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Ben Roethlisberger -- No Charges

4/12/2010 2:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0305_ben_roethlisberger_getty_95099599_bn.jpg Ben Roethlisberger will not be charged for sexual assault over an alleged incident on March 5 in Milledgeville, Georgia.

According to prosecutor Fred Bright -- the alleged victim wrote a letter on March 17, in which she stated that she no longer wanted to pursue the case.

During his investigation, Bright claims "everyone" agreed that both Ben and his accuser were highly intoxicated on March 5 when they went into the bathroom at Capital City nightclub.

Bright said there are still "significant questions about what occurred" in the bathroom ... but Ben will not be prosecuted.

Bright said after the alleged incident, the woman went to a local hospital where a doctor and two nurses examined her and found "a superficial laceration," bruising and bleeding in the genital area.

Bright said the woman told doctors "a boy kinda raped me" -- but Bright said the doctor could not definitively say if the woman's injuries were the result of a sexual assault.

Bright said Ben initially claimed that the woman fell and hit her head in the bathroom -- but after she arrived at the hospital, doctors found no trauma to the woman's head. After that, Bright says Ben's agent stepped in and said the quarterback wouldn't answer questions with an attorney present.

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No Avatar


whatever. another round of celebrity justice prevails.
here's a thought.....shut all courts, judicial systems, jails and prisons in california. since no one ever is convicted, the money saved could pull this dump of a state out of bankruptcy in a matter of days.

1593 days ago


what ben you need to get a woman drunk and take advantage to get some ass

1593 days ago


debbie a man being in a womans bathroom is normal behavior well i have never been in a womans bath any other men do that normally

1593 days ago


A lot of girls want to be with him. He isnt a small person. So..... lots of alcohol, messing around in a bathroom, anyone could get a little hurt. Its not like he beat the crap out of her.

1593 days ago


10. If he was a black sports star, he'd be in prison already. I remember how people treated Kobe Brian, although the girl had three types of sperm in her. @ hahaha

Posted at 11:25 AM on Apr 12, 2010 by code

4. the white man gets away with a crime again....over and over... and over again

im telling you this much...anyone who gets repeatedly accused of the same crime over and over again..has to have some sort of truth to it..

i guess only when it gets to the point where he'll murder a chick in the process is when he'll be reprimanded for it.

Posted at 11:17 AM on Apr 12, 2010 by lol

Both of ya need to SHUT UP with the racist comments! Rich men and women of any race hardly ever pay for their crimes. It's seen and proven in the media how the rich get away with everything. Stop saying white people never go to jail! There is plenty of white people in jails.

1593 days ago


Are you kidding me?? Did anyone watch the news conference @ all here!! The girl was drunk and made stupid decisions. He was never charged with rape EVER BEFORE, the previous case was a CIVIL SUIT. Look it up!! He has been accused twice never charged.

As a female I choose not to put myself in those situations. Getting drunk and going into a bathroom with a guy is not a good look. She shouldn't have been drinking. Why was there an underage girl in a bar anyway??

1593 days ago


OK...here is what happened. A poster on here a while back said she was a friend and her story sounded completely on par with how this has turned out. Apparently, Ben fingered this girl in the bathroom and it was not consensual-hence the vaginal injuries. The guy is a pig. He got away with this. He will get away with it again.

1593 days ago


I think he's guilty of something. I don't know if he actually raped her, but something went down in that bathroom with a girl who was entirely too drunk to be there, and his security people guided her in there at his request.

The Steelers should be ashamed if they keep him.

1593 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

So the drunken skank lied?

1593 days ago


Jackie-I am so sorry for what happened to you. I too was savagely raped and knew my attacker. It divided our town, many saying I was a liar and a whore (I was neither.) They decided not to proscute my case because it was a date rape situation and they had just lost two cases much like mine prior to it. They said they believed me. This man walked around scott free in my town. I moved far away to get away from him and any of his friends. I do NOT take false accusations lightly. No one has alleged (other than Ben) that the woman made this up.

1593 days ago

Do you have eyes?    

Tired of hearing "he can get anyone he wants", "lots of girls want to be with him", obviously FAR from the truth. Look at him, only his money and status are attractive. No one would go near this pig if not for that.

1593 days ago


@ Posted at 12:05 PM on Apr 12, 2010 by Kooky Sucks

42. So the drunken skank lied?


Sure she did. She made up the bruising and lacerations that the hospital found as well.

1593 days ago


Get over it people!! The only thing he is guilty of is making bad decisions and I hope he has learned his lesson. BTW - i am a woman...just because a woman said she was rapes doesn't mean she was. He has a target on his back for anyone looking to make a quick buck.

1593 days ago


Ben you better stay away from the whole partying scene for awhile. Rape charges seem to follow you. Stay away from girls you don't know.

1593 days ago


yall all need to shut up.... hez just gettin a hard time cause he has so money and has a previous charge on him about this... so of course so dumb person thinks that they might can get a litttle money out of his situation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1593 days ago
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