing to these innocent children

Personally I think the kids should be awarded to Children's Services until these two CLOWNS are snapped into reality. But reality seems a long ways away for two so called "adults" who behave like two year olds and apparently have no concept of "shame" as they continue to air their dirty panties in public.

The TV Networks should likewise be TOTALLY ASHAMED of their persistent attempts to force this crap down our throats under the guise of "entertainment". GOOD GOD it's shameful to think that Television has STOOPED to such a low level of indignity & lack of class that they seem to grasp at these straws and claim it to be entertaining.

I could NEVER bring myself to watch any program that EVER had these two DOPES involved

1636 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

For the record, I don't really like Kate, and I don't like her dancing. However, Bruno was wrong to say what he said. Geez, show some decorum Bruno!

1636 days ago

wendy carin    

People tend to bring bad or good things on to themselves.Bruno has nothing to do with how Kate dances nor does he have anything with the way she reacts to constructive critisism.He is a dancing judge who is calling it like it is.If kate can't handle the heat well...goooooo.No other star gets off lucky with the comments,so why should the one who is just a wanna be star.Just cause she has 8 kids and can't settle for making money with her nursing degree,should any of them be kinder to a sad woman.She does not help herself at all, other wise she would get some therapy instead of venturing out and trying to play star.Bruno was right.Her dancing,attitude and the way she treats others renders no sympathy from me.Her kids get the sympathy and lashing out at a judge,oh well waste of time to me!

1636 days ago


Everyone knows Kate will most likely win DWTS because of the kids not her talentit is most likely fixed so she will win. As far as her new show I hope it dive bombs. This woman needs a wake up call she is not all that she thinks she is.

1636 days ago


Like her or not, Kate's dancing is better than some other male dancers from past DWTS seasons, particularly a couple of former athletes, who were very stiff and stomped around the dance floor. One was voted off early and one was kept on until nearly the end of the competition because he was so likable. I don't remember the judges being nearly as brutal to them. Also, as much as I admire Buzz Aldrin, I found it so painful to watch him try to dance that I had to turn the channel.

Kate has certain "star" quality that keeps people interested in seeing her, which Jon does not have to the same degree (but apparently thought he did). When Jon thought he had a chance at a show business career, he left his kids and rented a $5,000/per month bachelor pad in N.Y., whereas Kate stays home with her kids and now rehearses her dancing in the basement. She just flies out to California for the tapings. So she is at home with her kids more hours per day than the average working mother. She may have to travel some in the future for her career, but she will undoubtedly have more time and money for her children as a result of that travel than most working mothers do. Also, while she is rehearsing in her basement, her children have access to her, unlike the children of most of the working mothers of America.

Keep in mind Kate is not the only woman who became famous from a reality show. I can think of several famous young party-girl "celebrities" with much less education than Kate, who is a registered nurse. Kate is no less talented or less deserving of a chance to make some good money for herself and her kids than some of those other young women, who have nobody but themselves to support, and some of whom are only "famous-for-being famous" and/or because they have a sex tape circulating on the internet, and some of whom are either only high-school graduates and/or high school dropouts. Yet they are treated like royalty by the media and the public, which hangs on their every word, and tabloids report on their every move.

Also, I didn't hear of anyone telling the queen of England she should give up the crown and just stay home and raise her kids, and she would still have been extremely wealthy. She is said to have spent only about an hour a day with her children through much of their lives. Nobody would dare to call her an unfit mother.

And I don't hear anyone telling Sarah Palin to stay home with her kids now that she is also a very wealthy woman. Nobody would dare to call her an unfit mother, either.

Yet some jealous members of the public seem to think that Kate should try to raise eight kids on a nurse's salary (and which would involve long hours of standing on her feet most of the day, and in what is often a dangerous profession where she could accidentally be stuck with an infected needle or bring home contagious conditions to her children). These same people would probably jump at the chance to have the job offers Kate has been receiving.

I see a lot of gender bias here -- people would not say the same things to man in Kate's position. Nor would they say, "Stay home and take care of your children" to other famous female politicians or actresses.

Some of the public just can't stand that a woman they don't look up to, whom they feel is undeserving, and whom they feel is no more special than they are, has actually become a celebrity and so much more successful than they are. DWTS will undoubtedly lead to other things for Kate, and a jealous public just can't stand it.

That being said, if reports of her arrogant behavior are true, she needs to show a little more gratitude if she is to continue her show business advancement. As a nurse she undoubtedly had to be very controlling and in charge of many crucially important details in order to get her job done proficiently, but now she is in a new profession where she needs to be willing to learn from other people who may not seem to her to be as intelligent as she is, but nevertheless know the business better than she does.

1636 days ago


55. I thought the point of this show was not necessarily to have excellent dancing moves to begin with!? When you take people who don't dance for a living and put then against those who do dance for a living, of course they are going to look bad! I don't think the cirticism is fair. AND she is not a bad mom, maybe a bad wife, but you take care 8 kids yourself, before criticizing this poor woman. Her Husband is a fraud, he's broke, and this is his way of trying to make a buck by getting the kids, getting money for the kids, and spending it on himself! She practices in the basement
, so obviously she's doing her best to NOT be abscent from her kids.

Posted at 2:21PM on Apr 8th 2010 by Michelle

I totally agree!! Bruno is just an a$$$

1636 days ago


Bring back Pamela Anderson or Buzz Aldrin or Holly Madison. ANYBODY with a pulse!!!!!

1636 days ago


Kate is CRAP and not just on the dance floor.

1636 days ago


For all you who defend her, know this... She is taping the show in LA miles away from her kids.'s BS to say she needs the money to support the kids, Jon is giving her $22K a month. Can't stand either of them, but hate when people talk about something they know nothing about.

1634 days ago


I can't believe this is a dancing show!!!! What are people thinking when they are voting for her!!! If she is what we have to look forward to, I won't be watching the show..

1634 days ago

marjorie kain    

I think that Kate should stick to publishing Books. Everyone has a gift, Hers is not Dancing. She was somewhat better on Jon And Kate plus 8; not as good as Jon however.
Thank you

1634 days ago

rose greenfield    

Oh! what a cripy look like she doesnt how to move her body find a job to support your kids this is not good for you.all the supporter of kate you never see that Bruno is right... its hard to see what she dance...

1634 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

kate can suck the shit out of my asshole! dumb hag.

1634 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

LOL I love Bruno!

1634 days ago
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