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Kate Gosselin's Bro: They Even Faked Christmas

4/14/2010 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin just got scrooged by her brother.

Kate Gosselin's Brother

Kevin Kreider just testified in the child welfare hearing in PA that the 8 kids were forced to fake Xmas during the filming of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

Kreider claimed the production crew needed to get a shot, showing a big reaction when the kids came downstairs to unwrap their gifts.

So the crew made the kiddies fake a reaction, Kreider claims.

Kreider says the kids were psychologically confused ... why should they be different from Jon?


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To the idiot who asked why Kevin and Jodi didn't say something back then, THEY DID! That was why they were no longer allowed on the show or around the kids! They have been battling this for almost 2 years now, and have had this lawsuit pending for at least a year. So shut up and learn the facts. They are the only ones NOT profiting off of this, so get a grip.

1651 days ago


just shows how bad of a mother kate really is. she'll do anything to get on TV

1651 days ago

Kate Gosselin    

To 'noneofyourbusiness' THANK YOU

All of these people that are testifying to terrible environments...where were they? Why didn't they speak of prior?

I can't tell you how much the positive comments mean to me at this point in my life. Noone is perfect. I do DWTS to show my kids that you don't have to be good at everything. Just try it. I'd rather my kids tried and failed then never tried at all. I can take the criticism for being viewed as an attention hound. As long as my kids see that...'In life they must try, regardless of criticism, talent, or being made fun of"

If I can get that point accross, thats the best I can do.

Thank You All

Kate Gosselin

1651 days ago


Just because Kate is in the limelite, this loser has to have his 5 minutes. Way to support your own family members a--hole!

1651 days ago


Kids don't care if you take fake Christmas videos as long as they get real presents. My child has gritted his teeth & faked smiled his way through many family holiday photos & videos.

1651 days ago


What would a MIS dad and a stay-at-home mom of 8 kids be able to buy their children for Christmas, if not for the show? Now, that would be a look to catch on camera. Uh, sorry kids, this year you got a banana and a rubber ball. Merry Christmas. I agree potty training is too much. Also don't think they should show the meltdowns or the discipline. I know, then what would there be to watch except for Kate yelling and John mumbling?

1651 days ago


Stop putting an X in front of Christ name! Its a kikeish invention that an X is okay. Supid kikes! Put an X in front of the word Jewish. Something like Xish. I love Jews but the stupid zionist kikes among you will sadly turn white brown and black America against any and all Jews, including the real ones not just the kikes and zionist pigs of the world

1651 days ago


I have no doubt that he's telling the truth. Any parent who would subject their kids to reality TV cameras, especially for such an extended time has serious issues.

1651 days ago


Is Gloria going against Kate, does she just represent homewreckers now?

1651 days ago


The brother and sister-in-law have been fighting this battle for a good while now. In all honesty, you know these kids have to have a distorted view of reality. They can't know how to live life without cameras and crews and privilege. I agree with the brother trying to protect the kids since both of their media-crazy, self-serving parents have proven to be incapable of making decisions which would serve the best interest of their children.

1651 days ago

passing by    

Gloria "Attention Whore" Allred

1651 days ago


If the filming was so harmful, why did her brother Kevin and his wife Jody allow the cameras in their house to film while they were watching the kids? And why did they allow them to film them potty training at their house if it was so harmful and psychologically confusing them. Please go away Kevin, your 15 minutes of fame have come and gone along time ago!! Better yet get a life!!

1651 days ago


How many times have all of our parents ask us to recreate our suprise face because they missed the photo op? How would this really damage them? Not that I don't think they were damaged by their moron parents, but that's a stupid example.

1651 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

You mean reality shows aren't real? I'm shocked! Next you'll be telling me the Easter Bunny isn't real.

1651 days ago


Everybody tries to get a piece of money and action....This brother sounds like a dooshbag, and probably wants to take custody of the kids to start his own show...Doesn't family have any loyalty anymore

1651 days ago
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