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MTV Starlet Hurts Neck in Hummer Incident

4/8/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Terry -- the blonde stunner on MTV's "My Life as Liz" -- received injuries to her neck ... and her precious Hummer H3 after a gnarly collision on a Texas highway.

Taylor tells TMZ she was driving through Fort Worth on I-35 North Tuesday afternoon when the car in front of her rear-ended another car ... and she didn't have enough time to stop before she came crashing in too.

According to Taylor, the Hummer received around $14,000 in damages ... and she had to spend six hours in a nearby hospital for the concussion she suffered ... as well as a sprained neck and bruised shins.


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To the people saying don't jump to conclusions on what happened in the accident....are you stupid or something?

Did her car have Rear-End damage or Front-End damage?

Exactly, let people hate on a moron all they want. You teeny bopper nerds need to get to school and stay off adult websites

Like, OMG!!

1656 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

It could've happened to anyone. Peole need to stop being haters and chil. Besides you guys don't even know her. Grow up and stop talking mess!

1654 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Did she died? You should learn how to use the english language properly before you type on here. No, she did not died!

1654 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Taylor, you can pull through! (:

1654 days ago


She has NO shins said harvey`s PEENER in a wisp to itself as max licked his lips and side his rough hand down his greasy so DIRTY hair..I`d run into that peener he thought OUT loud to himself.Just than harvey turned to max and said lets go back to the MJ rental and play like a MJ.Harveys peener than jumped someone somewhere in his MIND.

1654 days ago


The fact that she's throwing up a peace sign says a lot, contrary to what an earlier poster said she was dumb for doing. It illustrates that she's trying to get through this, and wishing peace on those around her.

I like to read people. On the show, she may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she's real, and she's real nice.

1653 days ago


Hope she is doing good. Some of you guys should be ashamed of yourselves for writing things that are horrible you don't even know the girl to dislike her you shouldn't be wishing death on someone you talk about her being stupid you guys worse. get a life. and stop wishing death on people you idiots!!!!!

1651 days ago


wuzzup with these negative comments, things happen, we've all been in accidents, what happen to humanity, caring for another, All hope is well.

1631 days ago

cheap used cars    

No matter what happens in front of you, you should leave enough room to stop. She should be cited as should the vehicle in front of her.
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1452 days ago

jizzle fo shizzle 69    

you guys are all two faced beeshes especially you thunder thighs atleast wait another page before you talk bad about someone after telling everyone to stop talking crap when you were yourself dumb ass!!!! btw the show was all scripted we was there we be there when they were filming fu#k tards!!!!

1374 days ago


ik wil jou gewoon eff neuken meid;)

1295 days ago
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