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Erin Andrews On Edge Over Threats

4/11/2010 4:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Erin Andrews is dancing around the question --  whether she's frustrated with the FBI ...  and she's sidestepping it because she needs the agency's help in arresting a guy who's threatening to kill her.

TMZ broke the story that Erin has been targeted with sexual and violent emails from a Newport News, Virginia man who recently wrote, "I would love to shoot her with a Barrett rifle."

As she went to a "Dancing with the Stars" rehearsal Saturday we asked if she was angry at the Feds for not cuffing the 6'9" dude.  It ain't hard to read between the lines.


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First, the threats started coming in to some radio sports show- not to Erin herself. There have been many of them- seemingly connected to the prosecution of the creep who took videos of her through peepholes. This newest ahole seems to think the guy shouldn't be prosecuted for violating her privacy and selling the video's online. I don't think he got anything close to the the punishment he should have gotten.

Second, you cretins are blaming the victim. She didn't ask for some ahole to be threatening her, but I am glad to see she is not letting that creep run/ruin her life- she is still doing her thing. And for the questionable character who called her chubby in a previous post- you obviously don't know who you are talking about. This lady is very long and lean and has been doing well on Dancing With the Stars. The fact that she isn't allowing this newest threat to keep her from participating in DWTS is a credit to her strength of character. The show has increased the security around her in order to keep her safe. I have to really question the thinking of those on here who are blaming her for the actions of others or trying to dictate how she should behave "in their opinion". You don't get to dictate that either. She is a smart and capable young woman and she is entitled to living her life without it being threatened. To think otherwise is seriously demented thinking.

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1658 days ago

My New Name    

I don't think I have ever read such ignorant comments from a more ignorant group of people in my life. You people truly represent the absolute lowest level and the worst that America has to offer in every respect.

And you can go ahead and call me whatever name you want and feel free to tell me to suck whatever you want. First, I won't be back to this story to read it anyway so you might as well be talking to the air. Second, My New Name is obviously not a real name so you can't embarrass me. And third, you people are SO far beneath me that what you have to say cannot POSSIBLY matter to me. As a matter of fact, the more you people try to degrade me for pointing out your ignorance, the more distance you put between us and widen the gap between people like you and people like me - so type away all you want. The more you try to degrade me, the more you prove MY point - so degrade away.

Now, having said all of that, I will say what I initially came here to say, and it certainly isn't to miscreants, it is to TMZ. (Insert your own obvious joke here.)

TMZ, you are right. It ISN'T hard to read between the lines in Erin's comments. However, I'm not sure what lines you are reading, but what I am hearing her CLEARLY say is not how pissed she is with the Feds, but how annoyed she is with YOU.

Perhaps you need to watch that video again.

1658 days ago

My New Name    

To those of you who wrote intelligent comments, you are not included in the group to which I referred above as being the most ignorant I have ever seen.

If you wrote intelligently, then you know who you are and I commend you for maintaining your intelligence among the cretins here.

1658 days ago


she needs to hire private security to investigate this and take it to fruition.

1658 days ago


If the FBI had reason to arrest this guy they would have already. Maybe its made up BS from EA's reps maybe its not, but there is more to the story than we know about. I find it hard to feel sorry for someone who tells DWTS's people that she wants a partner whom she has sexual chemistry with, please, give me a break. I can't help but feel that this is just another publicity stunt. I'm still not convinced that she didn't know that she was being filmed by the first guy by the way she was acting in her room. If you've seen the video you know what I'm talking about.

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That would be pretty cool post here

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She has no right to be angry. She owes us at least a couple of porno flicks. Until she delivers those she is entitled to absolutely no sympathy whatsoever.

1657 days ago


I'm sorry, but does anyone else think she's just acting condiscending all the time? She's a b*tch to the camera guy and just makes herself look like a complete ass. She answers his questions with a question and is just rude as hell. She's cute and all, but seriously, get over it. She's going through something, so let her be, and I'm personally sick of her "better than everyone" attitude spread all over the place. From someone who's not THAT hot, she needs an attitude check.

1657 days ago


Perhaps she shouldn't have used her "sex invasion scandal" (which i agree was despicable)as a jumping point to a career. I had no idea who she was before then. Seems after something like that one would keep a low profile, not go on a reality show. It's like Rod Blagojevich on the Apprentice. Fame v. infamy. Just saying.

1657 days ago


I cannot ****ing stomach this ugly, obnoxious ******* and her beak. She is an attention whore. She got exactly what she wanted by orchestrating that little peep hole stunt...ATTENTION. If it wasn't for that little charade would she be on DWTS right now?? NO. As a REAL stalking victim myself, i'm appalled that she would devalue such a horrible crime and its actual victims to get the attention she wasn't getting before. Now St. Erin has appointed herself poster child of stalking. NO THANKS!!! She has NO IDEA what actual stalking victims go through. She needs to shut her ugly face already. Talking from experience, if she was as "traumatized" as she claims to be, SHE WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GO ON DWTS. Galloping around like the horse that she is in next to nothing and being blindfolded. I can hardly go outside without having panic attacks because of my stalking and this bitch is able to go on national television???? **** YOU.

1652 days ago

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Who wouldn't want to pop a cork in the loud mouth hussy's trap! She has reaped off dancing on a pole while a man video tapes her! No one knew who she was before the man helped make her future and make her famous! IF she was so distraught, she would be out getting counseling for it or something more normal than going on Oprah and saying, "OMG, someone was looking at me; I am going to use this to make mucho money because I suck at my job! Oh, my life is destroyed, so I think I will dance like a stripper and throw my body all over a professional male dancer, but I am the innocent, sweet person here!" She is disgusting! I hope she loses the next round because I would rather hear Kate Goslin run her damn trap than this so-called victim! And that is saying something! She is the most annoying, Pinocchio lookalike!

1634 days ago
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