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Pregnant Man #2

The Baby Photos

4/11/2010 4:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scott Moore holds the unofficial title of "the second pregnant man" -- but no matter how you slice it, baby Miles is cute as a button.

TMZ has obtained photos of Miles -- born on March 9, 2010 -- with Scott and his husband Thomas (who, like Scott, was born a woman).

Confusing? Perhaps. Adorable? Absolutely.


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This isn't a man. Never was, never will be. If I have surgery to make me LOOK like an alien, and then I have a baby, does the headline read "Alien has baby"? I think not.
Get over it TMZ, this isn't a man having babies. Plain and simple.

1564 days ago


FIRST OF ALL, there is NO SUCH THING AS a PREGNANT MAN. So stop saying that and don't lie to yourself. If this person was indeed pregnate they had FEMALE ORGANS SO STOP TRYING TO MAKE GOD NIL AND VOID. IT IS CALLED CREATION NOT MOTHER NATURE.

1564 days ago

J. Baker    

Just cause your a fat chick doesn't mean you can call yourself a dude. Give it a rest...

1564 days ago


WTF is this?? These people need to understand that they can't have the best of both worlds. If you decide to be a ''man'' then take everything that comes with it, man can NOT have babies. If you want to have kids then just stay the way you wer born, a woman. You can't have it all crazy people, make up your mind! Then you r goin to say what to your kid? "When your daddy gave birth to you throug hes penis...bla bla bla" it's just insane.

1564 days ago


This is not a man. Never was, never will be. If I was to have surgery to make me LOOK like an alien, and then I call myself an alien and have a baby, is TMZ and all the media going to run articles saying "ALIEN HAS BABY"? No. Get over the whole "Man has baby" bs. We're all tired of it.

1564 days ago


This isn't a man. Never was, never will be. If I have a surgery to elongate my fingers, and change where my eyes are on my face, so that I look like an alien, does that make me an alien? No. I'm still a human who LOOKS like an alien.
End of story.

1564 days ago


Serious? What are we teaching children today by this? This is not a man. I am appalled people believe this to be true. The baby is beautiful, but will have a hard life trying to explain who actually gave birth. Unreal.....People need to start having morals agin!!

1564 days ago


Scuse me while i throw up.

1564 days ago


Now that's what I call very confused lesbians.. They are not "pregnant men" if they were born women. People make is sound like some big phenomenon "man has baby"....There is no MAN out there who was born "A MAN" who biologically gave birth or has gotten pregnant. Not possible ever. Just because they change their "sex"..still a woman in God's eyes. Talk about a slap in the face of the creator to change your sex. I feel bad for the poor children who are going to be pretty darned confused when their parents explain things to them as they get older.

1564 days ago


God help us when these freaks have children

1564 days ago

dirty diana    

i'm with you guys not a man! but they are f$%king sick to bring kids into their freak game.... next they will be able to breed animals!! when are we going to stop the insanity???!!!

1564 days ago


I'm sorry, but thats just nasty. A pregnant man? Why dont they just stay a woman if they wanna be pregnant? Or have someone take their gametes and give them a baby? But noo they have to get attention and be a pregnant man. They're probably just attention whores. Thats just not natural or normal.

1564 days ago


Let's face it, this 'person' is not really a man. He wasn't born that way. And if those poor children's offspring ever try to do their genealogy, they are going to be confused as hell. So all those headlines of "Man gives birth" are only worthy of being printed in the Enquirer, along with the Monkey faced boy and alien babies.

1564 days ago


THis is an abomination!!

1564 days ago


This is not a man! I'm sick of seeing it your headlines. This is a Woman! An ugly woman, but a woman none the less

1564 days ago
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