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Pregnant Man #2

The Baby Photos

4/11/2010 4:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scott Moore holds the unofficial title of "the second pregnant man" -- but no matter how you slice it, baby Miles is cute as a button.

TMZ has obtained photos of Miles -- born on March 9, 2010 -- with Scott and his husband Thomas (who, like Scott, was born a woman).

Confusing? Perhaps. Adorable? Absolutely.


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congratulations to the family. a darling baby.
woman,man..whatever! why the uproar on what he wants to be known as? just because his dna is female,psychologically and in his heart he is,hey world,be kind! isn't there enough ugliness in this world without being small-minded? this baby was born to 2 people who wanted him and love happy for them.
no need to be judgemental...a new life is on this earth!

1654 days ago


How many of you get this mad and rant that a woman with fake breasts is not sexy because she's just a body with plastic in her chest and the mental issues and insecurities deep enough to go "under the knife" just to get that plastic inside her chest? How many can't be with a big breasted women if she wasn't born with them because it's "unnatural"? How many religious people on here won't sleep or get involved with women (or men) that have plastic surgery because they can't accept anyone that thinks God made a mistake? How many people do not go to the hospital when they have something wrong with their body because God doesn't make a mistake? Stop using religion to judge others when you don't apply such logic/"ethics" consistently.

1654 days ago


And we wonder what's happening to our young people? Just look at the road that so many are taking, never what God intended. The baby is an innocent child thrust into a situation that is far from normal. I agree with so many of the others, men CANNOT have children.

1654 days ago


These are possibly the two ugliest she-men I have ever seen! Regardless, these two trolls should never have procreated! Lord, I'm mean...

1654 days ago


Anyone who calls this thing a man is a freaking retard, period.

1654 days ago


I don't care WHAT these two depraved people WANT to believe, they are NOT "men" just because they have facial hair and take hormones! The bottom line is, these two selfish individuals are lying to themselves and everyone around them by pretending that their lifestyle is acceptable and "ok"! Because it's NOT! These two people are selfish, SICK, immoral FOOLS who want to live an unnatural lifestyle while enjoying the fruits of something that their lifestyle CANNOT produce: a CHILD. They're DISPICABLE, depraved, and will pay the penalty when they stand before God!

1654 days ago

Alligator Purse    

THIS IS NOT A MAN! Men don't have ovaries and periods only women do. Only a woman can carry a baby to term and this is a woman who has had some surgery to look like a man but she left everything in place so she is a woman and an ugly one at that.

1654 days ago


I don't care if you call him a man or woman, the main issue is he takes care of the baby. Gay, Straight, Bi,or whatever, doesn't matter. Children needs to be loved and taken care of, period! Otherwise, don't give birth to them!

1654 days ago


If this woman wanted to become a man, then heshe shouldn't have wanted to give birth to a child...frankly, this isn't fair to transgenders who really want to become the other sex. Pick a sex! You shouldn't be allowed to have it both ways.

1654 days ago


I don't know if anyone has thought of this. Maybe not because it's kind of disgusting. But...

I wonder if "he's" going to breastfeed this poor baby.


1654 days ago


It is not a man but a woman that has for sure some kind of issue!!! Get over!!!

1653 days ago


Besides a womb, ovaries, and the ability to conceive, carry, and deliver this cutie...genetic studies would indicate that these two 'self proclaimed men' indeed carry the xx chromosome thus are female to the core. Can't change mother nature.

1653 days ago


What has this world come too? This is just nasty! People should love and work with the gender god gave them, not TRY to change it!

1653 days ago


There is absolutely nothing special about this story. He looks like a man, but still, obviously, has female parts. Science is not advanced enough for natural born men to give birth to children....IT HASN'T HAPPENENED! Please stop posting stories about women having babies. It happens everyday.

1653 days ago


Man, I am liberal on quite possibly everything else, but transgender people.... Face it, your body is physically female. You are a woman, not a pregnant man. Even a surgery to create a penis wouldn't make her a man to me. I don't care what you 'feel' like inside, you're free to feel whatever gender roles you want, but you are biologically what you are.

1653 days ago
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