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Barkley Rips Masters Head -- He's an 'Uncle Tom'

4/9/2010 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charles Barkley has resorted to racial insults in his attack on the guy who runs the Masters -- comparing Billy Payne to a slave-driving plantation owner after Payne ripped Tiger Woods over the scandal.

Barkley -- who used to be pretty tight with Woods -- went on Fox Sports Radio yesterday and said, "You got this punk ass Billy Payne who goes on TV ... for him to get on there and act like he's all Uncle Tom, he's the master on the plantation, that piss me off."

Barkley added, "I wish somebody would just walk up to him and punch him in his face."

Earlier this week, Payne mentioned Tiger in his news conference saying, "Our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role model we saw for our children."

Historical Fun Fact!
-- White people generally aren't called "Uncle Tom" ... because "Uncle Tom" was black.

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The Masters / Augusta National, is a very nice golf course stuck smack dab in a stinky little Georgia city.....Augusta.

By stinky I mean smell!!!

Augusta stinks day and night from paper mills.

It's also a little city with poor hotel accomodations and lots of high minded people who think alot of themselves.

The crime rate in Augusta is horrible and there is NOTHING to do there, except to leave and go to Atlanta. Unless you're a rich old man with a green jacket and no interest in doing much more than sipping iced tea and watching the grass grow.

1623 days ago


Has it occurred to the RETARDED Mr. Barkley that an "Uncle Tom" has
come to mean a black person acting like a white person to curry
favor, not a white person taking advantage of a black person? I
wonder what a black person acting like a black person is called?

1623 days ago


Barkley is mad because they won't let his no swinging ass play at Augusta National. Too bad, brings a tears to my eyes. Sorry Charlie

1622 days ago


ahh another Barkley train wreck

1622 days ago


Thank You Charles. I thought this guy was an idiot for making his moral speech. Bet he has cheated through the years. I mean coming in after the guy apologizes to everyone, goes to rehab, and is trying to more open in interviews, this guy comes along. I guess he just wanted to show that the Masters do not condone such conduct from its players and wanted to take a public stand. Felt they should have made the statement long time ago. Tiger has certainly mae the Masters alot of money. Sure it has a racist history, where did the name "Masters" come from. Whites swear they are master at everything and everybody, they so think they are all that!

1622 days ago


Woods only apologized because he had millions riding on it. This guy is so arrogant and selfcentered I can assure you his apology was not sincere.
Buddtish to booty(white booty to boot)

1622 days ago


I wish somebody would walk up to Barkley and fire a 12-gauge (with double-00 buck) at HIS face...

1622 days ago


Anybody who swings a golf club as poorly as this a-hole Barkley has NO RIGHT to say anything about the game...

1622 days ago


Charles will never change ....Hes a bigot ...

1622 days ago


Uncle Tom is generally considered a black person BUT what it really means is someone who will sell you out or is a sell out. Someone who believes in the wrong thing.

1622 days ago


When I've ever heard the term "uncle tom" be used, it was always one black person referring to another black person who didn't 'vote' along stereotypical lines.

It could be 'vote' or simply have an opinion of something, etc, that just goes against what a black person 'ought' to say.

IE: Defending a white person, agreeing with a white person, agreeing with a non-stereotypical issue or stance on an issue, just generally not 'fighting against' the big white 'right'(wing).

Never have I hear "Uncle Tom" be used in reference to a white person. I honestly never looked into what it really meant, I just saw the context of when it was used and so far I've only seen one black person use it in reference to another black person. And basically because they aren't angry with or fighting against white people or republicans.

If anyone wants to share the story of "Uncle Tom" on the board it would be an education for all the "UNEDUCATED" on here.

1622 days ago


ahhh There's NDEBT. I thought you removed your comment for it's lack of intelligence and creativity.

So sorry to see you were unable to remove your drivel. Better luck next time you try to make a profound point and inevitably fail miserably!

1622 days ago


This is why Charles Barkley is one half Chuckle Head Boys. He's mad because Tiger didn't invite to the Master's as one of his guest's. Tiger has distance himself from the Chuckle Head Boys Mellon Head is pissed off so Charles has to show off his brilliant speaking abilites and say that Billy Payne is an Uncle Tom. Since Charles is so highly educated and a great speaker (Charles should be arested for being stuiped) What do you expect from a guy who has s*hit for brains.

1622 days ago


Barkley was right. Tiger does not owe his children or anybody else's children anything. Only their parents are responsible for that. Second, the situation was dying down and then you have some slave owner acting racist to come out of his mouth like he owns Tiger Woods. When Tiger is the one feeding his pockets and can walk away from the entire sport at any time and they all will make less. And if Tiger would not have played at the Master his Racist ass would have nothing the say to this day. Tiger owe's no one nothing.

1622 days ago


Farley, you are a bigot too! You can lie to us...just don't lie to yourself. Thank you very much!

1622 days ago
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