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Kate Gosselin's Bro: They Even Faked Christmas

4/14/2010 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin just got scrooged by her brother.

Kate Gosselin's Brother

Kevin Kreider just testified in the child welfare hearing in PA that the 8 kids were forced to fake Xmas during the filming of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

Kreider claimed the production crew needed to get a shot, showing a big reaction when the kids came downstairs to unwrap their gifts.

So the crew made the kiddies fake a reaction, Kreider claims.

Kreider says the kids were psychologically confused ... why should they be different from Jon?


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Gloria Allred's there...does that mean Tiger effed this guy as well?

1623 days ago

Sexy Mammy    

How could he betray his own sister? Poor Kate, must be in pain over this.

Life is all about love & family! Siblings are of great value, and when they depart this earth a great painful loss. Shame on him....

1623 days ago


Women "fake it" to get gifts is this any different ???

1623 days ago


Oh my gosh, Gloria Allred is a freak. She is everywhere. The brother and his wife, get real. That is horrible, I guess their blood isn't thicker than water. Kate isn't perfect but Jon is useless.

1623 days ago


And??????????? This is a big deal??????

1623 days ago


Hey Kevin,
Get a grip. They had to embellish a small amount of Christmas footage. It's not like they are abusing those kids. Me thinks that you protest too much. Jealous? Grow up.

1623 days ago


Kevin wasn't saying that they had to fake Christmas on Christmas day for Photos, he was saying it was a different day so the Photographers could get footage!
Children should not be used in this matter, Children are very impressionable at this age. God Bless these Children they really don't stand a chance!!!!

1623 days ago


The kids seem fine. Faking a Christmas never harmed anyone. And as for future problems, any one's child can grow up to have problems. Have you seen the people who though they were the "perfect" parent & still had kids who did drugs, committed crimes & worse. Yeah it's tricky being any kind of child star. But have you looked at television, commercials, movies, plays, shows etc. starring kids. A lot of parents have decided to put their kids in show business. Look at DWTS for instance, Derek & his sister were sent to train in London & live without their parents when they were little kids. This may not be your way to raise a child but it doesn't qualify as child abuse

1623 days ago


Normally I wouldn't believe stuff like this but with the Gosselins, I can't help but wonder. You never see anyone stand up for them. No friends, no neighbors, no family members. Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

1623 days ago


first off.. what you see on camera is only a edited version of everything that goes on .. and why do people only pick on kate and her kids.. geezuz what about the family with 19 kids? and the little people show and all their kids ... the bottom line is ... it makes money.. and these families make money.... the only reason people are coming forward bitching now is 1) they didn't make any money and they are jealous or 2) they are hoping to get their 15 minutes of fame and score a article in the enquirer .. or .. last but not least .. 3) they have a hot crush on gloria alred and the only way they know how to get near her is get on camera and cry foul ! she is a foul attention seeking gutterslug if i ever saw one ... (shudders at the thought of her)

1623 days ago


Their show was a TV show-- not real life. This is why jon appeared to be a loving, good father. As soon as he was not on the show, his true personality showed....loser, absent dad, selfish, jealous, liar, media-whore, adult child. He was jealous of Kate's fame on their TLC show, that's why he left. He actually thought he could become more famous (not infamous) than her. And her "brother" -- no wonder she's not close to her family. BTW who's watching their kids while he trashes his sister's ethics.

1623 days ago


How in the world can Kate's brother say all this crap about her. Does he really want her to lose her kids - -"BIG JERK". How would he like to lose his kids or go through all this junk that Kate has been going through - - He should be standing by his sister now when she needs family and friends.
Jon's cheating alone has devastated her and the children - - why would he want to hurt her even more - - I believe his wife put him up to this. He is going to rot in hell for his actions. Stand by your sister you jerk - what of a lousy brother are you?

1623 days ago


give me a f-ing break! They were filming a TV show. most shows are fake anddddd?????? Poor lil kiddys they had to film a fake xmas!!! Get the whips & chains beat Kate & take the kids NOW!! NOT!! At least Kate has remained a parent AT ALL TIMES!!! She didnt grab a chick off the streets, a few chicks, tiger wooding them all in the public eye & used the money from the show to go on a bunch of trips, on boats etc! THE ONLY REASON KATE IS WORKING IS TO SUPPORT HER KIDS CUZ THE DEADBEAT AINT PAYING CRAP!!! HES BROKE & HE WANTS THOSE KIDS FOR MONEY CUZ HE SURE DIDNT WANT THEM WHEN HE LEFT! IF THE JUDGE BELIEVES ANY OF HIS CRAP HE OR SHE ISNT A GOOD JUDGE AT ALL & SHOULD STEP DOWN OR BE IMPEACHED!

1623 days ago


Boo F**King Boo Hoo , they unwrapped xmas gifts for footage for the cameras on a Reality show they are being Paid Handsomely for, what is wrong with these people? her own brother selling her out? what a waste of family, and can that TIRED AS* Gloria allred get anymore air time, atleast if she wanted to be a media Wh**e for all these years she could get more plastic surgery, JON CAN'T AFFORD CHILD SUPPORT? lets see when i Missed a payment they served me and threatened jail time (which was enough for me to ''see the light'',I am caught up thank you)Well he should have not yanked the tv show off the air and he could still be ''Banging'' the baby sitter and the other young girls, Give KATE A BREAK, she is atleast the only one attempting to make money to feed and clothe these kids, Jon should be under a court order to be seeking employment, Maybe give up the smoking would pay for their fruit juice and snacks alone!!!!! Give me a break,Look at the real picture people...

1623 days ago


How long did these kids have to wait for the crew to set up shots? Did they wait in vehicles for the camera crew to get ready? Are they going to have long term problems from having a camera in their face or their potty habits forever on youtube? Why did Kate Gosselin laugh and make fun of her daughter's teeth at the dentists? How come Kate is determined to keep referring or talking about her kids as babies? Is it because she does not know them now or is it because babies are more marketable to the public? Kate is all about the brand, the image and what sells. How's come little Collin seems to have definite problems if he sees paps? Did neurotic mommy scare him so much with her "P-People" crap that her neurosis has jumped to her kids? "Having a narcissist for a mother is a lot like living under the supervision of a six-year-old. Narcissists are always pretending, and with a narcissistic mother it's a lot like, "Let's play house. I'll pretend to be the mother and you pretend to be the baby," though, as the baby, you'll be expected to act like a doll (keep smiling, no matter what) and you'll be treated like a doll -- as an inanimate object, as a toy to be manipulated, dressed and undressed, walked around and have words put in your mouth; something that can be broken but not hurt, something that will be dropped and forgotten when when something more interesting comes along."

1623 days ago
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