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'Billy the Exterminator' Star -- Busted for Roaches

4/13/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

'Billy the Exterminator' StarOne of the stars of "Billy the Exterminator" was the one buggin' out this weekend -- when cops in Louisiana busted the guy for felony marijuana possession.

TMZ has learned Ricky Lee Bretherton -- one of the bug fighters on the A&E reality show -- was arrested on April 10 when a routine traffic stop turned into a big, green drug bust.

According to Leesville PD, officers approached Bretherton's car and located a "quantity of suspected marijuana as well as a container that had more suspected marijuana as well as drug paraphernalia."

Bretherton and a female passenger were each arrested. Bretherton was charged with felony weed possession, felony drug paraphernalia possession and a traffic charge.

Bretherton's bond was set at $4198 -- he was released on his own recognizance.


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This should be no big deal! Wait till his mamma gets a hold of him. This should be punishment enough. hope he gets off scott free. Good luck Ricky.

1635 days ago


Pop is no big deal. The charges are way too harsh. he does not hurt anyone and works every day. he seems to be a good guy. Hope he does not go to jail for this. Wonder is the lady present was the ex-wife. He should not be charged with trafficking either.

1635 days ago


Come on, it is pot, people, not heroin or some other potentially lethal substance. I don't do any drugs, however I believe pot should be legalized, thus freeing up who knows how much money, time, resources and jail space for real crimes. People don't die from pot.

1627 days ago


Ricky, his ugly wife, and Mary are gonna take Billy show down. If I was Billy, I would tell them all to get the F out the limelight cuz they are embarrassing him on air and Billy don't like that drama, he is a perfessional and the are making him look like crap. What a shame to have to deal with a family like that. I do like his mama. She needs to get ahold of this cuz, if Billy left the show, there would be NO Show!

1625 days ago


I went to leesvile school also back in the 70's. I think Billy is being shamed by some of his family, he needs to cut them off this program. He is to good for all that.

1625 days ago


I would love to get into a mud pit with Billy. He would marry me the next day.

1625 days ago

frank moore    

hey billy, exterminate that toyota tundra and buy american.

1623 days ago


I'm an exterminator as well. He is in the limelight now and just needs to try and keep a low profile. The media loves to tear any celebrity apart when they can. If he smokes the leaf, he should probably stay at home when he does.

1622 days ago


me and my dad love that show we watch it every night from our recording list it is a very awsome.

1620 days ago


I have no use for dope smokers. They have no motivation except to get high. It's far more carcnogenic than smoking regular cigarettes. It affects your brain - so keep it illegal. I hope The Exterminator show continues. God Bless Louisiana.

1616 days ago


HA HA!!!!!I think that if i had to deal with the mom and dad on the show i would have to smoke pot to!!!!Just dealing with all the snakes and other creepy crawlers they deal with would be enough.Billy kicks major ass and i would drive from here in Central Texas everyday just to work along side ol Billy Boy.He seems like a great guy

1612 days ago


I love "The Exterminator's" Show on A&E, I never miss it.
And I think marijuana should be legalized, sold and taxed just like tobacco or alcohol. My other opinion is I think alcohol is far more dangerous than any "weed". And last but not least, give a guy a break.
Ricky and Billy are good ole country boys. There not on welfare they go to work every day, Hey they have a JOB! So what's wrong with a smoke break anyway! "Right On Vex-Con" ! Love You guys, Martha Jean

1608 days ago


wy dont you idiots leave ricky and billy the hell alone and worry about things that are realy herting america,like BP and our lieing leaders,america is falling apart and its not got a damn thing to do with smoken one you big idiots.KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK BILLY AND RICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1604 days ago


Ricky has some emotional problems that he cannot or will not address. He doesn't want to give up his ex-wife because she is an avenue for him to continue to practice using drugs. He picked her because she is also a drug abuser, hypersensitive to family issues and takes alot of risks emotionally. She didn't pick him. Ricky will continue this behavior until he DECIDES to get help emotionally. Whereas, Billy is the rational brother who works through solving problems . Billy is like his mother and has the leadership skills. I would say that someone previousy (Maybe DAD) had a substance abuse problem that doesn't have it anymore. Dad sees how Ricky is behaving is an example of himself so he loses his temper quite easily. Whereas with Billy, he is calm and at ease, like being with his wife. The mother and billy are the foundation that will keep the family making money. Without them, the family would fall apart in the abyss of emotional drama. Keep it up guys.

1602 days ago


Who ever had the pot. WHO CARES? Get the real criminals off the street. Rapists, murderers, gang bangers, etc.

1601 days ago
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