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'Billy the Exterminator' Star -- Busted for Roaches

4/13/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

'Billy the Exterminator' StarOne of the stars of "Billy the Exterminator" was the one buggin' out this weekend -- when cops in Louisiana busted the guy for felony marijuana possession.

TMZ has learned Ricky Lee Bretherton -- one of the bug fighters on the A&E reality show -- was arrested on April 10 when a routine traffic stop turned into a big, green drug bust.

According to Leesville PD, officers approached Bretherton's car and located a "quantity of suspected marijuana as well as a container that had more suspected marijuana as well as drug paraphernalia."

Bretherton and a female passenger were each arrested. Bretherton was charged with felony weed possession, felony drug paraphernalia possession and a traffic charge.

Bretherton's bond was set at $4198 -- he was released on his own recognizance.


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Miss Tricia    

I glad Ricky finally got some of the spot light. I know its Billy show but Ricky just stands their and hardly speaks a word. What up with that?

1536 days ago


billy seems to b very down to earth, & ricky, well, rickys ricky! is his getting busted hurting u? then leave him the h*** alone. have a 5yr old that just LOVES the show, & wants to go "gator gettin'" with billy & ricky! lets face it kids r better at judging a person's character than most adults,bcuz they rn't stupid enough to judge someone on one (1) little mistake, so grow up! o, you don't have to cuz ur perfect, right?

1536 days ago

Daniel Bryant    

Good job, LE! Hopefully they will kick him off the show for this. I've watched their show in the past and this Ricky guy is a real waste of space. He's obviously a meth addict as well, just look at him!

1519 days ago


I have read all the comments posted and I agree with most of them. Leave that family alone. It sounds to me like they are just normal next door neighbor type of people. I would be proud to have them as my friends and neighbors. The show is great, and in this day and time I think it is wonderful to see a family working together with young kids working and trying to make a living for themselves instead of expecting mom and dad to hand it out to them as if the world owes them something. Keep at it boys. As for those stupid trumped up charges that is a perfect example as to how peoples lives are ruined especially young people. Make it legal already. Cops need to go after real criminals, such as muderers child molesters, etc. Keep up the good work brothertons I'm on your side. JUDY

1511 days ago


if you drink booze then your just as bad as the pot smoker no driving crazy like you the drunkers

1505 days ago

jim garmon    

I think ya better check out his mom's purse for whatever mind-altering drugs that psycho bitch seems like she's on.

1478 days ago


The law is so whacked they bust him for a little weed and probably a mile down the road is somebody with a dozen crack rocks in their pocket. As for people who say Ricky's mom Donnie is a psycho bitch. Have you ever met her? I have about 2 years ago and she's a very nice lady.

1478 days ago

Cat Pat    

Leave Ricky alone! If I did what he and Billy did...I'd be smoking it too! They go out in mud catching gators and snakes...catching possums, coons, foxes, not to mention all the roaches they see...and the bees!!!!!
So what if someone is smoking pot.
I love their show...and the family.
Keep on Keeping on Guys!!

1477 days ago

Cat Pat    

For those of you making nasty comments about this or the family...I have some good advice.
If you don't like Billy or Ricky or their show....
don't watch it!
Plain and simple. Pick up the remote and change the channel.
The rest of us that love the show will happily be watching!

1477 days ago


I personally think that alot of you have alot of growing up to do, what gives you the right to judge anyone for doing something you personally do not agree with? Each person on this earth is an individual with the right to make their own decisions. Just becuz you don't agree with them does not make them a bad person. I give Billy and Ricky a ton of credit for what they do! Honestly- How many men(people) do you know that would approach and conquer a wasp, hornet, or bees nest in the middle of the day for the sake of the customers safety? NOBODY I know! They all would wait until after dark to try to get rid of it! The other thing that makes them so good is that they are a family working together. I only wish my family could cet along so well. This is a good show, with good people doing good work. Keep it up !!!!

1471 days ago


I take a toke and all my cares go up in smoke.

1463 days ago


There's more than one way to get rid of roaches!

1463 days ago


bite me. billy rocks. my kids love him and its a show that they can watch without being brainwashed.

1459 days ago

exterminator dc    

Really interesting!!! i love this type of articles......Thanks for sharing!!!
How come when one of these A&E white scrap heroes gets in problem all their fat, ugly female fans make excuses for them? Now if anybody else did this they would shout for their heads. This is a ravage of tax payers cash, but he should be treated like anyone else. And he should send that hair back to 1980. I would bet his brother the troll with the boring hair cut and want to be courier clothes tokes up with him.

1454 days ago

holly roberts    

give the guy a break everyone makes misstakes and bonnie will get him straighten out or maybe a good woman

1453 days ago
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