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O.J. Simpson Gets a Break Today

4/12/2010 7:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson was cut a break today, TMZ has learned.

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled it wants to hear oral arguments from lawyers in his robbery and kidnapping case.

Simpson, who was convicted in 2008 and sentenced to 33 years in prison, is asking the Nevada Supremes to overturn the conviction.  The Nevada Supreme Court typically does not grant oral argument, but today the justices decided it wanted to hear from the attorneys.

The ruling suggests the justices have something on their minds that legal briefs alone won't satisfy.  Simpson's lawyers have argued the whole jury selection process was tainted and the only two African-American jurors were excluded by prosecutors.

Simpson's lawyer, Yale Galanter, tells TMZ, "We are elated and look forward to answering all of the Court's questions."


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There was no justice in the NV criminal trial. WE MUST FREE OJ IN THE INTEREST JUSTICE! Yeah I know, ironic isn't it? LOL

1633 days ago


he is a killer i will always believe he killed nicole and ron i hate him.

1633 days ago


This is not about OJ and the murders that he may or may not committed in 1994. This is ONLY about a case in 2008. Whatever people's opinion of what people believe he did - even though he was not convicted - should not have been an issue in this current case. Yes, sure - you can personally hate him for what most think he did, but that should ZERO bearing on this case. This case was a setup - because they knew Oj would want his memoralbiia back - so they set him up so that he would get caught and get thrown in jail - not for this crime, but as punishment for another crime that he has already been found not guilty of....if any of you bashing him because of prior perceived bad acts were in a situation like this - wouldn't you want the justice system to work fairly on a case by case basis???
Regardless to what you think he deserves, the justice system has to be ruled on this case - not a 1994 case. In 2008, he was clearly setup....probably by Fred Goldman or someone hired by him....

1633 days ago


"He was finally locked up, where he belongs, and now this crap?"

No love for the guy but that robbery trial seemed to be just that a *finally* moment...which is not what the case should have been about.

Of course I think it is more fun to let him roam free and broke down with Fred Goldman hounding his every single move, no rest for the wicked.

1633 days ago


let him out.

"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit"

The cop done it.
he had a affair with her and could not let her go so let's blame it on OJ.
If he didn't his life, job, and rep. would be on the line.

And this property crap was another set-up.
More than likely by a cop and as far as that goes the same cop.

that goof ball housekeeper knows keep your eye on him matter of fact where is he?


1633 days ago


Cassy, seeing he murdered two people is not the same as proving it.You do realize that some white people also cheered right? And that the burden of proof was on the prosecution and they and their team bungled it quite well. The prosecution requested the change in venue to downtown LA instead of Santa Monica, they were sitting there in the jury selection process and helped pick out the very jury you are blaming. The jury did the right thing and made their decision on what was presented to them as evidence. They lost a huge chunk of people and public opinion at the entry to Rockingham based on concern over his wellbeing, 3 of the officers could have secured the outside and one go get the search warrant to cover their ass and protect what they found from any scrutiny but instead they leap over and put all that was there at risk. Judge Ito upholding that gave everyone a clue where the case was going. At one point even Clark asked Ito to recuse himself (for other reasons) from the case but on he stayed and the ride began.Fungtard and his traveling assitant could not get their stories straight on whether he was supervising her or not, why he did not have gloves at all collections, why he went back weeks later to collect more evidence in an unsecured scene, why evidence was collected from the Bronco that had turned into a clown car due to not being secured, his magic disappearing and reappearing crime scene log (go judge ito on that one), his own assistant could not provide the chain of evidence for the traveling vial of blood Vanatter took to lunch, work, to take a leak or whatever with him, why EDTA was in some blood samples found when you do not have to work in a lab to understand it did not come from some chemical in someones laundry.The prosecution pushed and pushed PCR because they had so little RFLP (from lousy collection no doubt) then had their witness concede that PCR is crap for ID. Do we have to mention Furhman and Kato oi.You do not always need a majority black jury or a "dream team" to get away with murder as a black man, sometimes you just need a prosecution that sucks. The media tried its very best to make it a b/w issue but it really was a portrait of our justice system and post OJ trial I think many departments and DA offices all over the country revamped their procedures and training. I am white, I clapped when the verdict was read not because I was one with his skin color but because the state fubared this case to the moon and back. Yes he killed them and yes he should have been prosecuted and likely could have if they had done things what my LE friends like to call the "right way" from the discovery of the bodies. The current case is not that one and OJ was railroaded by sweet deals offered to his buddies, who knows if this hearing will give him any good results. If he is out at least he can make more money that the Goldman's and Nicole's family can go after, their book coup was fab and though Fred Goldman to me is an abnoxious rude guy stuck in a moment he sure knows how to go after someone civil papers in hand and other families wronged by lack of evidence or lousy prosecutions should follow his lead.

1633 days ago

Shady's Lady    

#10,Me too, I watched Every second of the double murder trial. DNA doesn't count if it was planted. Remember the miracle appearing socks? Remember the never explained missing millimeters of blood from dudes sample. They only has small specks of blood in evidence. Really?Even if dude actually did it, the retard cops left a wide open space for reasonable doubt, of that there is no doubt.As far as the courts choosing to hear arguments, well that's easy. Who wouldn't want there name attached to some one asociated with the crime of the century. How could they resist? It's a no brain-er.

1633 days ago

Shady's Lady    

OMG..I'm lit, my spelling leaves a lot to be desired.LAMO!

1633 days ago

Emmett-a Till-eta    

to Ralphie. Hanging?? Is that the only answer you have to the problem? Or would it be best to blow up a church and kill 4 little girls. 'the likes of you" have been blatenly killing people for years without provocation and were never prosecuted. Tell me who should hang.

1633 days ago

Paul Tollison    

I followed the original trial Very closely, and though I think he done it, No one ever proved it to my satisfaction/ I would have voted to acquit!!! The lead detective already had blood from O.J., then Came back late, with less than he originally had, tell me where did it go??? Then how the L.A. cops had been manufacturing "Evidence" in other cases. The blood on the automobile was never lab tested to show it belonged to any human, but I'm betting it wasn't O.J.s blood, but was a good excuse for the cops to break into the car, seeking evidence illegally. I also believe the bloody glove found on O.J.s property was a "plant". Free the Juice now, you can't hold the first trial against O.J. Paul T

1632 days ago


They have several eye witnesses and the entire heist on tape. People will be outraged if he gets off with another violent crime. I don't think that Simpson can beat this using the race card. How many times can a criminal use race as a defense? This is an injustice to those people who actually have been discriminated against and have a legitimate case. People will become desensitized to the race card issue after a while. Simpson has used up his race card already. He is a violent dangerous man who has typical psychopathic behavior and wrote a book bragging about it. Let him rot in prison.

1632 days ago


Keep the bastard in jail. I hope he dies there.

1631 days ago


#40 - I beleive was the "Trial of the Century" not the crime of the century - In addition, i would the Nuremberg Trials would trump OJ's deal 50 fold..

He needs to rot away..he's a self-centered prick..

1631 days ago


#45 - grow up....and let's hope you never get thrown in jail under suspicious cir***stances....would you hope for people to wish you to "die in there"???

This crime is NOT about murders and should NOT be based on on previous acts that, wrong or right, he was found not guilty....

this crime was a setup....THAT is why the NV Supreme court wants to hear it...even THEY think there is something suspicious which is why they are taking ORAL arguments and not written.

Regardless to what you think about OJ, the US has a justice system that has to fair to all - presumed murderers or not....again, right or wrong, he was found not guilty. only he knows what happen and i'd bet he is paying for it in own hell everyday. THIS CASE IS NOT ABOUT 1994 MURDERS....

so be mature and look at the this case...otherwise your opinion and any others commenting that 1994 murders are what this is about and he should stay in jail for something he was found NOT GUILTY for, then, your opinion is pointless....your comments just show how immature and uninformed you are....

1631 days ago

edward stengel    

O.J. is not in jail for robbery. He's in jail for the murders he
was acquitted of. Since they couldn't convict him of murder, they sentenced to a murder sentence for the attempted robbery conviction. He never even got out of the hotel room with anything.

1630 days ago
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