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Kate Gosselin's Bro: They Even Faked Christmas

4/14/2010 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin just got scrooged by her brother.

Kate Gosselin's Brother

Kevin Kreider just testified in the child welfare hearing in PA that the 8 kids were forced to fake Xmas during the filming of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

Kreider claimed the production crew needed to get a shot, showing a big reaction when the kids came downstairs to unwrap their gifts.

So the crew made the kiddies fake a reaction, Kreider claims.

Kreider says the kids were psychologically confused ... why should they be different from Jon?


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Wow, I mean faked something for one morning. I know a girl that fakes it every night. Maybe she should take the kids....

1619 days ago


what the hell is gloria alred doing there!? how can anyone take her seriously when she's always out there for octo mom, toothless hillbilly striper mistresses, little people that are really really little that probably really couldn't be a medical assistant so her claims of unlawfully being kick out of school for it are unfounded... i mean COME on!

1619 days ago


What a betrayal !!!! First, the slacker husband and now the jerk brother. The slacker and the jerk never complained when they were being paid for appearing on Jon & Kate Plus 8. I am still and always have been a fan of Kate and her children. All single and married working mothers should be in her corner .... Kate bashers remind me of the school bullies who are so prominent in news reports these days.

1618 days ago


Kevin is the biggest, weakest dirt bag alive. You should be proud that your jealous wife put you up to turning on your sister! You and your wife need to go away and never come back. You are low life people that just want to sell somebody out to make money, you should be ashamed that you did this to your sister! Your wife is just a HATER, and needs to get a life.

1618 days ago


Kevin and Jodi are losers. The show was okay when they were on it! They are just looking for publicity and money. Are they going to start some kind of foundation to raise awareness on the dangers of reality TV? I'll bet they want to write a book, too. Kate has had a terrible year. She was humiliated by that womanizing loser Jon Gosselin and was savaged in the tabloids and on the Internet. This is a time when her brother should be standing by her side defending her, not trashing her as a mother! He should be ashamed of himself.

1618 days ago


No one will take Kevin seriously with that ridiculous haircut! Jodi has to get rid of that horrible red dye job, too. These two losers are just mad because there is no more money for them. The show was fine while they were on it! They are a disgrace. If they are concerned about the Gosselin kids, they should shut up and not drag this mud through the media. Why does everyone insult Kate? She's the only one who is actually supporting her kids. Jon Gosselin is nothing more than a whore and a waste of space!

1618 days ago


Hey how much is kates brother trying to get? Is Gloria Allred trying to get paid so that's why the idea came up from kate's brother...he wants to get paid more. Just like Jon ,it's not about the kids---it's about the money and they want more. That is all this is about with her brother and his wife. I believe it was a source of income for all (which includes the children) and of course the money they spend. How else does parents support eight kids. My father couldn't care for six of us when he separated from my mom but then my grandmother helped. Kate figured a way to give the best to her kids and Jon is a jerk not to see that.

1617 days ago

blanca sanchez    

let her live,life goes on and she doing a great job,all you haters get a life.

1614 days ago


TMZ enough of Kate Gosslin PLEASE! I just want her to go away, and any way who cares about such a fake, over zealous Drama Queen. She is just looking for stardom, but unfortunately has "O" talent!!!

1613 days ago


HELLO ARE U STUPID!! THOSE ARE FAKE RUMORS MORON!! none of what you just said is true so stfu and go away TEAMKATE!

1613 days ago


omg what a liar he is greesey and discusting he needs to get a job and stop trying to ruin kates life imagine what his kids will go through because of all the lies he and jodi have made. and your a dumb blonde if you beleive this ****! (no affence to blondes)

1613 days ago


Every time I see this guy he looks dumber and dumber. His new doo reminds me of Alfalfa of the Little Rascals. He needs to get lost and get a life. He's just trying to live off his sister. He's so pathetic and that wife of his Jodie just sets off the whole motif. The Labor Board found in his sister's favor and proved them wrong. No labor abuse plus she was setting aside more money in the children's trust then the board required. Take Gloria Allred and your dorky wife and go fly a kite.

1612 days ago


for Gods sake,,, seriously! Jon loves the kids more than Kate? LMAO.. You all are so messed up. Never had a child, never raised a chid. Celebrity parents have very little to do with their kids and it fine with almost everyone that supports that actor. But the less than lovable Kate is subject to everyones advise... LOL... Have a little fun Kate, be a "Grown up" from time to time...

1606 days ago


They both agreed to do the show, but after time; Jon was the one who wanted to save his marriage and family by not doing another show. Kate was the one who wanted to pursue the "fame." I think Jon had his head on straight. It's a big mess though and I feel for those beautiful children.

1556 days ago
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