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Sandra Bullock Has Jesse's Kids

4/9/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources directly connected with Sandra Bullock and Jesse James tell TMZ Jesse's kids are living with Sandra.

Sandra Bullock Has Jesse's Kids

We're told all three kids -- Sunny, Chandler and Jesse, Jr. -- are all with Sandra.

Our sources say Sandra is not living at her Hollywood Hills home, which has become paparazzi central for more than a week.

One source very familiar with the situation tells TMZ, "It's a positive sign about Sandra's relationship with Jesse." The source would not elaborate.


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Thunder Thighs    

Love Sandra but if she takes back this scumbag, then she will be the 2nd dumbest person on the planet, second only to Elin Woods.

1657 days ago


Unbelievable! I really thought Sandra was mentally stronger then this. I truly understand she can have a relationship with his kids with out him in the picture. But Jesse is going to pull her back in. I will NEVER support or buy anything related to her ever again!! Maybe there is a picture of Sandra doing the Nazi salute with her wearing the swastika armband that she doesnt want the public to see. So Jesse knows if she divorces him, all this stuff he will release to the media. Sandra his hiding something!!! She is no longer "America's Sweetheart!!!!!!!"

1657 days ago

Still suckin your mommas T*ttie!    

May Day May Day!! another dumb ass chick sticking by her TOOL of a man.. used to like sandra too. its a shame!

1657 days ago


I just watched little bits of ET (btw, I hate that show) anyway, they showed parts of Monster Garage. Yes, Jesse is a douchy, tool, he thinks he can (and has) treated the women in his life like $hyte. He's a horrible man and it's all on camera. Sandra should have watched Monster Garage before marrying him. He shows you who he is! TRASH!!

1657 days ago


I am pleasantly amazed & I give her a lot of credit She definitely loves those kids & did not abandon them. Someone said that if she came back or took him back, it would be because of the kids. Now she may not take him back, but she is there for the kids, whether permanently or to explain to them why she can't be there all the time, she at least did not leave them completely.

1657 days ago


The kids did nothing wrong. Those kids did not destroy their relationship with Sandra and she has been apart of their family for 5 years. Regardless of what happens between Sandra and Jesse. The kids should not miss out on a relationship with Sandra because their Dad made poor choices. A relationship should continue regardless of custody if the adults can agree to it. I commend Sandra and Jesse for thinking about the kids during this difficult time.

1657 days ago



1657 days ago


She's a lot stupider than I thought.

1657 days ago

Bam Bam    

Why is it always the man's fault? Clearly, unless these women have been living under a rock or there dumb as hell knew he was married. So why isn't anyone trashing them. There just as much at fault if not more. They knew he was married and when the it was brought up to do this they should have had enough respect to say NO! Your a married man and we do not engage in stuff like this with married men. So before you trash Jesse and Tiger, think about the other side.

1657 days ago


Stop Sandra, those strippers and that whore husband of yours need responsibility, stop being his doormat, adopt your own kids. It's not like he is too poor to take care of his own!

1657 days ago


I think its admirable what she is doing and people need to back off. I don't think she is doing it for him at all but for those children who am sure she cares about. Its probably not easy for them to have her as a stepmom and then for her to be gone so maybe this will make it easier for them not to see her as a part of their everyday life. She might still communicate with them from time to time but not on a daily basis after the divorce which by the way is still on from what has been reported.

1657 days ago


I think its great that he is in rehab, I hope they save their marriage. I hope it didn't get so bad that its irreparable.

1657 days ago


She deserves what she gets.

1657 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Oh, crap, enough about this disgusting white trash saga. She wanted rough trade, she married scum, he screws around, what a big surprise.
Enough, let them all go into a corner and screw until they die of aids.

1657 days ago


He is still using and abusing her, men like this would pull a rabbit out of a hat to get their way. He will continue to use the kids to get her back!

1657 days ago
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