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Gloria Allred Client - Little Person, Big Problem

4/8/2010 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred is standing up for the rights of little people everywhere, by announcing she's filing a disability discrimination claim against a college that allegedly booted a 3'7" student because of her size.

During the news conference, Lydia Aparicio says she was attending Everest College in Reseda, CA to become a medical assistant, but was dropped from the program after school reps said she would never cut it in the real world because of her disability.


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Bob Barnett    

Please keep that runt off my computer and TV
By runt I mean Gloria

1668 days ago


I take back all of the negative things I've ever said about Gloria...except for the part about her being a vile, disgusting, money grubbing, publicity whore that will do anything for for a dollar. I stand by that.

I'm curious about the specifics of this case. Was she simply denied admittance, or did the college rufuse to float her a loan for tuition like they do for many of their students?

Putting my disgust for Gloria aside, I hope Lydia is able to pursue her education. We all deserve an opportunity to pursue our goals. I just wish Gloria wasn't going to make a bunch of money in the process.

1668 days ago


Oh puhleeez, California is being bled to death by illegal border invaders. Those trade schools are a rip-off who accept all sorts of unqualified individuals. Students like this little person are riding the gravy train. They are the ones whose tuition is FREE! Books are FREE! Transportation is FREE! Housing is FREE! Food is FREE! All they are here for is for the California taxpayers to provide them with a FREE Diploma/Degree, or they threaten to sue.

1668 days ago

lisa cross    

does anyone know her disability

1668 days ago


Most unfortunate, but what the representative said was true. Should that representative said that...NO! She should have used better verbal skills. Please know that I am not knocking this little lady, I am truly not. I am in this field, and I know how the Doctors I know think. Is it fair? No, I do not think it is fair but it is a fact. I do agree the Everest and other trade colleges are in it for the money, and unfortunately, those graduates have the toughest time finding jobs in a decent practice ( some do find jobs but most in a despicable location or practice). I for one think they should be abolished ( these called schools, and has any one noticed that they change names constantly?). Most of the applicants that come from those schools are not fit to work in a well established practice or demographics they are applying for.
I know, let the back lash begin, but it is fact. I interview quite a few and either they do not fit the area they are applying for( meaning demeanor, dress, education) or they lack the verbal skills required to assimilate. Unfortunately,like it or not, a good education is truly needed but image ranks way up there on the priority list. Most of the Doc's I know, would rather hire someone off the street who fits their image and train them, than hire from these schools.

1668 days ago


Allred is hold that kid like a sack of money.

1668 days ago


It's a new day, the press are out in force and guess who's back in front of the camera yet again, the press ***** Gloria Allred. Sweet evil jesus, this gal will do anything to be in front of the camera. I mean she's as bad as Dr. Phil yet at least Dr. Phil can make fun of his Camera Hog behavior, Gloria seems oblivious to it.

Gloria uses peoples suffering in order to get press, its as simple as that. Trust me there are many many lawyers out there that are better than she is and would go farther to help them... they even help their clients when there is no press around (Shocker huh).

1668 days ago


If she physically unable to do her job then the school is well within their right to do what they did. Dumb midget.

1668 days ago


This is what happens when a brother and sister have sex. This anchor baby now wants to use the system to get her parent legal. I think in the video she was trying to nurse Gloria's breast.

I bet Tiger would love her as he can use her for a coffee table while she gives him h@@d.

1668 days ago


I find this hard to believe, Everest college as well as other vocational schools collect thousands of dollars for people to get trained for $10/hour jobs. They would not give up her paying tuition just because she had a disability, they want their money; which leads me to believe she was dropped for other reasons...

1668 days ago


So if I have no arms or legs and want to join the soccer team can I sue the school? Im typing with my mouth by the way.

1668 days ago


Amazing Gloria Alred takes a decent client! What the bottom feeding homewrecking whores not paying the bills Gloria

1668 days ago


Not everybody gets to grow up to be an astronaut - no matter how much they might want it. Some jobs have legitimate physical and intellectual qualification requirements and some people are obviously never going to be able to meet them. She might as well insist on being allowed to play for the Lakers while she's at it. KWIM?

1668 days ago


Whoa. I certainly wouldn't be recommending this college. It appears it's run by the ignorant.

1668 days ago

Bob Barnett    

That press conference looked like lesbo midget porn

1668 days ago
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