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Dr. Murray

Lawyers Up

for Wrongful Death Suit

4/13/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad MurrayDr. Conrad Murray is already planning his legal strategy in a Michael Jackson wrongful death case ... TMZ has learned.

Dr. Murray, we're told, has already hired a civil lawyer, Charles Peckham, who handles medical board cases and wrongful death lawsuits.

We've learned Peckham has already been in touch with Dr. Murray's malpractice insurance carrier, and it turns out to be a tricky situation.

Sources connected with Dr. Murray's defense tell TMZ Dr. Murray had a malpractice policy issued in Texas that covered his medical practices in Texas and Nevada.

Here's the rub.  Dr. Murray did not have a medical practice in California, which is a prerequisite for his malpractice coverage.  So Dr. Murray's position is that he first saw  Michael Jackson as a Nevada patient and what he did for him in L.A. was merely an extension of the Nevada treatment.

We've learned the malpractice policy would only cover civil litigation, not criminal.  In the event the doctor is sued for wrongful death -- and Joe Jackson promises that will happen soon -- Murray expects the policy would cover attorney's fees and any judgment. 

One source told TMZ, "We fully expect the insurance company would cover such costs."


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gimme a break!    

omg... this whole comment thingy is so weird... HELP|!!!!
Harvey fix it PLS!!!


i hate repeating myself...
if he were a druggie/junkie he would've stayed in the Middle East where u can buy a WHOLE ****ING HOSPITAL and ALL THE DRUGS IN THE WORLD and not get into trouble... he didnt need any doc from the states to give him any drugs... the drug addict story has been a story forwarded by the media-listen to tabloid junkie- after june...
it's complete BS... if u would've been paying attention u would have realized it urself... seems like u believe every crazy story they are selling... *sigh*
YES like i already said he may have had drug addiction problems in the past, more like in the 90's but not anymore... he even said in his tapes that everyone else in his shoes would have probably ended up a dead druggie... believe it or not he's stronger than u think and most IMPORTANTLY he LOVES those 3 kids of his more than anything else... so he wouldnt do anything to hurt them... and taking all that medication would have been sth he wouldnt do...

1655 days ago


"This link does not work... can you tell me what it says?" - Posted at 8:21 AM on Apr 13, 2010 by kingstlouie

Google "michael jackson penis" without the quotes, it'll be the first link. MJ settled the civil suit for $25 million dollars, thus leaving us with the impression that he had accepted guilt or he was afraid that with the evidence at hand he would be found guilty if it had gone to trial. Why else settle for $25 million dollars without a fight? He has no one but himself to blame for everyone thinking he's a child molester... he paid millions in hush money to the child who accused him of molestation!

According to MJ ""I have always maintained my innocence," Jackson said in a statement, "and vehemently denied that these events ever took place. I reluctantly chose to settle the false claims only to end the terrible publicity and to continue with my life and career.""

Yeah that worked out real well for him. It solidified everyones worse fears that he was a child molester and he lived with that stigma until the day he died. But on the plus side paying the kid off torpedoed any chance of a succesful criminal prosecution of him for child molestation, which the state was moving forward with, that is until their victim settled and refuse to cooperate.

1655 days ago


Where did my post disappear to? I asked why the timeline of the posts is completely in disorder. The post showed up, and now it's gone. Why, oh why? Lol!

1655 days ago

Phantom of the opera

1655 days ago


So does this mean that Dr. Murray is going to walk away with a slap on the wrist? Sickening. And does he really think Michael Jackson would have injected the propofol into himself. Smart. Is it true he was in a bar drinking? What a fool. He was just seeing dollar signs when he was hired. Obviously he didn't care what he did only that he got his money. Let me tell you if he does get off there ar going to be a lot of angry people. H e had better leave the country if I were him. Do you agree?

1655 days ago

gimme a break!    

Posted at 8:59 AM on Apr 13, 2010 by gimmeabreak

the settlement was NOT 25 millions...and he was NOT the one that paid... his insurance company did...he was very much against it for the same reasons u are stating now... cuz he thought that everyone would think that he did it cuz he's guilty... well he wasn't and he didnt pay off anyone...

so he didnt pay off anyone... if he wanted to pay someone off to keep silent he would have done it when EC first asked for the money not after EC went public with his ridiculous and sick allegations and detroyed his whole reputation.. just THINK for a sec!

Michael always made the mistake of not being clear enough... that's what got him into a lot of trouble since the beginning...

like i said... do some research...and try VALID and reliable sources next time...

1655 days ago

gimme a break!    

he cant leave the country... the judge took his passport...
and no i doubt that ppl are THAT angry if they didnt kill him by now chances are that they will never do...
AND bashir, JC, GA and a lot of other ppl that have harmed him are still breathing so...

i rest my case...

1655 days ago

Hottie n OC    

Thet wont cover him!!! I work for an insurance compayn and I know how they work. I seriously doubt they will cover this! HAHA, Dr. Murray will get what he deserves. He's going to get thrown in jail, go broke then rot in hell.

1655 days ago


There are others out there that the Jacksons need to be suing also.

1655 days ago

gimme a break!    

Posted at 8:22 AM on Apr 13, 2010 by save something

1. Michael didnt meet Murray the last week b4 june 25th... he knew Murray for years... not only was Murray once J.Brown's doc but he had also treated Michael's kids for a cold some years ago...
since when do cardiologists treat kids for a cold?
go figure...
2. michael IS NOT muslim... Jerm is...
3. he never intended to do those shows... his intention since 2005 if not even earlier was to make a movie... TII WAS/IS a movie...
4. he hired Murray for a reason... ;)
5. those other docs are being investigated-or so we've been told- and sooner or later they will be brought to justice just not for the reason u think and NOT bcs of the ppl u think...

1655 days ago


I wish the Jackson clan would go away. They ultimately pulled the trigger sitting by taking in the money for years and did nothing for MJ.

1655 days ago


This quack just goes deeper and deeper down in my estimation. He really is the pits and he's a GREAT BIG LIAR.

1655 days ago


14. Hi Lee lee. Thanks! I figured you were somewhere warmer, when you were talking about it being hot last weekend(in another post)LOL. We froze here in Melbourne!

1655 days ago


Who is Dr Murray? Yyyy one who knows to do a heart massage? Let gentlemen be serious and it is no longer called the doctor that to put to shame
.Sie medicine that have no medical school know how to give first aid, to make a cardiac massage, do a cardio-respiratory resuscitation and Murray that 100000 was not able to read a leaflet from a medicament.Asa word as gentlemen without a doctor only Murray

1655 days ago

gimme a break!    

Posted at 9:04 AM on Apr 13, 2010 by Oscar Da Grouch

BULL****.. i talked to docs and propofol CANNOT be self-injected... especially in the place they are saying it was...

and of course losing the rights to the catalogue for such a ridiculous reason is just laughable...the two are not "related" in any way...

1655 days ago
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