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Chris Brown's Census Confusion

4/13/2010 7:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown had no problem headlining a Census rally today in Richmond, VA. Actually filling out his census is a whole other Oprah.

Brown, in an interview with WBBT in Richmond, admitted he hadn't done his own census yet, saying, "I was unaware of it in the beginning too, I was like, 'I'm not too sure what the census is.'"

Chris has nothing to worry about -- there are no questions like, "Have you been convicted of a crime?" on a census form.


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This guy is a mental midget ...A lot of people don't like Cris Brown so his dumb fans can suck it up and get over it ...

1662 days ago

SMH at the Ignorance!    

@ Brian: THANK YOU!! I couldn't have said it better myself.
TMZ only does negative stories on Chris and they do it just to get people to continue to bash him! Even when he is doing something positive they have to put a negative spin on it! They are hell bent on trying to destroy this young man and keep the world against him even as he tries to better himself. They insist on mentioneing the fact that he is a convicted felon as if he is the first and only person to be convicted of a crime.

They never bother to show the videos of him getting swarmed by fans on the streets on the streets or getting a standing ovation when he's on the stage! They don't mention that he is going overseas next month for his International tour! They don't mention the work that he has done with Best Buddies and the money he has donated to charities from his sold out tour.

Chris was 10 years old the last time we had to fill out a census form. His mother would have been the one to fill it out. I am sure she didn't take the time to explain it to him at that age. This is his first census that he has had to fill out and why is a problem for him to ask questions if he doesn't fully understand? There is nothing wrong with that! It's better for him to ask questions rather than just filling it out with fully understand what it is! Especially if he is going to speak to people about the importance of it.

I shudder to think that these comments are actually coming form adults. Some of you just see his name and can't wait to get in here and make negative comments about this young man. You are all just cowards who hide behind your computers and wouldn't dare say half the things you say to hin to his face!

Now I await all the ignorant and racist commenters to attack me!

1662 days ago


My five year old knows what the census is.

1662 days ago


TMZ how many times are yall gonna blast CB? Hes been punished and is completing his punishment! Find a real story

1662 days ago


See what happens boys and girls when you do not go to school..

1662 days ago


Why the **** is TMZ hating on Chris and why the **** is everybody that's reading TMZ hating on Chris? Ya'll need to get a life! Go hate on white-ass Charlie Sheen who shot his ex wife in her arm..who put a knife to his ex-wifes throat...who threatened his ex a million times.. Ya'll just stupid!! TMZ, get a life pls.

1662 days ago


Wow. What a dumb****.

1662 days ago


first of all enough...the man made a mistake, he is sorry and now he has moved on ..people are only thorwing rocks cause yall lives are not taped every 5 min i wonder what the **** yall are doing in yall everyday life...oh i forgot yall are perfect......MOVE THE **** ON TRUST HE HAS AND SO HAS SHE

1662 days ago


Did he say he is a roll model? WELL its good that he want to teach kids to grow up and beat there mate..Keep diggin your self in a hole. That's why your album is not selling you jerk..

1662 days ago


this guy is an idiot, my friend lives over in richmond and saw him , she said as usual his pants were falling off his ass

1662 days ago


TMZ dont be suprised if chris brown KILLS YOU ALL SOMEDAY you guys please stop stalking bad stuff about him he has a big fan base still called BLACK PEOPLE yea we still love you chris
-evey ***** in america

1662 days ago


lol @ brian also, WOW you have it all wrong. the media has this kids picture painted perfectly. it is what it is. the kid is an idiot. that is obvious. you dont go promoting something you dont even know anything about, never mind not have taken the 2 min to actually do. so hes only to bringing awareness to something important? i doubt it. seems like he did this for publicity... becuz if he thought it was that important he probably would have already filled it out! on a positive note... at least he was honest! hahaha

1662 days ago


@Thomas Xavier... LOL your little joke really doesn't make much sense... even if the TMZ staff had an average IQ of a 90 like an "extremely anorexic female model" they would still be of average intelligence. anyway and who are you to tell Ann to shut up? I like his/her comment and I would also like to smack this kid around, teach him some class. LOL. hes such a dweeb, I used to like him... but now he is just so ding dang dumb. when i see him start to talk im like nooooooooo!

1662 days ago

Chris Brown is an idiot    

How the hell can a decent American not konw what a Census is? How effin ignorant. Indefensible igorance.

1661 days ago


Every fool that continue to comment on Chris Brown mishap need to learn to forgive people and move on. You people act as if he went upside you all head. A black male in the entertainment industry always has to be stigmatized by idiots. The ***s,lesbos, closet ***s, and the followers always want them to be gay or a criminal, the only way he can be somewhat accepted he has to marry a white Broad, be bi-racial, or a NI**er with wealth etc. athletes. And to further destroy black women there are barely any women of color in their natural beauty to promote the essence of beauty in being a black women. I guess with all of those years of Motown trying to crossover, we finally made it over,but we are not allowed to own our own look and we are forced to conform to white American standard of what beauty is.

1659 days ago
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