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Tiger Woods Plane Footage -- Banned by ESPN

4/11/2010 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hope you enjoyed the footage of those Tiger Woods airplane banners -- 'cause you'll never see them again on ESPN.


TMZ has learned the Worldwide Leader in Sports has instructed staff members that they're banned from running the footage on their networks and their website -- despite the fact that ESPN already aired it earlier this week.

Sounds like Tiger's still in bed with someone besides Elin ...

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Hey LAWRENCE, no Tiger won't go down in history as the "greatest athlete to ever play their sport", because character is part of the game, and there are better players who fit the description.

But if Tiger's lying and philandering are a "footnote", they will be the biggest f&*king footnote in professional athletics. And no matter how much time Tiger spends at the "ball washer", that ain't going away.

1624 days ago


Woods' handlers can control the News, but they can't control Woods - because he's a Loser.

1624 days ago


You guys just suck, seriously, why not expose the rabbie who was arrested last month for sexually abusing little girls. and why not post about jewish celebrities in a negative way?????? stop being so jewish and annoying its really coming off, and this is coming from a jewish girl myself. Im so sick of people at work commenting about you guys and the lack of professionalism you display - you make us jews look racist and i cant take it anymore. Please stop it with Tiger and black celebrities learn to post possitive things of black celebrities as well. And please please exopse our people as well, cause you guys are not looking too good. Change your ways.

1624 days ago

two cents    

GREAT job Tiger at manipulating that media. Maybe he's never heard of YouTube. LOL. What a fool. Both him and Elin.

1624 days ago


Oh well..

1624 days ago


Thats good! Those slezebags need to leave Tiger ALONE!!!!

1624 days ago


The FAA did a check on the plane and grounded it for a bad seat belt. The REQUEST came from Augusta (probably the Golf Assn and Tiger Woods camp). The point is: Tiger Woods hand extends into the FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Also, ESPN is supposedly a news outfit. So, if any more planes do this, the news outlets should cover it. Bottom Line: Tiger's special treatment continues and condone his "specialness". Has anything really changed? The Golf Tour is getting record interest because of Tiger's scandalous behavior, however, they don't want the negative image part. It goes both ways. Don't take it if you can't get it shoveled back to you. Tiger Woods is a cry baby. Still growing up, but still SPECIAL.

1624 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

I think it's super funny!! Where do we send the guy money ?

1624 days ago


Why, because the sociopath is to delicate......

1624 days ago


We are all done with this stuff. It's stupid and pointless. Tiger will win today because he is an accomplished golfer, period. Nothing to do with his really terrible personal choices. Past that, move on, please.

1624 days ago


No James, "character" isn't a part of it. Why? Because "character" is a phony attribute made up by douchebag sports reporters whenever they want to sh!t on somebody they personally don't like. See Jay Mariotti or Mike Lupica.

And 2 years from now, this whole "scandal" will be a small footnote, if not forgotten altogether. At least 80% of great athletes have done the same thing or worse (Ali, Tyson, Babe, Dimaggio, Clemens, Bonds, MJ, Magic, Wilt, Kobe, Phelps, OJ, Ronaldo, Terry, I could keep going all day.) The only people who will actually give a damn about any of it are the tabliod addicts with no lives to focus on and the previously mentioned douchebag sports reporters who already hated Tiger.

1624 days ago


Gloria Allred is pathetic; not at all a "crusader for women's rights." Her clients are infantilized, self-entitled parasites.

1624 days ago


Black power..from the top.

1624 days ago


OK so Tiger did do some very bad things! And unlike Slick Willy Clinton
(who had ANAL 2 ORAL/Masterbation/CIGAR SEX in the Whitehouse after church on Easter Sunday) Tiger Woods admitted he did something wrong.

Silly Billy the Jackoff butt**** Cigar Smoking Demokraut lied (and lied and lied and lied) and he is considered a hero! Clinton is still a important member of the Political landscape. Bill Clinton a GOD to Liberals! And Tiger Woods is scum because he didn't lie?

Ok what Tiger did was wrong! But at least he doesn't MURDER over 3,000 babies every single day like the self-righteous so-called Liberals do.
He could have aborted his children. Tiger could have also prayed to 'BAAL' for forgiveness (on Oprah, or CNN, or MSNBC, or PBS, or...) but he didn't did he?

Lets face the truth here! This is all happening because Tiger is NOT a Liberal-Commie Demo-Socailist. This is happening because Tiger refuses to get on the Liberal 'Communist Bus' and worship the 'Baal' Hussein Obama, thee Oprah, the Enviornment, and Moloch (the Liberal God of Abortion).

Tiger might not be your typical Republican but he sure is not a Liberal and so you all HATE him.

1624 days ago

dirty diana    

This is a question for Harvey the Lawyer. Why are all the news outlets reporting the plane story as an entertainment piece as opposed to what it actually is? This is a Federal Agency preventing someone's constitutional right to free speach to protect a golfer. Can you imagine what they would do over something important? The public wants to know who is responsible because a "ramp check" doesn't pass the smell test.

Just a foot note; the plane passed its annual inspections with the same belt tags and was deemed safe to fly.

Posted at 6:32 AM on Apr 11, 2010 by Dave

i would like to know this too! protecting a whoremaster golfer at that!!

1624 days ago
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