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Brangelina & The Real Mrs. Pitt

4/14/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie was all smiles as she spent time with her non-husband Brad Pitt and his mother Jane in Venice on Tuesday.


See, there is one adult woman other than Angie allowed to hang with Brad.


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For once, Brad is smiling!!

1653 days ago


Brad and Angie are the biggest hollywood fakes there are. Anytime there is a photo op, these two take advantage of it.

I give them one year before they call it quits. That's when Brad can have is nuts back.

1653 days ago


PHOTO OP!!! So friggin obvious!

1653 days ago


Why does that not look like angelina to me?? Seriously she looks like her stand in! idk

1653 days ago


I dont care how many kids they collect and mess up, She's gonna stab him with one of her weird knives!!! Run, Bradley Run, from the gorgeous crazy lady. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!! Major crimes in the future here.....Domestic violence with Bradley getting his ass kicked!!!!!

1653 days ago


Jane does not look comfortable around her, in any of the pics published between them. Funny how all of a sudden the in-laws are in the pic after 5 years. HMMMMM!! I cannot stand these 2 famewh$res.

1653 days ago

all American418    

We all just ADORE this woman and her family!! No matter what ANYONE says, this woman took care of her mother, both before AND after she became terminally ill. Unlike some skag that allows her mother to live in a small apt and on food stamps. Angelina and Brad, we ALL love you!!!!!!!!!!

1652 days ago


Jane P was counseling Jen on the breakup and her extreme reactions to it. Mrs. P is a therapist. People are dumb to think these people don't get along.

1652 days ago


Hooray for Angelina...she rises above all those viscious lies like the star she truely is...most people don't care about gossip hating because after five years, it's time to move on and this family has endured!!!!!

1651 days ago


I cannot believe the hateful people on here are still whining over a 5plus year old divorce.

Sandra Bullock is filing for a divorce and I can assure you she will not behave like this for this long. And Ellen Woods has shown more class than the WHINY Lonely Emblem Jen Aniston!

Brad and Jen DIVORCED over 5 years ago and Jen herself said Angelina did NOT break up her marriage. ALL of Holly wood knew Brad and Jen's relationship was over a long, long time before Angelina came into Brad's life and he into hers. Harvey himself can attest to that.
So you people who are still on Angie's and Brad's case need to back off.

This woman has done nothing to any of you and she certainly has done NOTHING to Jen Aniston. Aniston spent 5 years whining until she got such a backlash from the public she finally had to shut her mouth. Her PR people then took up the task of bad mouthing Angie and Brad with Jen's blessing. Who else is paying them to do this nasty work? She is and she needs to stop it. Whose purpose does it serve and who stands to benefit form these constant attacks against Brad and Angelina? Jen Aniston!

No wonder she has found no man willing to be a part of her life in all these years. And the longer she keeps these hate attacks up she will never find any peace in her life. The entire world is sick of her. She has lost fans who have grown tired of her 6 years of victimization. CNN and other stations are calling her out on her PR games. Enough already!

It is obvious by these pictures that Brad, Angie and his mom are enjoying being in one another's company. This is NOT the first picture of them together and having a great time together. So Harvey you need to stop your lying. There have been MANY pictures of Brad, Angie and Brad's parent hugging and smiling with Angelina.

The hateful people making their hateful comments on this thread are the SAME people on every Angelina and Brad thread spewing out their SAME hateful comments. You say the SAME thing on every thread of Angelina's. You follow her pictures from blog to blog leaving the same hateful comments. The world is tired of all of you.

And those of you pretending to having been Angie fans at one time you are NOT fooling anyone.

Every man Jen has had ends up humiliating her. WHY? There is something seriously wrong with Jen Aniston.

Look how Butler let her sticking his fingers up her butt. How is that for humiliation? Why aren't you tearing him down? Because Jen laughed at his complete humiliation of her? She apparently thought it was "cute!" After all, she said NOTHING about it. Instead, she is still trying to ride Brad and Angelina's coattails after almost 6 years of a DIVORCE! This woman is PATHETIC! She does not respect herself, chasing down John Mayer after he dissed her twice. She says nothing about those humiliations and neither do her "so called" fans.

If you were REAL fans and not PAID psuedo fans you would speak the truth and stop attacking people who have NOTHING to do with Aniston. Aniston has NO ties to Brad.

Leave Brad and Angelina and their family alone!

1638 days ago

Brenda B.    

I live in Springfield Mo. where KBrad Pitt grew-up. His mom is well known here for her philanthropy and generosity to the springfield area. She seems like a nice person and i think Brad is still a hometown kid with hometown values.

1637 days ago


shes so ridiculusly pretty

1634 days ago
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