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Bombshell McGee -- I'm Not a Nazi

4/9/2010 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a document Jesse James' alleged mistress #1, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, filed in her bitter custody fight against Shane Modica ... in which she denies the whole Nazi/white power thing.

Michelle McGee

According to the unsworn declaration, Bombshell says, "I do NOT have a swastika tattoo on me." FYI, we've seen a swastika tattoo so close to her genital area we can't show it ... but it looks just like the one from "Inglourious Basterds."

Bombshell also says, "I do NOT show my children how to 'Nazi salute.'"

Bombshell goes on .... "The child block magnets spelling 'white power' was NOT of my doing. Friends of Shane's did this and gave the picture to Shane upon HIS requested (sic) so he could use it against me in court."


Now here's where it gets really good. Bombshell says:

- "I do NOT do any pornography in my house."
- "I do NOT do any webcam 'sessions' from my home with my children present."

You have to love the qualifiers.

Bombshell was in a San Diego court yesterday, fighting in her custody case. She claims Shane is making up all these allegations so he can get custody and move out of the county.


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i have to say...EEEWWWWW, jj is nasty. my heart goes out to sandra bullock. i have always enjoyed watching her perform and she always just seems real. i am sure she must of loved him 2 marry him, but did she really know the "superfreak" he was inside? every woman he has cheated on her with is a flat out skank. TMZ???? have u even revisited the 2007 attempt on jj life????was probably a spurned lover of his. good luck sandra bullock.

1654 days ago


I guess you have never heard of Thurgood Marshall or Colin Powell or George Washington Carver?

1654 days ago


Everyone should just ignore people who spew the ignorant things that Marge does. He is just a pathetic little bigot who hides behind a computer and a woman's name.

1654 days ago


so what if she had an affair with that guy, so what if she has a photoshoot where she is in wearing a nazi cap and things of that nature. i my self am not a nazi nor am i racist but i own some of those things. as for the person saying "some people should just not have children" go brain wash your own children to judge people that yourself and your children know nothing about. i have 2 children of my own and the things i own and choose to show on the internet are not going to affect them at all. as for the photo of the letters on the fridge that say "go white power" friends of mine that come over to my home do that kind of thing all the time, one of the who is african american once wrote "obama is a moron" with the letters on my fridge. so basicly what im saying is "SO WHAT" WHAT A PERSON DOES IN THEIR OWN HOME IS NON OF YOUR BUISNESS!

1653 days ago


Who cares what she does in her home or what's on her fridge. What bothers me is what's NOT in her fridge like Milk, Eggs, Juice or anything that's even for a child.

1653 days ago

Dude Box McGee    

She is totally hot.

1652 days ago


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1650 days ago


she is so ugly!!! who would support nazi's?!!? They sewed children together, shot blue coloring into their eyes and gassed millions of men, women and chilren. she needs to be takin of TMZ. Dont give her the spotlight...PLZ!!! Ill still watch your show without her! SHE'S GOT TO GO!!!!

1622 days ago
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