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Allred to Dwarf: I've Got Your Back

4/8/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned civil rights crusader Gloria Allred will file a complaint against a college which denied a 3'7" dwarf an education because of her size.

Ms. Allred will display various awards the young dwarf has received -- including one from the President of the United States.

Attorney Allred will also show photos and video of her little client as a high school varsity cheerleader.

Allred will hold a news conference with the dwarf in her L.A. office at 10:30 AM PT. TMZ is inclined to live stream the event.

Who are we kidding ... we'll have 5 cameras there.


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Wouldn't one just sue the school or take them to court.. why the live TV coverage of this poor person? And what do awards have to do with anything? Most colleges who deny admission do it based on grades/SAT tests, there must be some 'sensation' to this story.

1625 days ago

The former shadow of WTC one.    

GLORIA ALRED is the white version of AL SHARPTON -

1625 days ago


She has become the Jerry Springer of attorneys

1625 days ago


I can't believe my eyes...

HTTP://WWW.PHOTOHIDE.COM - hide the face on your personal photos, free!

1625 days ago


Gloria is a kook...she's always in there with the garbage..she's part of it..I'd love to take her on..she's a media joke.

1625 days ago


Go Away! Why do you have to have your dirty fingers in everything that is going on.

1625 days ago


In our nightmares I'm sure images of this woman reach a high incidence. I can't think of many creepier to look at.

Love, shuffler.

1625 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

"Civil rights crusader" Gloria Allred? Are you f'ing kidding me?

More like create high-profile victims for low-profile issues, do a media event, milk the celebrity or company for millions and make 40%.

She is the absolute scum of the earth. Nothing worse than playing on people's victimhood.

P.S. TMZ loves this kind of stuff, and I bet Gloria loves that she gets all this play at and the TV show.

1625 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

I am tired of this bitch!! Tired of her putting her radiator hose sized clit in everyones business!Retire now Gloria!

1625 days ago


Nooooo! You DID NOT just use the term "civil rights crusader" and Gloria Allred in the same sentence!!!!....lmao....come on

1625 days ago


Gloria Allred is a pathetic, dispicable, and disgraceful slimeball! She'll represent ANYONE who wants to sue someone else no matter how ridiculous, depraved, or immoral that person's argument and accusations are. She represents the most vile and disgusting debris of humanity!

1625 days ago


Shouldn't she be at the Masters demanding Tiger to apologize to he pornstar client for robbing her of her innocence?

This lady is the biggest publicity hound out there. Calling her a civil rights crusader is an insult to those that have helped further the civil rights movement. The only crusade she is on is to the one to fatten her bank account. Go away Gloria, nobody likes you.

1625 days ago


Just make this camera and money hungry b***h go away already. Nobody cares about what you have to say and your clientel is less than desirable. Get a life and stop making the rest of the world have to hear your ugly mouth and see your face. Nobody gives a rats a** about your stupid press conferences anymore.

1625 days ago


Tell me TMZ doesn't favor Gloria Allred? Look at the fluffed up complimentary article. Look at the portrait style pic with her smiling. Sheesh, Harvey. She's not some saint. Is this professional courtesy from you to her or something? She's hated. Stop trying to put a nice bow on an extortionist.

1625 days ago


Maybe she has a brain tumor that's interfering with her ability to think rationally? 'Cause developing a client base of hookers and dwarves just doesn't make any sense otherwise. Unless she's working on a fetish porn business opportunity for her clients, I mean.

1625 days ago
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