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Conrad Murray

Agrees to Propofol Ban

4/9/2010 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Propofol BanThe Texas Medical Board
has officially prohibited Dr. Conrad Murray from administering Propofol or other heavy sedatives, TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story that Dr. Murray agreed to the restriction, which mirrors one of the conditions to Dr. Murray's bail in connection with the death of Michael Jackson.

Aside from administering Propofol, Dr. Murray is banned from administering other heavy sedative medications and can't put patients under. He is still able to prescribe other medications, including pain meds, anti-anxiety medication or local or topical anesthetics.

According to a rep for the Texas Medical Board, the license restrictions will remain in effect until the criminal case is resolved and "the Board has adequate evidence to show that Dr. Murray is competent to safely practice medicine."


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All those who rejoice in murder are guilty. Those same people would encourage others to kill while their a*sses are safe. They are not involved they are on lookers.

Posted at 4:38PM on Apr 9th 2010 by time

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Then the same can be said about those who insult and harass victims of molestation,like Michael's victims.
In other words you fans encouraged him to molest young boys.

1657 days ago


If the molesting freak was sent to jail he would have finally been happy and free to be himself with his cellmate.

Posted at 4:40PM on Apr 9th 2010 by Marie

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Marie, that is a very good point you made. He woudl ahve been free to act upon his repressed homosexuality in prison. Too bad his money and celebrity prevented that. Karma is a bitch

1657 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

stupid nuts fighting on here again. and BS posts again.

Ambien...hum, where did that one come from and it's NOT an anti-depressant. Weight loss meds..What a joke. You people just make up what you want, internals, and post it here time and time again.

Glad to hear the 'soon to be prosecuted" alledged killer AGREES to the ban, crackin up.

good work TMZ. this story is another BS pile of nonsense.


Incidentally, I spent yesterday, day off, reading all the transcripts cross and direct testimony during the trial. Has anyone else? Before you post your BS, read it. I don't believe for a minute, Gavin, or his family, nor did the court - jurors.

I mean, have you people read that stuff. Yeah, after the Bashir Documentary, when MJ was already being investigated, interviewed by authorities etc...and only a few days before the GAVIN clan were kicked off the property and MJ changed his phone numbers, did Gavin say he 'molested him'....during an investigation, not before or any other time, Michael Jackson decides to molest Gavin. The facts are Gavin wanted MJ to be his father (read the transcripts) he and his family wanted to live and stay at Neverland. Video after Video, interview with social workers at school, appointed by the state, time and time again Gavin and entire family said MJ NEVER touched him. However, once the investigations started...all of a SUDDEN Michael Jackson molested him. AGAIN, after and only AFTER the investigations started did Gavin say MJ touched him, not at any time before. YEAH, that makes a lot of sense.

Give me a f@ckin' break.

1657 days ago

Cam Hamon    

Murray was already ordered by Judge Shwartz not to administer propofol. This is stupid.

1657 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

This is hilarious, Murray AGREES to the BAN. Okey dokey. Good work TMZ. And, I love the post that states AMBIEN as a anti-depressant. Ambien, hum now where did that one come from and NO it's not an anti-depressant. Weight loss drugs...OKEY, let's throw everything in there and just make sh!t up, shall we!

Also, I spent today reading the actual court transcripts, testimony, cross and direct. Very interesting. For those who haven't and sit on here all day, get a clue. Read the facts.

I was skeptical, curious, but after reading this, I don't for one minute believe the Gavin Clan. Such BS. Have you read this stuff.

Gavin stated he was sad he had to leave neverland, loved Michael and wanted him to be his 'father'. And, the only time Gavin states MJ 'touched him' was AFTER the Bashir Documentary aired, invesigations had already started and officials were already investigating Michael. OK, MJ just decides to do this a few days before the Gavin clan were kicked out and investigations started. HUM, OK...that makes sense. Authorities are investigating so MJ decides it's time to touch a child. Give me a break. Not any time prior to Gavin every say MJ touched him, none.

He and his family felt entitled and wanted to stay and live at Neverland and have Michael take care of them, read the transcripts.

Also, during this time, every interview with social workers, principal and teachers at Gavin's school, authorities, etc...who actually interviewed Gaving and his family, they all said NOTHING happened, Mike never touched Gavin and he never slept in his bed. Never.

Then, all of a sudden, it's time to leave, social workers investigators come calling and that's when MJ begins to touch Gavin.

Give me a f@ckin' break. Those testimony transcripts were unbelievable. READ THEM!

I'm neither a fan or a hater, curious though. That said it all for me!

1657 days ago


Doctor Conrad murray isn't a murderer, he is a vigilante. Come June 25th I'll be celebrating the taking down of the world's most famous child molester, Michael Jackson (Wacko Jacko)

1657 days ago


such sad comments im reading #havefuninhell mj haters.

1657 days ago


I agree with the comment from #7. Micheal would've been done in eventually by his own devise. Tragic, but this was inevitable. Dr. Murray should've exercised more caution. Nevertheless, Michael was a gift, and I miss him.

1657 days ago


such sad comments im reading #havefuninhell mj haters.

Posted at 5:03PM on Apr 9th 2010 by maybesomeday

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We won't be there, we didn't molest any kids. BUT WACKO JACKO did and he surely is there as we speak

1657 days ago


In other words you fans encouraged him to molest young boys.

Posted at 4:47PM on Apr 9th 2010 by Rose


This is the most incorrect and ridiculous accusation of MJ fans. How old are you? #1, you should do some research into Tom Sneddon and the SBPD at the time of MJ trial. #2, look up the word empathy in the dictionary and try to incorporate it into your daily life.

I feel sorry for people like you when you meet God, because you can bet that your statement here will be brought up and you will be tried and convicted of your heinous accusations of an innocent man.

Do your research before you make ignorant statements like the one above.

1657 days ago


I agree with the comment from #7. Micheal would've been done in eventually by his own devise. Tragic, but this was inevitable. Dr. Murray should've exercised more caution. Nevertheless, Michael was a floating turd, and I loathe him.

1657 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

good job, TMZ...glad to hear Murray agrees to the BAN, are you kiddin' me...WTF? What a joke.

Also, i spent this morning, day off, reading the actual trial transcripts both cross and direct. Have you NUTS even read any of the actual court testimony and facts. I was curious, skeptical, I did. Maybe you should too, you look hideous and stupid. Read the trial transcripts. I was shocked. And I'm not FAN.

I dont' for one minute believe anything the Gavin Clan said, nothing, nor did the court or jurors.

Do you know what he testified to, do's a little bit:

Gavin stated the ONLY time MJ touched him was AFTER the Bashir Document, a few days before Gavin and clan were supposed to leave Neverland, and during the time when the actual investigations started. OK, that makes sense. MJ never touches him prior, ever...then, all the investigations start, authorities, social workers doing interviewes etc...following MJ and at this time, only at this time does Jackson 'touch' Gavin. Give me a frickin' break.

Gavin stated over and over that he loved Michael, called him Dad, wanted him to be his dad. Cried that he had to leave Neverland, wanted MJ to be his family, loved Paris, Prince, etc...He was HURT because he couldn't talk to Mike anymore, blah, blah, blah.

Also, testimony that Gavin REPEATEDLY time and time again told authorities, social workers, teachers, principals, etc...that Jackson NEVER touched him and he NEVER slept in his bed.

Then, all of a sudden, it's time to leave, and MJ decideds to molest Gavin. Give me a frickin' break. NO other time when Gavin was at Neverland did MJ ever touch him, only AFTER the authorities begin their investigation does MJ THEN decided to touch Gavin. WTF, a tale of the worst kind. such lies.

1657 days ago


Justice was served on 6/25/2009.

1657 days ago

welc ome    

Since TMZ uses this site to defame MJ- let the estate at them now.
tsk tsk tmz hope the suite is a good one

1657 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

ambien, AMBIEN (an anti-depessant, NO - moron), let's just throw the 'black tar heroin' and pain pills in the pot too, what the h@ll, we'll just make up anything and say it's the truth.

Murray AGREES to the BAN...agrees. Good work! What a F@CKIN' joke story. Glad to hear he agrees to the BAN. Like he has a f@ckin choice. What a trash can story and website.

Yes-BAN this messed up site. All lies...BS...all internals on here too day and night.

1657 days ago
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