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Steven Seagal

Sued for Sexual Assault,


4/12/2010 10:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE:  Seagal's lawyer, Marty Singer, responded to the lawsuit this way: "The lawsuit filed by Kayden Nguyen against Steven Seagal is a ridiculous and absurd claim by a disgruntled ex-employee who was fired for using illegal narcotics."  Singer says the suit is a "complete fabrication without a scintilla of truth" and he's confident it will be dismissed.

Steven Seagal
is accused of trafficking women for sex, according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

A 23-year-old former model claims she interviewed with Seagal last February for the position of executive assistant.  Kayden Nguyen says she got the job, but when she showed up for work, she learned, "Mr. Seagal had been keeping two young female Russian 'Attendants' on staff who were available for his sexual needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

Nguyen alleges in her suit, one of the 'Attendants' had recently quit and it was this job -- not executive assistant -- Seagal intended her to fill.

Nguyen claims the very first night on the job, Seagal treated her "as his sex toy."  Nguyen says in the lawsuit Seagal, pushed his hands under her skirt, tried fondling her breasts and forced his hand down her pants.

Nguyen says she complained the next morning -- unclear to whom -- but nothing was done.

Nguyen says the next day Seagal did it again, sexually assaulting her and forcing her to consume illegal pills.  And she says there were other sexual assaults that followed.

According to the suit, Seagal said, "My wife wouldn't mind if you and I had a sexual relationship."

Nguyen is suing for more than a million bucks.

So far, no comment from Seagal.


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I love Steven Seagal, and am so sorry he has to go through this. What's with all the first grader comments...?! Please! He's talented, smart, spiritual, handsome... I work in the law and the girl would be believable if it weren't for her comment about letting him see her tatoo after she was terrified. I mean someone's turning me off, molesting me, last thing I'm going to do is show them more flesh. By the way...the it available? :)

1500 days ago


If a 7th degree black belt was going to sexualy assult u he would no need to try he cause do it with his pinky, 2nd if that was true why WHY WHY WHY would U go back the next day that makes no damn sense what so ever!

1488 days ago

Edgar Douglas Foster    

I'm Anti-Abortion, Anti-gayrights, Pro-Israel, Old Fashion Christian Values.

1475 days ago


Come on!!! yeh, why DID she go back??? Get more for the LAWSUIT?? I don't beleive a WORD OF THIS!! If money wasn't the issue, I would wonder if he was quilty but no, not now!!! UNREAL!! All these bitches jumping on the $$$ bandwagon!! Who recently paid his mistress $10,000,00.00???? YEH!! It's all about the $$$$!!! GROW UP!! GET A REAL JOB!!! LOL

1457 days ago


I'd fight back with a defamation suit..if his show was cancelled solely because of her suit and later charges were dropped, whether he needs to money or not, all future money were taking from his pocket....i say go after her for it

1456 days ago


This story is indicative of some major problems in our great country. First of all there are way, way too many sexual perverts that live here and I don't condone their activities at all what so ever. But we also live in a country where it is OK to accuse and label a male of lewd and lascivious acts even if he has not done a thing. And of course it will also work against males if the woman claims she was beaten up by a male. The police automatically assume that since the male is bigger and/or stronger that the poor little female is definitely getting raped and beat up. I think we as a nation need to look at all of the facts in these cases.

BTW: I have been accused wrongly by a woman, so I know what I am talking about. When my state disability ran out...I was out! That same woman is pregnant with her 7th child with six different fathers. (It helps with child support!)

1443 days ago


what happened to innocent till proven guilty. This is america give the guy a chance. its not right to treat someone as guilty without even a thread of evidence besides someones statement. People make stuff up all the time and even convince themselves there own lie is the truth.

1427 days ago


impossible.forgive her sensi for she knows not what she is doing.

1398 days ago


I mean come on, she kept going back to work and wants a pay off. It didnt say anything about him doing time. Shoot, I wish i had the money to afford more than one women!!

1395 days ago


Mrs. Nguyen grew up in a family coming from Asia. She had disadvantages as being an Asian in the US and was clumsy when filing a lawsuit against Steven Seagal. Then, how can a girl like Mrs. Nguyen be thinking about playing games with a big wealthy man like Steven Seagal to make money from him? Therefore, I think what Mrs. Nguyen told us what Steven Seagal did to her was true. Steven Seagal is the one who really knows how good or bad he is. I think Steven Seagal is bad but not too bad. But it is really ashamed when he is in the movies fighting the crimes but in real life he is the one who commits the crimes.

His parents were teachers. That is so ashamed for Steven Seagal. Steven Seagal, you are a bad guy. In order to play game or fight with Steven Seagal, we need a superman. Why? because he is rich and wicked. A bi-lingual girl like Mrs. Nguyen is like a toy to him. He can break her any time that he feels like.

1363 days ago


1st he put his hands up her skirt, then down her pants?? did she have a wardrobe change between "assaults". I don't believe he's a saint but something about this whole story doesnt ring true. as for the "widely known" secrets...if it's widely known then its not much of a secret. Women falsely reporting these type of assaults to their attorney's rather than the police should ring some bells here people!! they are looking for a payday without working for it. If I am sexually assaulted, I would call police not wait a couple of months or years and then call a lawyer. The sad thing is that most celebrities probably just give money to make it go away and thats why these leeches continue to make these allegations...they get their name in the papers, maybe a few headshots and boom they have a career or at least a guest appearance somewhere...see it for what it is!! REAL ASSAULT VICTIMS CALL THE POLICE!! or sadly say nothing at all because bimbos who falsely accuse make it so real vicitms are not believed

1359 days ago


welllllllll i still think he is hot

1329 days ago


I really don't belive any thing that women say. I've been in love with Steven sence I saw ABOVE THE LAW.I have watched every movie Steven has made, my husband leaves the house when Steven comes on because I get carried away, I tell my husband if Steven would give me the time of day I would leave him. If Steven needed a sex slave all he had to do is call meeee! HAHAHAHA. i'M SERIOUS. I LOVE THAT MAN TO DEATH AND NEVER SEEN HIM IN PERSON. If that ever happens I think i would just lose my mind and I mean that in a good way.

1187 days ago


I dont belive a woerd against Stevn Seagal, that bitch is a liar

1122 days ago
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