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Barkley Rips Masters Head -- He's an 'Uncle Tom'

4/9/2010 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charles Barkley has resorted to racial insults in his attack on the guy who runs the Masters -- comparing Billy Payne to a slave-driving plantation owner after Payne ripped Tiger Woods over the scandal.

Barkley -- who used to be pretty tight with Woods -- went on Fox Sports Radio yesterday and said, "You got this punk ass Billy Payne who goes on TV ... for him to get on there and act like he's all Uncle Tom, he's the master on the plantation, that piss me off."

Barkley added, "I wish somebody would just walk up to him and punch him in his face."

Earlier this week, Payne mentioned Tiger in his news conference saying, "Our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role model we saw for our children."

Historical Fun Fact!
-- White people generally aren't called "Uncle Tom" ... because "Uncle Tom" was black.

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Stephanie in ATL    

Justass...You can't handle the truth...LOL

1592 days ago

Stephanie in ATL    

Justass...I is sorry, I meant the TRUTH!!

and yessa I typed that right...you crack me up.

1592 days ago


Sir Charles: Who cares what you think??? You never won anything, and always act like a spoiled child. Go eat a burger fat boy.

1592 days ago


Charles Barkley has the nerve to talk. He is married to a white woman, so who's the real Uncle Tom? He's been kissing massa's butt for years himself being the black court jester of sports television. Who was caught with a white hooker? Charles Barkley, that's who. Everytime he opens his mouth, he sticks his foot down his own throat. Charles is an embarrassment to all men.

1591 days ago


Barkley's a moron. I get sick of people screaming about racism when they don't like what is said. Tiger needs to lose this loser.

1591 days ago


Yes, Charles is inatriculate...but in this case he's right. Billy Payne seemed to have wanted to chastize Tiger for EVERYTHING he's ever done in his life that the Master didn't agree with. He cusses on the golf course, he kicks old ladies and children, he cheats on his wife, he goes after white trash waitresses and porn stars...So, Payne was saying what he has wanted to say since Tiger "took over the golf world"! Now, little black boy, you will play by our rules. I am sure, Billy Payne and others of his elk, would so love to deny Tiger membership!

I hope Tiger will learn one important lesson from this whole ordeal, he can be a billionaire and be the most gifted golfer EVER, but in the eyes of many, he is just a little black boy with an asian mother who doesn't belong. Tiger needs to desparately find himself, his Black self. If he can do that embrace his Blackness, he will be a happier man!

1591 days ago


Wasnt Uncle Tom actually the Hero. Sambo and (Cant remeber the name).... were the villians of Uncle Toms cabin. Just a thought.

1302 days ago
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