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Kate Gosselin - Jon Must Pay!

4/15/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Kate Gosselin wants ex-hubby Jon Gosselin to pay child support until the kids are adults -- no matter how much money she rakes in.

Kate's lawyer, Mark Momjian, tells TMZ ... although Kate is making good money now -- we're told hundreds of thousands of dollars on "Dancing with the Stars" -- "she won't let him off the hook for child support, no matter how much money Kate makes."

Momjian says Jon has a responsibility to work and must pay child support commensurate to his salary.  If that means getting a job at a restaurant, some of his paycheck should go to the kids, regardless of what Kate makes.

Momjian says, "He will have to contribute.  It's every parent's responsibility."


So, we ask ...


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Christopher Shookla    

Oh... and by the way Kate, Ya Snarky Ass Bitch, Heather Mills McCartney is a better dance than you will ever be, And she's only got one leg....

Hope to see you working at Target, Like everyone else, you don't deserve the treatment you are getting, I know people who of better character and have more personality on the toenail that you ever will and you get everything handed to you, It's Effin Bull**** and that's that, aND GO AHEAD AND SICC YOUR STINKING LAWYER ON ME, I HATE HIM AND YOU TOO.

1623 days ago


Most states calculate child support based on each parent's earnings, to try and make the children's lives at BOTH homes more equal. So if she's making $1M a year and he's only making $30K, it's calculated not only using their incomes but how much each parent has the children. If they have them equally or even substantially equally, SHE has to pay HIM. It's not about THEM anymore, and both of them need to get over their anger at the other parent and realize it's ONLY about the kids. The marital relationship is over, but neither of the parental ones are. Too bad more divorced parents don't learn this lesson and continue acting childishly, filing motion after motion, wasting their and the court's time, when if they would just talk to the other parent as mature adults, most of the disagreements could be worked out. Sad that people have to be so selfish.

1623 days ago


Really?? This still turns into something bad about Kate? I really cannot believe people anymore.
FIRST of all...since when is she making MILLIONS?? She gets $200k for DWTS..a good chunk of change? Yes. Millionaire money? No, afriad not...especially with 8 children.
Secondly...Jon and her both agreed that the house was the kids' house...that they bought it for THEM. Thats why on jon's visit days he stays at the house and doesn't take them to his. This is not Kate's crazy people...even while divorcing Jon agreed that it was best to keep the house. Not to mention...where would you like them to live? Yeah, they could down size slightly...but in about 10 years there are going to be 8 teenagers living in that want them to live in an apartment..come can't be that stupid.
Third, child support is based on income of the person. The 20K a month was based on what Jon WAS making at the time...the fact that its taken this long for his lawyer to request a readjustment, is nobody's fault but his own. How much do you think it costs to raise 8 kids?? He should be paying to what the law says he would be paying toward them if he was living with them.
Lastly, is everyone forgetting that Jon didn't even fight for joint custody. he had no arguments to that Kate would have sole custody and he would have only visits. And now he doesn't even want to pay...and THAT is who you feel sorry for? He didn't want them cuz he had his cool new pad in NYC with his 20 something he's a single..bum....and NOW its in the best interest of the kids to be with him?? Now that he's did what he wanted??

I am no super Kate fan. I think she has her faults does everybody...but it sickens me the amount of people who hate her for really no reason. She was bitchy with her her to death! Cuz everyone here would be so pleasant toward their spouse when they had 8 kids running around. She pimps her kids for fame and money. Really? And what about the Duggars? and the Roloffs? and every couple ever to be on a baby story? Do they all pimp their kids for fame and money too?? Just because WE as viewers made Jon and Kate plus 8 a hit...doesn't make HER a bad mom. Would any of you turn down a show that paid you well and gave your kids tons of opportunities?? NO!

Think about people are ridiculous!

1623 days ago


He (Jon) is paying 22K a month in child support. So she doesn't NEED to be away from her kids.

1623 days ago


In most states, child support is determined by the combined income of both parents. It can be modified if there is a significant change in cir***stances - like making hundreds of thousands of dollars more than you did at the time of the order for child support.
The child support obligation is the parent's duty to the CHILD not a payment to the other parent.
Both should pay in proportion to their incomes (or expectation of reasonable income).
Kate and her lawyer probably aren't the ones who'll decide this.

1623 days ago

Debora Ghoreyeb    

I do thin Jon should pay something if he is employed ..... But if she is making millions and living in grand style .... ?

This woman seems to be a self-centered bitch using her children to make money person ..."o poor me - my whole life centers on my kids...reality tv is my only way to support them..."

I feel sorry for the women who see her as some kind of hero. ugh

1623 days ago


idiots - He has responsabilities. It says what the courts determine as an amount. He has done everything to ruin her, stopped TLC from filming, taken money from the family account, badmouthed her, threatened to go back to court because she is trying. He has made a mockery of himself. You all forgot, he brought this on himself. She may just want fame, but she has the children to support and he aint doing his thing. She doesn't have to explain where any of the money goes, she pays the rent, clothes, food, nanny's, all the expenses. Don't tell me 8 kids don't cost ALOT.

1623 days ago


It might be a good idea to let him off the hook and gain full custody get him completely out of her life. I would definately feel sorry for the kids not having a father and being stuck w/ that psychotic bitch of a mother.

1623 days ago


She is the one that wanted to have more children,not him. I agree with everyone, get her of DWTS. She is staying on because of the 'moms' are voting for her. I am a mom and I most certainly am not voting for her. This is becoming a populatity show and now based on performance. SHE CANNOT DANCE - DO NOT VOTE FOR HER.
I am really very tired of her. She needs to live within her means which she is not. I agree, she needs to sell her castle, she is never there anyway. She is paying nannies, multiple, to take care of her kids, even when she is home. Think of the money she could save if she let Jon stay with the kids. Kate - GO AWAY!!!!!!

1623 days ago

johnny dope    

if any idiot has any clue about child support, its based on the parents salary. Kate makes so much, that if jon ever sees the kids SHE WILL HAVE TO PAY.

Her making that much more than jon will mean his is disqualified from having to pay.

i know cause i've been through this before.

1623 days ago


As a father, Jon should be providing financial support for his kids. But, the amount of support should be reasonable compared to his income. Since TLC has banned him from the airwaves, his potential to earn is limited. If he goes back to IT work, he may get $50k per year. There is no way he can pay $22k per month in support only earning $50k per year.

1623 days ago


Jon is making $5,000 a month income from his contract with TLC. Jon is paying $22,691 (per court papers) a month.

$5,000 - $22,691= -17,691

Yes he should pay child support. No he shouldn't pay more than four times his monthly income!

1623 days ago

dirty diana    

join the group on facebook boycott dwts until she is gone, also boycott any show she's on, if you haven't already. we can fix her greedy ass!!

1623 days ago


I do think he should pay something. It should not leave him financially stuggling though. As a family that both gives and recieves child support - I definately feel that child support is important, but they need to take into considerating the total household income and the "need factor".

1623 days ago


Just because Jon doesn't make much money, it doesn't give him the right to NOT pay for some sort of support for his children, plain and simple.It should have nothing to do with how much he makes or Kate makes.HE decided to have those kids WITH her and now because they are divorced ALL the responsibility should have to fall on Kate's shoulders? NO.

1623 days ago
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