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Kate Gosselin's Bro: They Even Faked Christmas

4/14/2010 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin just got scrooged by her brother.

Kate Gosselin's Brother

Kevin Kreider just testified in the child welfare hearing in PA that the 8 kids were forced to fake Xmas during the filming of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

Kreider claimed the production crew needed to get a shot, showing a big reaction when the kids came downstairs to unwrap their gifts.

So the crew made the kiddies fake a reaction, Kreider claims.

Kreider says the kids were psychologically confused ... why should they be different from Jon?


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What's with his 1910 hairstyle. and no tie? he just needs an Amish hat.

1653 days ago

Kate Gosselin    

When TLC approached Jon and myself. We were very hessitant. Noone expected 8 babies at the beginning. When I found out I was having first thought was college tuition. I prayed for an answer. I was never looking for a handout. I believe any good parent in my situation would have found that doing the show offered plenty of time with my kids, in a comfortable home.

How would I have been able to support a family of 8 without being gone for extended periods of time? Should I have expected the government to pick up the tab? No. We as parents take on the responsibility of being supporters and giving our children a better life than we ourselves had.

Kate Gosselin

1653 days ago


wow. hair really isn't a good trait in that family. Hello Alfalfa.

1653 days ago


Kate's bro and his wife are disgusting with their holier than thou attitude. I'm sure the would rather have Kate and the kids living in a trailor with juvenile Jon sucking money out of the government in the form of medicaid and food stamps.
This jerk is just jealous.
Moreover proof of the Krieders are jealous fame whores-Gloria the Ho lover is in the background.

1653 days ago


Her brother is a real class act. He needs take care of his own life and famliy! Kates brother is no better then Jon and I hope these to get lifes and stop acting as if they give Damn about those kids

1653 days ago


Kate, you are doing everything any mother would do to provide for her children. No one ever comments about movie stars or athletes that leave their kids for extended periods of time to go off and make a movie leaving their kids to be raised by nannies. The time you seem to spend away from kids is in no means equal to that. And I think that people forget that all the children are in school all day now. While being away from our children is never easy sometimes life doesnt hand us easy choices and as parents we do our best to make the right decision at the time. Dont listen to the haters, keep your head up and know that you are doing a great job!!

1653 days ago


OK, Kate, you need to get a REAL job as does Jon and you two need to get your stuff together and raise these kids you prayed for. You are not a good mother when you are trotting all over the country and only home a fraction of the time. And you need to quit making a donkey out of yourself and embarassing yourself and your kids at DWTS - having the judges and fans feeling sorry for you and handling you with kid gloves separating you from the others who are really trying and doing a decent job - whatever are you doing on there anyway? Certainly, you are no star - your kids may be but you sure are not.

1653 days ago


Kate you are a great Mother and You brother & Jon need to stay away from those kids so they don't turn out like those 2 guys!!!

1653 days ago


#38 to Kelly

Beautifully said! As a former single mother, I completely relate to Kate's situation and applaud her efforts to support her family.


1653 days ago

Claire C McMillan    

If the children were told something to the effect that we are going to celebrate Christmas today so that the film crew can capture our family event instead of on Dec. 25th when we will have our own little family celebration without them, then I think that would have been appropriate.

I don't believe in lying or misleading children and/or adults.

However, you don't know exactly what Jon and Kate told the children.

This was produced as a television show which should have allowed the parents and the children to voice their concerns over which scenes, statements, etc. needed to be edited out. Perhaps this was not done at the level of detail that it should have been for everyone's benefit.

Best Regards, Claire

Claire C McMillan, AA, BA, MBA, MS-ABT and Doctoral Coursework
Homeschool Expert
Education and Business Consultant

1653 days ago


One question... What's up with his hair?

1653 days ago


What classifies as a "REAL JOB" it's called show BUSINESS for a reason, and we all get entertained by it and go to movies, watch tv, listen to is real....

1653 days ago


The fact is, both the idiot parents did it for the money. Jon is defending Kate now because he's hoping she'll let him have a piece of the next money train. Kate's mad because Jodi and Kevin let the cat out of the bag again. It's all just a fake show and the kids don't get paid. Well, now they do cause the investigators made them set up a fund. Some day the kids will have to break into their funds to pay for their therapy because the parents will have gone through every other reality show on television and spent their money on nannies, body guards, cooks, gardeners, pool cleaners, spa appts., manicures, tanning, breast enhancements, veneers, and ugly hair extensions. Jon, you better hurry up and get your piece of the pie before there isn't any left. You may have to sell your tractor.

1653 days ago


I smell a some in every family. Sorry Kate. I never watched your special reason just didn't. You don't deserve this. To the man...weak!

1653 days ago


You know all this crap about Kate exploiting her kids, what about all the other shows that have their kids on them. The Duggars have 19 kids and noone says anything about them. All reality shows have their kids on them besides the TLC network. Give me a break. People complain about them all the time, but yet everyone still watches them. And Jon says that he doesn't know what Kevin and his wife are talking about, that Kate and him did whats best for their kids, yet he is the one who stopped production saying the same thing. Jon and his ex-brother-in-law are just pissed because they screwed up their meal ticket. GO TEAM KATE. I hope she proves everyone wrong and her show is a hit. The opportunities that has been given to her are opportunities that everyone in America wish they had. And if anyone who says they wouldn't are full of it. Money talks and money pays the bills.

1653 days ago
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