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Bombshell McGee -- I'm Not a Nazi

4/9/2010 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a document Jesse James' alleged mistress #1, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, filed in her bitter custody fight against Shane Modica ... in which she denies the whole Nazi/white power thing.

Michelle McGee

According to the unsworn declaration, Bombshell says, "I do NOT have a swastika tattoo on me." FYI, we've seen a swastika tattoo so close to her genital area we can't show it ... but it looks just like the one from "Inglourious Basterds."

Bombshell also says, "I do NOT show my children how to 'Nazi salute.'"

Bombshell goes on .... "The child block magnets spelling 'white power' was NOT of my doing. Friends of Shane's did this and gave the picture to Shane upon HIS requested (sic) so he could use it against me in court."


Now here's where it gets really good. Bombshell says:

- "I do NOT do any pornography in my house."
- "I do NOT do any webcam 'sessions' from my home with my children present."

You have to love the qualifiers.

Bombshell was in a San Diego court yesterday, fighting in her custody case. She claims Shane is making up all these allegations so he can get custody and move out of the county.


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Thunder Thighs    

It is funny because I can bet my whole paycheck that none of you white devils have the balls enough to walk up to a black person and say it to their face. Here come to Kansas City and say it to my face. White people are the biggest bunch of pu**y I know. Only courage you have is sitting behind your computer talking lol. I hope some big black man comes and rapes your wife, daughters, and granddaughter they definitely deserve it especially your granddaughters.

1658 days ago


One film Jesse missed was “The Grifters – 1990 – director Stephen Frears, and starring Anjelica Huston, Annette Bening, John Cusack, and Stephen Tobolowsky. Michelle is a grifter, and she is the real life case of the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles’s thug life.

Jesse was tricked, and attempted blackmail by a stripper grifter named Michelle. Michelle knew Jesse was married to Sandra, and the only way to extort money from Jesse would be to use a nazi theme whereby potientally distroying Sandra's film career in Hollywood. - Maybe Michelle though Sandra would also pay-up if Michelle had these doctored up photos of Jesse pretending to be a Nazi.

Nazi frameup of Jesse, and possibly Sandra would pay the blackmailers. Michelle, you should be in prison for your crimes.

1658 days ago


im stating to like this woman much more than Sandra Bollock
at least she is not a snob and not licking anyones ass

1658 days ago


107. Cest Moi,

You attempt to lecture those who are speaking the truth and try to accuse them of being ignorant, yet in the same post you separate "Europeans" from the white race???

Maybe you are the one that needs an education sweetie.

Whites were the overwhelming majority during the birth and rise of this country. And oddly enough, as the country is currently declining, the minorities are increasing in numbers. Coincidence? I think not.

Good day

Posted at 1:56PM on Apr 9th 2010 by gilly


Amen brotha!!!! That is gospel you just spoke!!!

1658 days ago


1658 days ago

Cest Moi    

Europeans, as in greeks, italians, albanians, maltese, slavics, Portugeuse, Spanish, serbians etc are not treated the same as those from the U.K. in your country. Plain and simple. Been there, done that, have the postcard.

Oh, sure maybe there are a few of each who may be fair enough for you guys to accept, but as soon as someone with an olive complexion comes your way, it is not the same.

Or did you think that Europeans only come from England, Scotland and Ireland? lmao

There was nothing wrong with this land before settlers came. It was the settlers who brought slavery, polution, corruption, etc to America.

But why argue with an ignoramus?

Good luck with your little life! Sounds like you need it! :-)

1658 days ago



1658 days ago


The Nazis where pretty good at denying a lot of things, they just sucked at covering their tracks. She's a chip off the ole Hitler Block.

1658 days ago

Urall Khuntz    

She is a whore, period.

1658 days ago


I just love how stupid people come on here and act like they invented everything. Equality and diversity is what makes America great.

1658 days ago


Cest Moi, ever heard of Broken Britain? Your fellow countrymen have. And, having lived in, not just visited, your country, you have nothing to look down your noses at when it comes to slavery, imperialism, bigotry, etc., etc., etc.

1658 days ago


Brotha Souja, - but "Black Power" is OK, right?

1658 days ago

London not England    

#120-Give and Take

"WHO SAYS BLACK POWER" anymore....This ain't 1970?!?!?!?!?!?1

what ERA are YOU living in....

besides ...that's still a VERY weak argument to what I just said.....

but this Nazi bitch is less of a threat to Black People than she is to the White Jewish BLACK PEOPLE don't really have anything to fear from's the people they COOKED 65 years ago that should offended..."Black Power"...LOL...that's a good one.

1658 days ago


What were her favorite books again? Oh yeah ... Mein Kampf and The Turner Diaries. So far she lied about being Amish, French-Canadian, 24 yrs old, having a masters degree in bio-chemistry and a bachelor of science in biology, running away at 16, her parents disowning her, not knowing JJ was married ... etc. Of course we're going to believe her now.

1658 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

Ghost Rider says: “You. Innocent.”

1658 days ago
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