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Kenyon Martin's Locker Room Tirade -- On Tape

4/8/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the expletive-filled audio recording of NBA star Kenyon Martin going insanely ballistic on his Denver Nuggets teammates when an April Fools' prankster filled his Range Rover with buttered popcorn.

After seeing how the popcorn affected his white interior, Martin -- who's making roughly $16 million this year -- went back into the locker room and told his teammates, "I swear to God, boy ... when I find out who did it ... I'm gonna put my mother f*ckin' hands on one of y'all."

Martin continued, "I'm gonna put my hands on whoever did it ... you best believe dat ... it's f*ckin personal ... you best believe it."

After Martin calmed down, Kenyon learned the perp was the driver of teammate J.R. Smith. The driver later apologized for the prank ... but Martin reportedly won't accept the mea culpa.

To listen to the uncensored version, click here.

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No Avatar


I can't blame the guy. I would be angry as well! His interior was damaged due to a prank. He has every right to be pissed off.

1624 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

are you fkn kiddin me? typical monkey making a big deal out of nothin.my little sister could whoop his ass.he thinks hes so tough trying to always act like a bad azz on the court.get em in a club he acts like a pussy.and yes ive seen it.come get some son!!

1624 days ago


Thanks Lani for correcting Sarah, where does she get off calling pro ballers uneducated, most of them are recruited out of college.

1624 days ago


Are you kidding me? That wasn't an April Fool's prank...that was criminal damage, not to mention theft of an automobile (when the guy took Kenyon's keys). Not funny AT ALL and he has every right to be ballistic. WTH? This is a no-brainer :/

1624 days ago


It isn't funny, Kmart is a very nice quiet guy this really pissed him off..he has enough to worry about by missing so many games with tendanitis in his knees. The man is under alot of stress leave him along..NOT a good time to be F^@KING with him... I agree Kmart go get them !!!!! Make them pay for the damages it has done to your ride..

1624 days ago


I gotta say I'd be pissed too. It goes beyond $, people do try to take care of their property. My Dad took pride that his car was kept up & clean whether it was new or the old 1981 Chrysler wagon. He even hid his car when my parents got married to keep the other young guys from painting on the windows and putting cans on it.
If you are gonna do something dumb like that use styrofoam peanuts or something.

1624 days ago

aaron ford    

replying to the 15th post dated 4/8/10 @ 0756am by sarah: last i checked he did go to the university of cincinnati finished with a degree in communications. You're probably a jealous redneck with a GED living in backwoods, u.s.a. dont hate try hitting the corner and make that kind of money yourself.

1624 days ago


I agree with most of you. I never liked Kenyon but come on who wouldnt be pissed off about this? I know I would. Why POPCORN? That's a dumb idea to begin with. Should have used something non-food and then it would have been funny. And for you people saying he shouldnt be mad...your idiots.

1624 days ago


For your information Ms. Sarah Lee Dumnut. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati. Why do you assume he is uneducted. Ignorant A$$ Beach

1624 days ago


dude is an ignorant thug, but still, what they did was crossing the line. You can have fun on April Fools Day, but come on, there is a limit. Rich or not, that doesn't give anybody the right to flatout destroy something of yours.

1624 days ago


Money don't grow on trees. He's earned his with sweat, blood and blisters and just because he has a big income doesn't mean that people have the right to and vandalize his property.

Besides, this isn't just about money - it's his car, his PERSONAL SPACE that someone defiled. Of course he's entitled to being enraged.

1624 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I'd be pissed too! That's just NOT funny! And the only way I'd accept an apology is if the culprit bought me another car.

1624 days ago


classy.. all that money and he say's... "you best belie dat" lol

1624 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

KENYON MARTIN!!!! DO NOT "PUT HANDS" on someone over this
bullsh!t. If the buttered popcorn really ruined the interior CALL THE COPS AND GET THE PERSON CHARGED WITH VANDALISM. THEN sue that @$$hole for the costs of the repairs.

That'll teach 'em!! :)

You're welcome.

1622 days ago
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