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MTV Starlet Hurts Neck in Hummer Incident

4/8/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Terry -- the blonde stunner on MTV's "My Life as Liz" -- received injuries to her neck ... and her precious Hummer H3 after a gnarly collision on a Texas highway.

Taylor tells TMZ she was driving through Fort Worth on I-35 North Tuesday afternoon when the car in front of her rear-ended another car ... and she didn't have enough time to stop before she came crashing in too.

According to Taylor, the Hummer received around $14,000 in damages ... and she had to spend six hours in a nearby hospital for the concussion she suffered ... as well as a sprained neck and bruised shins.


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In other words, she read ended someone too. I'm sure she was about a foot from the car in front of her barreling down the highway in her p.o.s gas guzzler.

1658 days ago


Pays the fine...WTF Y is tmz covering her4MTV just goes2show TMZ is full of sheit ANYONE know back of the line pays the fine and is at held respoonible for any and all damages the PUSHER in the back of the line on line with no lines.DARF* HARVEYS PEENER little courtside living off DOA MJ should be in jail a little little jail FOREVER

1658 days ago

doc murry    

Im sure she was on the phone yakking to someone and you always have to laugh when you see someone in a neck brace ha ha

1658 days ago


I can't tell you how many times I have traveled I35 and someone cut me off, hundreds of thousands of cars travel that highway every day so really it could happen to anyone. Everyone doesn't have time to stop and think when that sort of stuff happens in front of you, so give her a break.

1658 days ago


Was she riding in a Hummer or giving one?

1658 days ago


I hope she doesn't think she isn't responsible for her injuries. If she wasn't maintaining a safe driving distance, its her fault for not being able to stop and rear-ending the car in front of her.

1658 days ago


stop hatinnnggggg

1658 days ago


Did I read that wrong? It says this person who I've never heard of is a STUNNER? Are you kidding TMZ? Not quite! She is mediocre at best.

1658 days ago


Aww Taylor. Well I'm glad she's ok! :)

1658 days ago


What was she doing outside of the kitchen?

1658 days ago


you guys are judging her and you don't even know her.

1658 days ago


Y'know all of you haters maybe if you got to know her just a tiny bit you would see that she's not like the sterotypes that you are throwing on her. She's a really nice girl no matter what your messed up little heads want to imagine. She got in a car wreck, she got injured, and YOU'RE HAPPY?!?!? WTF is wrong with you? She has a family too you know. What if something worse happened to her? In fact, what if something bad happened to your kid and somebody said, "Oh it's a shame he/she didn't die." You'd be pretty pissed off too wouldn't you? So before you go ranting about somebody you DON'T KNOW, think about your own life.

1658 days ago

Wes D.V.515054    

Wow, lots of negativity towards someone you don't know. Regardless of the extent or degree of celebrity, let's not forget the value of someone's well-being. Yes there is an arguement of fault but I've seen more undeserved sympathy for criminals, drug abusers, etc.
In other words: haters need need to stop hating.

1658 days ago

Lydia Ebenstein    

Hey now! Be nice to Taylor! She is amazing! Lay off with the mean comments, please!

1658 days ago

Robert B    

The funniest thing is that on her "reality" based show she's supposed to be a nerdy hipster... In real life she's just another dumb blonde rich girl in a gas guzzler. If we ever needed any kind of justification about the degree to which The Hills et al are fiction, this is proof positive that it's 100%.

1658 days ago
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