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Kim K's Bikini Cracks Under Pressure

4/9/2010 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While cooling off at the beach in Miami on Friday, Kim Kardashian nearly poured out of her bikini bottom.


Luckily the ridiculously hot 29-year-old always has flotation devices at her disposal.


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That little bikini can't hold all that booty!!!

1655 days ago


18. The hater comments by women on this site make me laugh. Any guy, including me, would dump their girlfriend in a heartbeat for Ms. Kardasshian! :P And that's why they hate her!

Posted at 3:39PM on Apr 9th 2010 by Kevin

Kevin if all men are like you than any man who leaves his girl for @ss is worthless for sexy girls like me with would be doing us a favor if we got dumped by a pathetic jerk like you:)

1655 days ago


hey reruns it`s 2010 can`t you hire some real talent and get some real duds.YOUall look like a adult day care center of the short kind and grease and dirt and the same duds over and over plus the same mood same smurfsurf~SS lamer than a TIZ was.I can`t waste dover the garbage truck/crew-DOA cab you tryed that nine million times.Maybe flop your ears togather and click your hELLYS togather maybe you can FLY away into yourth MINDSET and no one will see

1655 days ago


Crack kills!!!! This skank truly believes that she looks "HOT"... HA - farthest thing from the truth. She just looks like a ho bag.. and an ugly one at that. Cute suit, but it would be much cuter if I didn't have to look at her ass crack.

1655 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Ray J ain't no fool! and congratulations on peeing on her, you da man Ray J!

1655 days ago


Can't say I would want my girl walking around like that but damn that is some grade "A" booty there!

1655 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Now that Kmi as gone through every black stallion in LA, maybe there is a big black buck in Miami that can satisfy her and be able to put up with her obnoxious personality.

1655 days ago


Wait til she has a kid or turns 40, whichever comes first, and her fat ass slides down the back of her legs. All womens butts FALL, and hers is gonna fall hard. (Down to the back of her knees).

1655 days ago


OhYeah #53 It's been a slow work day so I was just tryin' to rile some folks up. I'm sure you are a sexy girl with class. Have a nice weekend!

1655 days ago


I'm a woman and I have to say that she has a great body. Her ass looks great with no visable cellulite. Although sometimes when you shee her in a tight dress it looks like that ass has a mind of it's own.

1655 days ago


RE:::10. I envy her...she has the most perfect body...i wish i looked like her.

Posted at 3:22PM on Apr 9th 2010 by i luv kim

Um,be real....that body is far from perfect....add its not even real.bought & paid for & that ass? Come on, soon the dr who put in those implants is gonna speakup.genetics=no way does just 1 family member tout the fatass. then $ for pushing a product that has very minimal to do with her physique. even if her ass is 'home grown'.....the boobs are implants,the teeth veneers, tan,etc fake. No wonder they are such media hos,they need the $ to remake their bodies,faces,life in general. The mother,whoring her kids out like she does,now one of the younger 2 as well. aw,the madness!

1655 days ago

Christina G.    

Damn. Life is so unfair.

1655 days ago


Kim is fat, she will always be fat. She is a spoiled air-head who needs some education and awareness training.

1655 days ago


RE::53. 18. The hater comments by women on this site make me laugh. Any guy, including me, would dump their girlfriend in a heartbeat for Ms. Kardasshian! :P And that's why they hate her!

Posted at 3:39PM on Apr 9th 2010 by Kevin

Geez're some prize. Insteada telling this to strangers online how bout you tell your GF & let her kick your wishful thinking self to the curb. Sorry to tell ya,but some guys don't like the 'fake' many ways its like pickin up a skanker in the bar,gettin her home,she takes off the make-up,the push-up bra,the spanx & POW! reality bites him hard on his now droopy penis

1655 days ago


I am a woman and unlike most women on here calling her fat or ugly or anything similar- please drop the jealousy act! It's not pretty and it's take a secure woman to admit that Kim is HOT!!

1655 days ago
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