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New Book: Oprah and John Tesh Were a Couple!?

4/11/2010 4:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The highly-anticipated Oprah Winfrey biography by Kitty Kelley contains one startling revelation that is bound to blow your mind: Oprah and John Tesh were once an item. Too sexy!

Oprah Winfrey

The two allegedly lived together in Nashville during the 1970s -- says the Daily News, who has seen an excerpt of the book, which comes out Tuesday. Kelley says in the book that the social pressure of an interracial couple at the time proved too much for him.

Kelley's book is already listed in the Top 25 on Amazon.


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solar panel    

John will be OK, he just needs to get reacquainted with his inner Godzilla.

1623 days ago

Jesse James Hater    

Oprah is the biggest racist on TV.
What a fat disgusting pig.

one more thing... Oprah if you want a white man with a big unit
check out Jesse James I hear he is a free man.

I suspect you to racist pigs would get along great.

1623 days ago

northern gypsy    

get out...what a almost makes me laugh !!!
i bet big O must want this little nugget keep under wraps...
ummm...i wonder what else will be revealed !!!

1623 days ago


25. Be they black or be they white, Oprah likes men with Frankenstein shaped heads.

Posted at 8:52 PM on Apr 11, 2010 by Ha!!!Ha!!!

Yeah, well if he played her organs as well as he plays piano, his head could have been shaped like the Elephant man's head for all she cared!!!! I'm sure he did; most black women won't eff with a white man (of her own free will) unless he knows how to knock it!!
John looks like he knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1623 days ago


Who cares ???
It's not like they were married & cheating on their spouses.
it was the 70's after all

1623 days ago

Jo Blomfeld    

Your writers are so obviously racist; I wonder Harvey if Oprah's support of Barack Obama really ratched up the disugtingly racist misogynist reprehensible comments of most of your readers. I won't waste my time at your site again, you big-nosed Jew!

1623 days ago


doesnt mater the partner is black as long as they love each other.
nothing wrong with the interracial marriage .husband and white.
john tesh was wrong-they should get married then they probably have kids by now.

1623 days ago


All I read here is trash...Why don't you leave Oprah alone? She has done a lot of good things to a lot of people; she has a great heart and she is truly a diva...You all sound very discriminating towards her. Why don't you take off your masks and accept that you are racists? You bunch of hipocrites!!!

1623 days ago


They were a couple 37 years ago. Who cares?

1622 days ago


I hope Kitty Kelly, the vicious bitch rots in hell. Based on Kelly's interviews, she definitely has an ax to grind with Oprah Winfrey. Perhaps she felt slighted by or inferior to the talk Queen's power. Whatever the reason, this slimmy bitch is determined to destroy Ms. Winfrey. As a counteract,I hope Winfrey sues Kelly.
As far as Oprah's free loading family members- they should be ashamed of themselves, especially the 80 year old cousin who revealed the identity of Oprah's biological father to Kitty Kelly.

An what about Oprah's father? He really should be horse wipped.
With family members like this - who in the hell need enemies?

I pledge not to read or purchase Kitty Kelly's book!

1622 days ago


Kitty Kelley has the biggest guts (nuts) of all.

1622 days ago

timothy k she ISN'T racist..she likes white men......what she has is common....a little self loathing that is a little misguided. I always wondered. she
IS a good woman. It's obvious that many of us are jealous of her wealth....that's common...........
i think a lotta public anger towards her started with Obama's election run.........she did something that didn't sit wll with people......blacks and whites.....hhmmmmmm!!

1622 days ago


um, who cares

1620 days ago


yea whatever just imagine it and maybe it I said whatever!

1616 days ago

marais morris    

got it twisted. just because john tesh needs a tweezer to find his unit does not mean that all white men are built like tesh. and tesh had numerous OTHER problems, notwithstanding size. even today on his blog, he rants incessantly about erectile dysfunction. google him and chck out his site unless he has taken it down by now. and jesse james is not a good example because having a big unit means nothing if rhythm does not accompany it, you know, knowing what to do and how to do it.

1613 days ago
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