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'Biological Son' of Michael Jackson Rejected

4/13/2010 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0413_jet_michael_EX_TMZ_01One of the creditor's claims the Michael Jackson estate has rejected was filed by a 25-year-old man who says he's the biological son of the late singer.

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson had filed a claim with the estate, but he's not asking for money -- he wants a DNA test proving he's MJ's flesh and blood.

But as we first reported, Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the estate, formally rejected a bunch of claims yesterday, including the one from P.M.M.J.J.

We're told more rejections are coming, so stay tuned.


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If this kid was really MJs he would have never deined it. Why did he wait until after MJ died before coming forward?

1653 days ago


LOL! You are definitely right about that one! MJ would have named his son's 'poop' before he'd have named them after 'the artist formerly known as....' :) :)
Posted at 1:29 PM on Apr 13, 2010 by janalal4

LOLOL! Poop Jackson, that would have been almost as odd as "Jermasty". But only almost.

1653 days ago


Dang, correction: Jermajesty of course

1653 days ago


moni,take your family with you and put them in one bus for sightseeing,lol.

I take you all with me,


1653 days ago


81. If this kid was really MJs he would have never deined it. Why did he wait until after MJ died before coming forward?

Posted at 1:33 PM on Apr 13, 2010 by J

TMZ posted an article on this a while back(which I can't locate now because the title under which it's filed are incorrect) about this. Apparently, according to PMMJJ, he says he DID in fact come forward long ago before MJ's death asking for a DNA test but said something to the effect of "Joe's henchmen squashed this & threatened him". The Jax family also apparently took out a restraining order against him. It was a VERY interesting article. I can see Joe doing something like that whether this PMMJJ's claim was true or not.

I'm sure if you look around on the net, you will find the story I'm referring to here & I know many of you guys remember it when TMZ reported this on here!

1653 days ago


We have that experience already brought behind us, Butterfly...
Have a good night, ya know, the cowboy is waiting!

1653 days ago


LOLOL! Poop Jackson, that would have been almost as odd as "Jermasty". But only almost.

Posted at 1:40 PM on Apr 13, 2010 by moni

'Jermajesty'...LOL!! Isn't that hilarious?!! Ah Jermaine, gotta love him! I heard that Jermaine named his son this as part of his well known 'rivalry' with MJ in an attempt to one-up him for naming his son 'Prince'. Can't remember the source for this info so I can't be sure but it sounds about right.

I just found this video on the net. Perhaps you & others on here are familiar with it but I'd never seen it. It's funny, yet NOT! Speaking of 'poop', the video is of Jafaar KNOCKING THE POOP out of his younger brother Jermajesty. Dang! He really clocks him!

1653 days ago


86. i watched an old vid of Sheryl Crow talking about her touring with Mike. The interviewer asked if she and MJ ever messed around or had sex on tour. She just smiled and said, "no comment." I thought that was really odd, why wouldn't she just have said, NO. Also, the stuff that Lisa Marie says, that she and MJ did have a normal married relationship. Why would she lie, again...i would imagine, she, Lisa Marie, no BS'er, to just say, she didn't want to talk about it. Yet, she always confirms that they did have a very sexual relationship. Why was she traveling all over the frickin' country with him, years after they divorced and MJ was married to DR? I wonder, sometimes, if MJ was gay. Not that it would matter, wouldn't matter at all. But, I don't know. I doubt Lisa Marie would lie or hang out with him years after, on trips for weeks to just 'hold hands as friends, ya know???

Posted at 1:46 PM on Apr 13, 2010 by katie10

Hi katie, your comment reminded me of something I read in Ian Halperin(yes, I'm ashamed to say that I actually read SOME of that sorry piece of FICTION!) book: 'Unmasked'. Halperin said MJ would "dress up as a woman & venture into the seedier parts of Las Vegas & go slumming in low-rent motels to meet his male construction-worker lover".

Now I'm sorry but I have a real hard time envisioning MJ 'slumming' anywhere or anything! Just seems so far beneath him, even if it WAS an attempt to disguise himself out of fear someone would find out he was gay. I just don't think he would do this.

Halperin goes on to say that MJ also propositioned some waiter in a restaurant he went to & this waiter told him that in bed MJ said to him the following: "Now the King of Pop is going to li.. your lollipop".......OKAY, NOW HAVE YOU EVER HEARD ANYTHING SO LUDICROUS?? WHO IS THIS HALPERIN 'FREAK', ANYWAY? IS THAT THE MOST OUT-OF-CHARACTER THING YOU GUY'S HAVE EVER HEARD OF, AS FAR AS SOMETHING MJ WOULD EVEN 'THINK' OF SAYING??

That was pretty much IT for me & Mr. Halperin's book! Of all the MJ books I've read so far, this guy by far comes across as the biggest, lying-ass weasel of a human being! Frankly, I don't know how Halperin kept from getting his ass sued for some of the comments he makes in that book!

Anybody else read Unmasked?? All I can say is....WOW!

1653 days ago

Lee lee    

I do remember reading that post regrading Joe and the henchman threatening him. Very strange. If there was nothing in it ( the claims ) then you wouldn't bother would you?

Also Katie 10, in regards to Sheryl Crow, There was an interview she did in Australia about 12 years ago, when she was over here promoting one of her cds, the host asked her about touring with Micheal and her response was very cold.
She mentioned something about him being very stand offish and she was really annoyed that after 6 mths of touring he didn't even know her or half of the bands names. The only time she got close to him was when they would sing "I just can't stop loving you" together. Having said that, after he died I remember her talking on some radio station saying that after shows her and Mike used to watch old movies together. So who knows.

1653 days ago

Lee lee    

Yes janalal4,

Yes, I was unfortunate enough to start reading it. I don't think that I even got half way through before I filed it in the "Books I'll never get back into "pile. How people can get away with writing such BS is beyond me.

1653 days ago


Sheryl Crow on LKL, here is the transcript from the show, she talks quite nicely about MJ (before his death):

KING: What was your break?
CROW: Hmm.
KING: How do we know you?
CROW: Well, I was a backup singer for Michael Jackson on the Bad Tour.
That was ...
KING: You what?
CROW: Backup singer for Michael Jackson on the Bad Tour. Big blonde hair, did the duet with him and ...
KING: What was that like?
CROW: It was great. I didn't even own a passport when I got that gig.
It was my first audition, I crashed the audition here in L.A. I found out from some other singers that there was a closed audition and I went down and nobody stopped me. I guess they assumed that I had been recommended by Bruce Wideen (ph) or Quincy Jones and I sat in front of the cameras and said, "Hi, I'm Sheryl Crow and I would love to go on the road with you." And he called me back and I sang with three other singers and a few days later I was getting a passport to go to Japan and a month later I was onstage in front of 75,000 people.
KING: What was he like to work with?
CROW: It was a massive organization and it was almost -- I can only equate it to being in a Broadway production that travels from town to town where the show is exactly the same every night. Lots of choreography, costumes, hair, makeup and it's the total antithesis of what I do now but it was really a good experience.
I saw every major city in the world and went to every museum and just it was really a cultural experience, eye-opening experience but also working for somebody of that magnitude. I got to watch him and his brilliance every night.
I mean there is no denying the guy was absolutely brilliant. He was doing moves that we had never seen before and when you think about how difficult it is to actually be original, to do something that no one has ever done before, it's awe inspiring.
KING: Did you get close -- get to know him ...
CROW: Not at all. No.
KING: Didn't know him at all?
CROW: I probably had a couple of social occasions with him where I got called one night when we were in Japan to come up to his suite with his security and watch -- we watched "Amos and Andy" episodes. Which people younger than me probably won't even know what that is but that and Bubbles was on the road and it was like a circus.
And will say I felt a little bit sorry for him because there were all these people around him that were just there to facilitate his brilliance and didn't want anything from him and he could have really cultivated some normal friendships but he's so reclusive that ...
KING: Are you shocked at what happened to him?
CROW: Oh I can't -- I don't really have an opinion about it to really know what the truth is. So I feel sorry for him because I look at him and you can see that he's an unhappy person. You don't change your stance (ph) by doing all that plastic surgery and portray yourself to be happy.
KING: But what he did to an audience was amazing, right?
CROW: It was unbelievable. Truly magical. I mean just really, really ...
KING: Was it hard to be a backup singer?
CROW: No, it was great. I mean it was hard to get my hair and makeup done every day because I can't sit still for two hours.
KING: You have to sing harmony, though.
CROW: Yeah but that was great. That's what I grew up doing, so ...
KING: Sheryl Crow is our guest. Never knew this. We'll be right back, don't go away.

1653 days ago


90. Yes janalal4,

Yes, I was unfortunate enough to start reading it. I don't think that I even got half way through before I filed it in the "Books I'll never get back into "pile. How people can get away with writing such BS is beyond me.

Posted at 2:19 PM on Apr 13, 2010 by Lee lee

Glad to hear you didn't finish the book either. I found it nauseating. Not because the guy said 'negative' things about MJ but just that most of what he wrote seemed so contrary to everything else you hear & read about what MJ was like, the things he said & did, etc. that I found myself thinking he had to be completely full of sh..! You could just tell by the style in which he wrote that he is so full of himself & over-blown:( It all just sounded so 'tabloid'. MJ must have hated this guys guts! LOL!

I found your comment about Sheryl Crow interesting to say the least. She couldn't say enough wonderful things about touring with him on 'Bad' after his death. Probably just another example of the good old tabloid press at work. I immediately thought of the scene from TII where MJ is making a speech to the crew about how he considers them to be 'family' & he proceed to 'fling his blessings' around to all of them(which was just PRECIOUS btw!). I think MJ was probably just a very warm & welcoming soul to work with. Of course he expected a lot from them but he did of himself as well. Hell, he couldn't even 'scold' them when they made mistakes. "I come in 'LOVE', L.O.V.E.-love". I get tickled every time I think about him saying that in TII. Made me want to just pinch his little cheek. lol!

1653 days ago


Give him a dna test.
If he wasnt given up for adoption jackson then jackson owes him some cash.
If others come out of the woodworks and they arent jacksons kids they will just have to pay for the dna test.
If this one is his kid and wasnt give up for adoption then just file for back child support the court will order it .
If he was give up for adoption then Good Luck you are Screwwwwed!

1653 days ago


mj just wanted to be like elvis.

1653 days ago


checkout the dopest dope of a paper planes remix w/ mia, bun-b, richboy, highstero, n myself kushtello @

1653 days ago
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