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O.J. Simpson Gets a Break Today

4/12/2010 7:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson was cut a break today, TMZ has learned.

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled it wants to hear oral arguments from lawyers in his robbery and kidnapping case.

Simpson, who was convicted in 2008 and sentenced to 33 years in prison, is asking the Nevada Supremes to overturn the conviction.  The Nevada Supreme Court typically does not grant oral argument, but today the justices decided it wanted to hear from the attorneys.

The ruling suggests the justices have something on their minds that legal briefs alone won't satisfy.  Simpson's lawyers have argued the whole jury selection process was tainted and the only two African-American jurors were excluded by prosecutors.

Simpson's lawyer, Yale Galanter, tells TMZ, "We are elated and look forward to answering all of the Court's questions."


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Why to Blacks feel they are entitled to have African-American jurors? I don't understand that at all, because you never hear of white people screaming for White Jurors. If White people did that then they would be called racist right? I feel that no matter your race and especially if you're being judged in court for horrible crimes, than you get what ever jurors that were randomly selected. You shouldn't get to cry around and ask for jurors of a certain race! Also OJ needs to be kept behind bars...i don't care what his color is. That man is a horrible person and he did murder and he got away with it and just about every Black person i seen in crowds and on tv were crying and clapping when he was found not guilty. Why would anyone be crying and clapping over someone who just got away with murder? White people do not do that when a white person gets away with murder. They get really upset and want to go out and beat that persons @ss if they could get by with it. Also OJ is guilty this trip to prison and needs to stay right where he is...BEHIND BARS!

1661 days ago


Roddney says " Can't we all just get along "

1661 days ago


He's so guilty of murder - let him rot in prison.

1661 days ago


If it was indeed without a doubt then he would have been convicted.

1661 days ago


Free the Juice

1661 days ago


He should have been on "Death Row" for double homicide to begin with..Since he killed two white people does that qualify as a racist hate crime???

1661 days ago


He should have been on "Death Row" for double homicide to begin with..

1661 days ago


spring OJ ? on what grounds ? you have got to be kidding me ! This creature belongs where he is at, behind bars and that is where he will stay !

1661 days ago


Free the Juice! its more fun watching him always mess up!

1661 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Jail is where OJ belonged since he killed his wife in 1994.

1661 days ago


It amazes me that there are still idiots out there in this world that will still deny this man killed two people ...HE DID IT IDIOTS ..And anyone that says they studied the case and think hes innocent needs their head examined ...My god there was more evidence in this case then 99% of the cases in the court system ...The DNA didn't lie ..Its not about race its about murder ...

1661 days ago

BOBO Nofingers    

VOR`dour sour defence,,,His defence team is on THIER payroll.He went to jail for a setup take down backwards coverup.Sometime in the fisrt trial is way WRONG and his old defnder is DOA sop satys the same

1661 days ago


Proud2BeFemale HAS A GOOD POINT ....Do you people remember the clip they played on TV all the time of the Brown University all black women's college of them standing up and cheering when he was found not guilty ? That was so telling of them not caring about justice as long as someone they consider one of their own getting off ...They didn't care what the evidence said ....Anyone with a decent brain between their ears thats not blinded by a hatred for white people can see he murdered two people ...

1661 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

first oj did butcher his ex-wife and ron goldman BUT he was also hosed in his trial here you have CONVICTED MURDERS getting less time in this court WHY?????

1661 days ago


Two wrongs don't make a right. Sadly CA blew it on the murder prosecution but this case should've had nothing to do with the murders. OJ was set up then rail roaded at trial to prove Nevada is tough on celebrity crime. Then he was given a much longer sentance then anyone else would have gotten on the same charges, or even murder. FREE THE JUICE ON APPEAL!

1661 days ago
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