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Gloria Allred Client - Little Person, Big Problem

4/8/2010 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred is standing up for the rights of little people everywhere, by announcing she's filing a disability discrimination claim against a college that allegedly booted a 3'7" student because of her size.

During the news conference, Lydia Aparicio says she was attending Everest College in Reseda, CA to become a medical assistant, but was dropped from the program after school reps said she would never cut it in the real world because of her disability.


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I HOPE there is more to the story! It doesn't sound like it's legit! You don't get kicked out because of your size.....

1628 days ago


Here's the other side of the story. She flunked out. She'd been on academic probation for over a year because of failing grades -- despite being given extra tutoring:

"Everest College, which is part of Corinthian Colleges, Inc., denied Aparicio's allegations and said she was removed from the school because she "was not able to maintain the academic requirements of the medical assisting program."

"Aparicio received extra tutoring from her instructors, but even with additional help was not able to keep up with the program's academic standards, he said."

1628 days ago


Well, since this didn't work out, she could try the Marinello School of Beauty right there on Sherman Way.

1628 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

To condemn the school without hearing it's side of the story is naive. To get a ruling of "discrimination" they will have to prove that Lydia wasn't given "equal" treatment. This isn't law school where being short wouldn't matter. It's the medical field where a person could lose their life if Lydia can't perform what a medical assistant is required to do in an emergency situation. The school isn't stupid. I'm sure they thought about the possibility of a lawsuit like this but have enough evidence to show she was booted because she failed somewhere. I have two friends that are little people and they both have good paying jobs doing things that little people can do as well as normal sized people. You don't see blind people suing institutions because they can't be airline pilots. We all have limitations and, unfortunately, little people has more limitations. You play the hand you are dealt. It's normal to feel compassion for Lydia BUT, expecting special treatment because you are disabled is not discrimination but adverse discrimination. I suspect some normal sized people flunked out of medical school because they couldn't do whatever Lydia can't do. Is it fair that Lydia can continue going to school if they can't? Who would be discriminated against then? Where is Lydia's concern for people who may be ill and need her to do something to save their life that she is unable to do? My ex was a medical assistant. Tough work. Lydia won't be able to cut it. She needs to accept her limitations and find a job she is capable of handling.
Ask yourself "Why the press conference?" Because Gloria wants the world to see "a little person being discriminated against by a school" and getting public outrage resulting in the school settling quickly to keep it's name from being tarnished anymore even though it has done nothing wrong. A common ploy when you have a weak case. Another Gloria Allred extortion scheme. Woman needs to be disbarred.

1628 days ago


Medical Assistants already have very limited job opportunities because this is a certificate program and only covers the generals of a medical office. The victim could actually work in the front office, taking calls, pushing paperwork and should have been allowed to finish the program. IF indeed she did fail then she has no law suit. ...but even if she was told that she would never make it in the "real world" she would still have a case. By NO means can a university representative/s put their foot in their mouths. EVEREST IS A RIP OFF AND THEY'VE BEEN SUED COUNTLESS TIMES AND HAVE CHANGED THEIR COLLEGE NAME, FROM BRYMAN TO EVEREST TO "CLEAN" UP THEIR BAD REP. Guess that didn't work for you guys either.

1628 days ago


So lets let the little people become cops and firefighters too, while they are at it lets let them become crossing gaurds for your children. I sure as hell wouldnt want to be a patient anywhere this chick ends up working in case i really needed help. shed have to jump up and down on my chest to do chest compressions if i needed cpr. Oh wait she wouldnt beable to climb up on the bed. Im all about equal rights for people that can do the jobs but there is no way she should be allowed to continue. SO they let her finish school and she gets a job. is it fair to her coworkers who have to do their job and pull her slack to. freaking bull man

1628 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Paralegal here. How many legal assistants with disabilities does Gloria Allred employ?

1627 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Since when has a tech school cared if its students can cut it in the real world? As long as they are financial aid eligible, the student will be pushed through the system and eventually graduate.

1627 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Maybe she could specialize in feet.

1627 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Wow-so happy to see that people on here are (for the most part) sticking up for this woman. :) A lot of times I see nasty stuff on here. The ADA (Americans w/ Disabilities Act) REQUIRES that she be granted a reasonable accommodation. So...even if she cannot reach things, etc...her future job would need to accommodate her-why not? It usually doesn't cost that much and will help a willing/smart woman work.

I hope she wins her case! Team Lydia!!

1627 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

She's suing because she's just another lazy Mexican who doesn't want to work. Next!

1627 days ago

yasmin-everest student    

ok...1st of all she did not get kicked out because of will be different if everest college would not like to accept her in the beginning now that would make more sense....but hello??? she was attending school i would always see her down the hall and she seemed very happy with other classmates she felt very welcomed...everest college had 2 drop her cause she FAILED like 2 or 3 is required to pass because us as medical assistant need to face the real duty working in a clinic or a doctor's office...little lydia i give her props for doing what she wanted to do but it wasn't because of your size it was because you had failed the mods...and it was difficult to do injections....patients wouldn't like to be injected in the wrong place...little lydia you need to tell the are just doing this to get money out of it....EVEREST COLLEGE IS THE BEST COLLEGE AND IS A GREAT PLACE TO GET A SHORT CAREER...I JUST LOVE IT THERE I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS ABOUT IT.....STOP MAKING EVEREST COLLEGE LOOK BAD!!!.....

1627 days ago


Does Gloria allred own a different suit? Is it me, or does it seem as though EVERY SINGLE TIME I see this woman she is wearing the same damn outfit. Same color too. Maybe its just me.

1627 days ago


I am appalled!! Gloria Allred provides a service for her clients. EVERYONE has the right to representation in court, It's the law people!!! If any one of you ignorant comment makers who are criticizing Gloria, were wrongfully accused of something or your rights were violated, who exactly would you turn to if we didn't have people like Gloria. I bet you'd be all too happy to hire her on your behalf, you hypocrites. I am also extremely disappointed that one commenter even resorted to insulting her looks. How old are we?? And since when is being an attorney not a real job?? What exactly is a "real" job then??

1627 days ago


I go to that school, and I heard she was kicked out for failing 3 mods, or classes. She was on academic probation, she just wasnt cutting it. From what I saw everyone was cool with her especially the staff. This just seems like another Gloria Allred scheme. Two sides to every story, the school isnt getting a fair chance. Good school, good caring people. This crap is just nuts.

1627 days ago
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