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Conrad Murray

Agrees to Propofol Ban

4/9/2010 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Propofol BanThe Texas Medical Board
has officially prohibited Dr. Conrad Murray from administering Propofol or other heavy sedatives, TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story that Dr. Murray agreed to the restriction, which mirrors one of the conditions to Dr. Murray's bail in connection with the death of Michael Jackson.

Aside from administering Propofol, Dr. Murray is banned from administering other heavy sedative medications and can't put patients under. He is still able to prescribe other medications, including pain meds, anti-anxiety medication or local or topical anesthetics.

According to a rep for the Texas Medical Board, the license restrictions will remain in effect until the criminal case is resolved and "the Board has adequate evidence to show that Dr. Murray is competent to safely practice medicine."


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Stupid worthless b@ztard!

1627 days ago


Once he agreed to pay his victims he was acknowledging his guilt.
He paid off more than one victim.

1627 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

85. 84. 79. WACKO JACKO WAS a child molester, don't come on here claiming he wasn't. Accuitted doesn't mean he didnt do the crime. he just didn't get convicted.OJ didn't get convicted for murdering Nicole Brown and anyone with 1/2 a brain KNOWS he killed those two people. MJ WAS a pedophile. Period.END IF DISCUSSION!

Posted at 5:31PM on Apr 9th 2010 by Sue from Tampa

WHO cares, if Jackson did do it, Jordan got paid out nicely by his insurance company.

Gavin, unfortunately couldn't prove it so he nothing, apparently he liked it cuz he cried and cried and cried on the stand how much he loved Jackson. Sent him tons of cards, called him Dad, told him over and over again how much he and his family, mom loved Michael. Guess Gavin just got sad cuz it stopped. HA!

Funny too, when the case actually went to trial, and those so called 'accuser's actually had to show some proof that this stuff happened. POOF, all the allegations went away. No money to get from Jackson. So, all the allegations just ironically went away.

So, guess MJ was cured too after the trial.

Who cares! Dumb AZZ kid!

1627 days ago


Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right
But Three Rights Make A Left

{Hi Debil}

1627 days ago

Sleepy Time    

MJ is a public figure. A public figure cannot be considered slandered or libeled unless he or she can prove mailice.

1627 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

87. Once he agreed to pay his victims he was acknowledging his guilt.
He paid off more than one victim.

Posted at 5:43PM on Apr 9th 2010 by Marie

YEP, he paid them all off. All the stories and accusers were telling the truth. Period. No one lied, no one tried to extort money, the jurors and the entire court sytem all got sucked in too. Everyone was telling the truth. MJ did this and got away with it, that's right, that's what happened. No one tried to write books, sell their stories over this, not one...

YEP, MJ paid off everyone.

Give me a break! Who gives a rats azz!

1627 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

91. 87. Once he agreed to pay his victims he was acknowledging his guilt.
He paid off more than one victim.

Posted at 5:43PM on Apr 9th 2010 by Marie

who gives a flying f@ck. give him a stage and let him dance. i don't give a flying f@ck what the hell he did. apparently nothing happened after all the money prospects went away. not one allegation after trial. YAHOO! It cured the horrible Jackson.

ain't no money...ain't no allegations anymore...funny how that worked out, huh!

1627 days ago


So, guess MJ was cured too after the trial.

Who cares! Dumb AZZ kid!

Posted at 5:46PM on Apr 9th 2010 by dumb AZZ kid

Read more:

He was not cured that's why he needed the drugs to cope with his pedophilia.
He needed something to knock him out.
Laying there thinking of all the boys he would like to touch but couldn't must have been hell for the pedo.

1627 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

90. MJ is a public figure. A public figure cannot be considered slandered or libeled unless he or she can prove mailice.

Posted at 5:48PM on Apr 9th 2010 by Update

defamation has nothing to do with being a public figure or not, moron! how many celebs sue trash can tabloids due to false allegations, defamation of character, etc...dumb dumb. being a public figure has nothing to do with it.

1627 days ago

a fan    

1627 days ago

brigha UK    

17. ….I do not believe the doctor is a murderer. I think he was caught up in treating a celebrity drug-addict and allowed himself to pulled into an unethical situation. This would have happened to MJ regardless of the doctor at the helm. Unfortunately, it was Dr. Murray. I do not believe he meant to kill MJ or destroy his career. He would have taken the easy way out already, if he felt like he wanted to destroy his career….
Posted at 3:46PM on Apr 9th 2010 by Tamara
MJ was not a simple addict. He was a MEDICATION abuser. He never took drugs to get an artificial high, but only to alleviate the symptoms of genuine medical conditions. The medical profession have to bear responsibility for his initial addiction, for feeding and accelerating that addiction throughout his life and ultimately for his early death.

If MJ had taken heroin, then the 'pusher/dealer' who provided it to him would be legally liable (even if the MJ had begged them to do so). Given this, then surely, a doctor, bound by ethics, who provides such highly dangerous drugs to any patient has to bear the same, if not a higher level, of accountability for the consequences of their actions.

Many doctors regularly receive irrational requests from their patients. Plastic surgery addicts request procedures which go far beyond reasonable. Bizarrely, body dysmorphics request amputation of healthy limbs. More commonly, the clinically depressed ask for a doctor to help them die. Should doctors always agree to all their patients wishes? Even when they know that the treatment requested would not be in the patients best interest?

Murray owed a duty of care to his patient. He knew that MJ had a serious medication addiction and underlying psychological issues. He knew that MJ needed specialist care in order to beat his addiction. Instead of following an ethical path, he simply (like every other doctor in MJ's life) fed the cash cow. Murray allowed himself to be persuaded by MJ and, for that, he must pay the price.

I agree with you that Murray is not a murderer, for murder requires an ‘intention’ to kill, and I do not believe that Murray tried to kill Jackson. However, I do believe that Murray went way beyond being simply negligent, far beyond being reckless. A 4 year maximum sentence seems derisory for such a crime.

So, to try to justify Murrays actions in any way is foolish. It's totally irrelevant wether MJ begged him for the drug or not.

Sadly, if all the doctors in MJ's past had practiced within their code of ethics, then this whole sad situation may have been avoided. MJ was well known for his strong anti-drug stance when he was younger and it is difficult to believe that he would have ever sought out illegal drugs. However, when the person providing the substance is a member of the 'trusted' medical profession, it is reasonable to suppose that excessive medication is not only safe, but necessary.

Whether MJ was an 'addict' is not the issue here. It seems likely that he has been classified as such by the LAPD in order that Murray may be subjected to the additional charge of 'supplying drugs to a known addict'.

What happened to MJ (and many others) at the hands of the medical profession can only be deemed a modern day tragedy. With hindsight it seems that some of his more eccentric behaviour can be directly attributable to excessive medication and unethical doctors. For example: his excessive nose surgery or the baby dangling incident (during which he was obviously high as a kite). Yet MJ alone was publically condemned and branded as a 'freak' by the media. The doctors, on the other hand, walked away with healthy bank balances and without a hint of criticism. Where was the justice then? I sincerely hope that at least finally, one doctor, will be made accountable for his actions.

1627 days ago


Latoya said that he was a molester and I believe her.

1627 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

97. Latoya said that he was a molester and I believe her.

Posted at 5:57PM on Apr 9th 2010 by Sunshine

hum, gavin said he wasn't so did his family in deposition after deposition, so did jordan, per MEZZ video. So, i believe them!

1627 days ago


Get over it freaks the greatest freak of all has kicked the bucket.

1627 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

Actually it's not just a fan who should BAN this site, it's anyone who has a brain and doesn't get off on talking about pedophille and child molestation BS all day too.

ICK! Who wants to stay on this thing. It's filthy dirty, feels like walking into a garbage pitt with all this disgusting talk.

LEAVE NOW, everyone who has any sense of reality should stop posting here.

Yeah, glad to see Murray agreed to the BAN. What a frickin joke!

1627 days ago
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