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Sandra Bullock Has Jesse's Kids

4/9/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources directly connected with Sandra Bullock and Jesse James tell TMZ Jesse's kids are living with Sandra.

Sandra Bullock Has Jesse's Kids

We're told all three kids -- Sunny, Chandler and Jesse, Jr. -- are all with Sandra.

Our sources say Sandra is not living at her Hollywood Hills home, which has become paparazzi central for more than a week.

One source very familiar with the situation tells TMZ, "It's a positive sign about Sandra's relationship with Jesse." The source would not elaborate.


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She doesn't have those kids! TMZ you're spreading pure gossip, no facts.

1629 days ago

Vanessa Bee    

Looks like she is going to be his sucker for life.

1629 days ago


This is TERRIFIC NEWS! I have been very worried about the kids and dogs. And, I am glad she's not living at the house with the paps. It's just all very good news. I hope they work on the marriage and come out better for it. You can do that.

1629 days ago


#42. Why do you think she doesn't have the kids. It sounds like Sandra is committed to them and it only goes to show how much class SHE has. I don't think it automatically shows she's going to stay with Jesse, just that she's not leaving those kids when they need her the most.

1629 days ago


ha! I knew it. Two umbrellas and a hat do not a Sandra Bullock make. The paps would still be sitting there a year from now if no one said anything. Doy.

As for the rest of it--she is stepmom to those kids. What do you think, she's going to walk out of their lives without a backward glance, just because her husband has been a jerk? Get real. Whatever happens with the marriage, the kids are going to be first. Bullock and James are trying to protect the kids. I wish the paps and the media would understand that and leave them alone (although of course they won't).

I have no opinions as to what Bullock should do re her marriage. It's her business. The only thing I ask from Sandra Bullock is a good performance when I buy a ticket to see one of her movies.

1629 days ago


I hope the kids are on spring break this week tomake it easier on them and let them know that they can still spend time with her even tho she and their father are no longer a couple.

1629 days ago


Just because the kids are allegedly with Sandra doesn't necessarily mean she's taking Jesse back...
At least one of the kids moms (Sunny) is in a half-way house, who knows where the other(s) are, and Jesse is in rehab...
It's more than likely that Sandra decided to be there for the kids, as their relationships can be independent of Jesse...Sandra has shown that she truly loves and cares for the kids, and from the looks of things, she's likely the only one who can provide a semblance of normalcy for the kids...

1629 days ago


If this is true, and she takes him back, she has absolutely no respect for herself. For her to go back with a man who is racist, and made a joke out of their wedding vows, is pathetic. I for one will not spend any of my hard earned money on any of her movies ever again. I really don't believe she will.

1629 days ago



1629 days ago


Where is Jesse,I thought he left rehab?

1629 days ago


Nancy, I love your post! You said it best I think!

1629 days ago


I can only think that Sandra is sharing some of her husband's nazi ideals if she decides to stick with him.

1629 days ago


Yessum Sandra is no better than the crowd she chose to make her bed with.

1629 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

You girls are jealous, most can only dream to be with jesse.

Sandra is 45 her options are limited, in these days any man like jesse thats single dont even look at girls over 30 regardless how hot.

Older woman even rich ones should grab what they can, noone sane cares about a relationship with them, im sure sandra is a great person but shes still 45.

Smart if she stays, hes stupid for doing the rehab junk.

Girls that yell ewww gross etc. = full of shit

I worked in a large hedge fund in nyc and now in the west coast in a place where very wealthy come in to buy stuff, I get to hear them talk between themselves, old ladies are out, they laugh how you might look hot in clothing but once it comes off the butt flys all over the room, and remember even if you turn off all the lights men can still feel the nastiness.

OLD LADIES 30+ stick to men 50+ the young guys or wealthy older guys dont want any part of it

sorry if im rude, but if you follow this advise you will save yourself heartache

1629 days ago

Mr PR    

Apart from the demise of the marriage everything that she worked for in terms of her career is being smashed. Her brand was the smart,wholesome, pretty woman who refuses to betray her values.
I am one of Bullock's fans but I fear that the tawdry nature of the disclosures and accusations are very damaging. She now appears either very stupid or corrupt or both. (For the record I believe that she was just a complete idiot in love. James may be an even better actor than Bullock.) Her considerable talent will be overshadowed by the mess. The best she can do to save her career and her sanity is get out of this family completely. If she tries to cling to the children she will never be free of the man, his "entourage", and his habits.

1629 days ago
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