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Big Ben Drops Back ... On The Field

4/14/2010 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger is finally doing something that will make Pittsburgh Steelers fans happy -- playing football.

One day after meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss possible disciplinary action, Big Ben was back in Pittsburgh today  -- sporting the black and gold and running drills with teammates.

The QB dropped back and threw passes during the voluntary off-season workout. The commish is still deciding whether to cut into Ben's regular season with a suspension.

NOTE: **This footage is embargoed to Pittsburgh TV stations**

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No Avatar

Bobby Joe    

I have to use the bathroom, someone keep an eye on Ben.

1655 days ago


Will never have any class.

1655 days ago


Glad to see him back. Don't agree with his off-field decisions, but everyone is much safer when Ben is on the field.

1655 days ago


Steelers Suck I am sorry, born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa never rooted for them at all. I hope they lose him :)

1655 days ago


Was he able to control himself and no rape any women while he was there?

1655 days ago


Growing up outside of Pittsburgh, I've bled black and gold all my life. Not any more. I say suspend him several games and send a clear message (at least to the kids... Ben's too much of a jerk to get it!)

1655 days ago


Thats good!

1655 days ago


I've been a Steelers fan all my life. Grew up not far from the Burgh. I’ve never liked Ben Roethlisberger. I think he’s a classless pig and an overrated, egotistical punk who is bad for the team. This clown is an embarrassment.

If you want to see what I'm talking about, read the article where someone asked Terry Bradshaw about him. It's on Yahoo Sports. Terry Bradshaw is a million times the man that B.R. could even ever dream of being. He could learn a lot from Terry.

I doubt that the Rooneys, Coach Mike Tomlin, or Roger Goodell will do the right thing and send this buffoon packing, but it would be nice to see someone make an example out of him.

1655 days ago

BOBO Nofingers    

Backdrop?QBC?^ i could dropkickpass2more wins than he^he^he@88years old.Sandlot no pads???40$? he`s a butthead rapeing beaverless buz kill

1655 days ago


No Means No big Jen

1654 days ago


I called Nike yesterday and told them that if I see Ben Rapistburger fronting Nike apparel anymore that I would have to pull the plug on my 14 year old's addiction to all things Air Jordan.

I encourage everyone to do the same.

Contact Nike @ 1-800-344-6453

1654 days ago


Another thing to add to the "Do not wear" list and those who do, live with the new moniker that comes with it.

West Coast Chopper Clothes: Means you support White Supremacy
Ben Roethlisberger Jersey: Means You support the abuse of Women

Dont wear this stuff folks unless you want to send those messages to those around you, and if so dont get alarmed if someone wants to call you out in public.

1654 days ago

Thomas Xavier    

Lmao Trinity911 @ calling Nike and threatening them.

You nut bag, no one gives a damn about you or your son and what he wears. You are one customer to Nike's billion dollar empire. Good luck, watch how many tears they shed. *rolls eyes*

1654 days ago


@ Thomas Xavier

I didn't call Nike and threaten them. I called them and gave them consumer feedback in the form of facts. I make purchasing decisions based on things that are important to me. Not supporting the sponsor of a 28 year old man who has a drunken coed escorted to the bathroom by a bodyguard, follows the girl in, had the bodyguard block the doorway, and has the coed emerge with genital bruising and bleeding is one of those important things.

I agree that I am one customer to Nike's billion dollar empire, and I don't think there is any chance of them shedding tears. However, I do think that, given enough feedback, companies do listen. Whether Nike does or not remains to be seen.

If not, I'd rather give another brand my money.

1654 days ago


It's my favorite rapist, Ben Roethlisphucker. He looks like a knuckle-dragging caveman. If he wasn't a professional athlete, he would have to resort to raping women. After all, who would go for a mug like that?

Hopefully he suffers a career ending injury in 2010-2011.

1654 days ago
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