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Corey Haim Funeral -- The Ol' Switcheroo?

4/12/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The company that donated money to help pay for Corey Haim's funeral stopped payment on the check it sent the family ... claiming the money wasn't being used for Haim's funeral at all.

Startifacts, a celebrity memorabilia company that had been auctioning some of Haim's stuff, had donated $20,000 to cover funeral expenses.

But after a series of back and forth emails with Haim's brother-in-law, Mark Alexander, the company learned the funeral had already been paid for by the funeral home -- and its money was going to be used for Corey's mom's cancer treatments.

A rep for Judy Haim, Corey's mom, tells TMZ Judy's medical bills are completely covered and she has no idea why Alexander gave Starifacts the wrong idea. Haim says the funeral costs were indeed all covered by the funeral home's donations fund -- and she was raising money to reimburse them.

Either way, Startifacts feels burned by the whole ordeal and, as of now, has no intention of sending another check.


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Mark Proctor    

Pure BS to generate free publicity. Period.

1632 days ago

Mark Proctor    

Pure BS to generate free publicity. Period.

1632 days ago


um...isn't she Candian? If she still lives in Canada then all her treatment expenses are covered...I've worked in Canadian Health Care for over 20 years and don't know anyone who doesn't have their treatment covered by the govt...

1632 days ago


Really sick

1632 days ago


A deals a deal, looks like the people that took Cory's stuff is trying to stiff Mommie.. Mommie needs a lawyer stat!!!
At least get all the stuff back, she can sell it herself!

1632 days ago


Whatever you do, DON'T donate via the official website. The girl who runs it is a crazy fan. She is not with the family at all.

This fan has been trying to make money for Corey with that site way before he died. Most likely it was drug money. Hence why she was kept to run the site.

Do NOT donate to the official site, if you want to donate in Corey's memory, send it to a charity.

Thank you

1632 days ago


Poor woman is going thru so much!! BUT I wonder what she spent the money on...

1632 days ago


i had dealings with corey and his mom for a show i did. they were both grifters and tried at every turn to get anything they could out of me and the production co, including asking me personally if they could borrow money. not surprised at all by this story.

1632 days ago


and judy doesn't live in canada, she lives in the oakwood apts in burbank, where corey died. she's getting treatment in the U.S. for her illness.

1632 days ago


Corey has always lived with his mother most of his life. There was a period of YEARS in which he never left their apartment. When he did, it was only to Dr. shop & then come home & watch TV high with his mom. She knew of his problems & allowed him to continue to live that life. She did NOTHING to discourage it or to stop it. Judy is a drug abuser herself, so why would she try & stop her son from doing something that benefited her. He was all she had & so were the drugs. I believe that Corey would never have had to live the life that he did for so long & would be alive today if it wasn't for his mom. A lot of people know this so why do you never hear about it? Corey didn't want to hurt his 'Mom'.

1632 days ago


Who cares what she spent the money on, she is suffering, and they are a lowlife company to stop payment on the funds.

1632 days ago


yep @LaLa. You obviously knew them. judy is the biggest enabler i have ever met (actually, dina lohan is the worst i have ever met...). judy covered for corey constantly and made excuses for him and allowed him to remain in denial. corey was offered help so many times but he refused to admit he had a problem and his mom helped foster that idea. she would lie for him all the time. at one point, they were living together in a studio apt in west la and both sleeping on the floor and trying to get corey work. it was a very unhealthy relationship. her main goal was to get him work so he could support her.

1632 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

The money was raised by selling Corey Haim memorabilia that would have been worthless before his death. They didn't lose anything they wouldn't have had if he were alive.

The check was a very generous gesture. They should write it off. Canceling it is bad press. So what if she used it for medical treatment? This was not a business deal- it was a gift. I hope people who buy celeb memorabilia will avoid business with this company. At this point, they are nothing but media hounds.

1632 days ago


Startifacts are nothing but a bunch of crooks and liars , like someone mentioned before , Judy is in Canada and her cancer treatments are paid by Canada (just like any other Canadian citicen ) she donated coreys items in order to raise funds , son nothing was given on their end , i think its time to boycot startifacts and file some reports on ripoff report

1632 days ago


He must have had some cash because he sure had cash to pay for all those drugs,,, and it looks like mommy is trying to make a buck..sheeesh

1632 days ago
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