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Tiger Aerial Assault Plane -- Grounded By FAA

4/9/2010 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't strain your neck looking up for that third Tiger Woods taunting banner to fly over Augusta -- TMZ has learned the plane has been grounded by the FAA after an unexpected last minute inspection.

We're told the FAA performed a "ramp check" on the plane last night in response to a request from an FAA air traffic controller. An FAA spokesperson tells us the investigator found "a number of mechanical issues" and sent the plane back to the airport where it is based.

The owner of the plane tells TMZ the mechanical issue was over a worn-out tag on the seat belts.

All hope for the third banner is not lost -- the owner says he is currently searching for another plane so he can carry out his assignment.

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Check out the sweat shops nike runs, that will change anyone's mind on buying the slave owners products. They, like the ugly black man on the golf course are the lowest of the low. And let's hope that the plane the nike people are on, dives into the pacific ocean with the 'bug-eyed' golfer and palin both on board.

1627 days ago


Sad that the FAA is capable of this crap, you really think its a coincidence they just decided to inspect the plane? You gotta be kidding! Free speech is free speech, but not since this administration has been in charge! A worn tag on the seat belt is what they discovered?! Slimy, slimy, crap!

1627 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

wonder if they'll check tigers plane like that too? hope so, hey dude did you get a plane for tomorrow yet??? what's your name? your a legend and a hero!!!

1627 days ago


Team Tiger, Tiger is a great player. He is good for the game of golf. sad but true. I myself had always known he is all about himself. He is very arrogant and self centered.
But he is not good for the "good" of humanity. You can take that to the bank just like Nike. I will never I say "never" buy any thing made by Nike. Most of their sh-t is made in China anyway. Tiger does not even have an American on his bag. Tiger didn't even marry a lady from America.

1626 days ago


It frightens me to see all of these people supporting Tiger. Now I know why the country is going down hill fast.
People, if you buy Nike products you are condoning the actions of Tiger and all of the other fine outstanding athletes Nike pays. Americans should try to buy American products. Nike products are made in China for the most part.
Good Americans should make a stand.
Golf is separate from the other sport.
Golf is a gentlemen's game. It takes integrity to play golf. Tiger has none. If he would lie to the most important person in the world to him what would keep him from lying in a round of golf?
I'm supprised Augusta National let him play in the Masters..????
Its all about the old mighty dollar. Sad, Sad, Sad!!!!
Billy Payne tried, Tiger was a let down to the people.

1626 days ago


Hey # 49 - Only JEalous people HATE! grow up and go look in the mirror and at what you are and what you have...Stop the hate..pal!

1626 days ago


hey.....why did'nt they ramp check those pesky saudi bombers.....just a coincidence, a last minute check? How transparant.
Bes not try to upset the plantation......

1626 days ago

Just Me    

Amazing how much we let celebrities and athletes get away with! Stopping the flights??? Come on. If there is any good in this world, everyone will boycott Tiger and Nike, and make them pay for backing this loser! He had the world by the tail, then gave it up for some tail. What an absolute idiot!

1626 days ago


|田|田田│ ”,,’,.’,”’,,’,.”

1626 days ago


Hey team Tiger, always gotta play the race card. Well that is genuine isnt it? You are the only racist on here and We all feel very sorry for you. You are truly pathetic! Let me guess Team Tiger you got you're job from affirmative action, didnt you? Before you make it a white/black thing do a little research. HE IS ONLY APOLOGIZING FOR THE MONEY YOU F@UCKING RACIST MORON!!!

1626 days ago


"The owner of the plane tells TMZ the mechanical issue was over a worn-out tag on the seat belts".

Yeah sure, yet he has to look for another plane to use because it'll take to long to fix that? I'll bet this was the least of the problems the FAA found with his plane. I mean really... how long does it take to have a seat belt fixed?

Anyway glad to see the FAA is all over this clown. If your going to use your pilots license and your plane to pull a publicity stunt like this you better have all your I's dotted and T's crossed. Obviously this guy didn't. FAIL!

1625 days ago

jonny wad    

Hey, hey, Tiger is still the man and will be. So all you tiger haters get over yourself. Hey if you don't like the guy change the F---in channel. Bunch of damm whinners...... excuse me now while I go check om my ho's

1624 days ago


Was once a fan. Believe in redemption-UNTIL, GOD's name is literally smeared on national TV. Youngs kids idolize this jerk. NIKE should "just do it" and jerk his dumb ass off their payroll! CHEETA ... did you mean BOOTYism, since you slammed my God? I hope Elin literally THUGS his wallet to the MAX!

1611 days ago
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