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TMZ's Feline Photo Contest -- WINNER!

4/13/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tribe has spoken -- and the Kitty Sitter pic squished the competition in our Feline Photo Contest!

This week's contest is TMZ's Multi-Annual Beach Body Contest -- so email in your super-sexy beach pics for a chance at this week's $250 prize and some super-d-duper gifts from TMZ!

 **CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**


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Oh well    

TMZ this is becoming so silly nobody even cares anymore.

1617 days ago


Americans are stupid mutilators.

1617 days ago


This picture is flipping RETARDED... how the f*** does this piece of crap picture win a contest? Not saying any of the photos were all that great, but this one is particularly stupid. What kind of moron lets their baby climb onto an animal, especially a cat? The person who won the $250 should use it on parenting classes.

1617 days ago


Well said, rocketmillion. I wouldn't call that a baby, either, more like 18 months to 2 years. Thanks TMZ for rewarding animal cruelty.

1617 days ago


Oh why don't ya'll just shut the **** up!

1617 days ago


I love how people automatically win contests when they throw a stupid baby or young child in a photo even if the picture is dumb it still wins. I lost the kissing contest to a stupid baby. Mine was original and creative. Using a baby should be cheating. Everyone seems to gravitate towards stupid babies for some reason.

1617 days ago


I thought this was a Cat contest....not a baby contest. You can't even see the darned cat in this pic. I posted a pic of my cat and can't believe out of all the great cat pics posted....This was the one who won? That was my first and last time submitting for these silly contests. Just a way for you to advertise more. Thought it was for fun.....Silly me!!!

1617 days ago


Amazing. I can not believe the immaturity of the previous comments. Grow up people! This was and is for fun. Yes there was a child in the photo...OMG! For those of you calling it a dumb baby....YOU should be ashamed of yourselves. Obviously you haven't any experience with children...probably a good thing for the children of the world! I think this is an adorable picture of two friends...As you can see I THINK try it sometime it works!

1617 days ago


Every freaking picture with a baby in it (doesn't matter what the contest calls for)ends up winning.

1617 days ago


What the heck is wrong with people??? Why do you hate babies? Oh yeah you are probably some emo freak who has a doll head hanging from your rear view mirror!!

1617 days ago

ben dover    

these "contests" are becoming more and MORE lame each time. it seems like if there's a little kid in the picture the little brat automatically wins. well FAWK that. i see nothing cute about this picture. if anything the kid should have his loaded diaper changed and be punished for animal cruelty. FAWKing bullsheet.

1617 days ago

Carol Frevola    

Must be sour grapes for some of you out there. Everyone must have liked this photo the best or it would not have won. Honestly people GROW UP!!!

1617 days ago


12. Must be sour grapes for some of you out there. Everyone must have liked this photo the best or it would not have won. Honestly people GROW UP!!!

Posted at 8:26 AM on Apr 14, 2010 by Carol Frevola


So, Carol Frevola, when you took that pic, did you have to dip your son in a flea bath after you peeeeeled him off Fido?

Wow, a baby in a contest always means a win. How orig-- *yawns* orig-- *yawns* MERCY! Excuse me. Original.


1617 days ago


I think the winning photo is adorable! There were plenty of great pics. This one got the most votes because it works!! Maybe next time you can put a cute baby in your pictures and win too :-)

1617 days ago

R. Beattie    

Darling picture! Anyone with a brain and decent eyesight can see the baby is on his knees, putting NO WEIGHT on the cat for gosh sakes!!! If the cat was in any way uncomfortable, it would have been out of there!!!! What is wrong with people! Jealousy runs rampant in the world.

1617 days ago
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