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Kate Gosselin - Jon Must Pay!

4/15/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Kate Gosselin wants ex-hubby Jon Gosselin to pay child support until the kids are adults -- no matter how much money she rakes in.

Kate's lawyer, Mark Momjian, tells TMZ ... although Kate is making good money now -- we're told hundreds of thousands of dollars on "Dancing with the Stars" -- "she won't let him off the hook for child support, no matter how much money Kate makes."

Momjian says Jon has a responsibility to work and must pay child support commensurate to his salary.  If that means getting a job at a restaurant, some of his paycheck should go to the kids, regardless of what Kate makes.

Momjian says, "He will have to contribute.  It's every parent's responsibility."


So, we ask ...


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jk you must be a male it doesn't matter who makes the most money he is the father and he must pay no if ands or buts about it. He is responisble for those children. and to any woman who bad mouth Kate shame on you go become a male we women don't need you. She is making money for her family and if she wants to be in front of the camera so be it anyone else in front of the camera is allowed but shame on Kate double standard and it comes from another woman.

1660 days ago


It doesn't matter what Kate "wants"...It's what the LAW dictates as to how much, how often and how long Jon will have to pay...
Kate is really setting herself up for a harsh reality, as if she's earning more than Jon she could, in fact, end up paying him because he still has legal parenting rights...
ALL child support formulas are based on two things...
BOTH parents COMBINED gross income, and time spent with the kids...
It's all right here...

If you're in Los Angeles taping TV shows, you're not spending time with the kids...Period...EVERY SINGLE DAY counts for Jon, and lessens his support obligation...

1660 days ago



1660 days ago


You make the kids then you pay for the kids. It's called taking responsibility.

1660 days ago


Can we start a petition to keep Jon from filing anything EVER again? What an idiot. GREAT father figure there Jon. I can't imagine WHY you don't see the kids more?

1660 days ago


I agree with Kate. I was a single mom and I and my ex had to contribute. If Jon gets off his butt and get a job and visits the kids more then maybe he won't be such a douche, Everyone has been so hard on Kate Now seeing how Jon has been acting after separation then maybe Kate was right about being a "bitch" Hell I would have been one if I had to put up with "the true Jon" And I would like to see anyone that puts Kate down on DWTS go on there and do what she does it might not be that easy. Go Kate...........

1660 days ago


Only an uncaring parent would make little to know effort to support his kids. For anyone who votes on the pole to let the FATHER of eight kids skip out of support is uncaring and morally retarded. Hey Dirty-Bag, help support your kids!

1660 days ago


as the father of these kids obviously he should pay some sort of support. But as the leading cause why she had all these kids, she should pick up the majority of it. Because despite his objections to have more kids when she wanted to have more, she went and had the procedure to have all these kids anyway.

1660 days ago


I believe now that this is really fixed and you keep someone who has no dancing ability because that person brings controversy. Well you probably have jumped the shark this year with Kate after having to watch Marie Osmond stay on too long when she looked like a barge being moved around the dance floor. I have watched the show from the beginning but Dancing with the Stars isn't the correct title anymore since you have so few stars - I don't consider people without talent to be stars just because they are on some cheap reality show. That includes the drama queen Jake. I'm going back to real television and not watching this anymore as I did with American Idol.

1660 days ago


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1660 days ago

Dawn Lewis    

Ok think about it...take away the limelight, and the names that you all reconize and john and kate, and then look at the simple aspect of the story, If you heard that a guy didnt think he needed to pay child support because his wife makes enough to take care of the kids, what would you think? Naturally you would think DEAD BEAT I dont care if kate makes millions, john is still the father and is responsible for helping out with the finances of the children. Doesn't matter if it was john and kate down the street lol its the same idea, everyone is getting all huffy about it because of who they are and not looking at the simple outcome, pay child support jon

1660 days ago


Jen it sounds like you should be Jons next victim!

1660 days ago


Kare is trying to crush him for cheating on her. No judge will make him pay if he doesn't have a job (you can't get blood from a turnip). I thought she would be married again by now. That bi*ch is probably a lesbian. She most certainly is a ball-buster and some women worship her crazy as^. She hates Jon but she's going to have to let it go. She will never "get even" with him. BTW, take that stiff woman off of DWTS......they need her for ratings!!!!

1660 days ago


Good lord, what did he ever see in this bitch? She has no redeeming qualities whatsoever! She's making hundreds of thousands of dollars AND intentionally destroyed her ex-husbands ability to do the same. Sorry honey, your making big bucks and he's barely getting by, in PA that means you get a pittance in child support. Suck it bitch! The courts not going to allow you to use your kids to destroy him like you want to!

1660 days ago


If Jon was any kind of father he would have gotten a job, he has experience, he could atleast be making an EFFORT to gain employment to pay something in child support, Kate is making money with the book and DWTS but its a man's place to provide and do his part in taking care of his kids, Maybe if he stopped smoking and talking to all the pap's who will listen to him, he could actively pursue employment, and as for kates own brother coming out against her, thats not family! he & his spouse want their 15 min's of airtime, (it sure as hell isnt fame) if kate has nannys taking cake of her kids while she is making money to provide for them, then she is a resposible mother, a trained nanny or in her case nannies, cost money and they are used by other people and you don't hear all the flack, Give the lady a break, Jon is the one who cheated and drugged the messy personal stuff thru the mud, he is too blame.... he makes me sick to my stomach to just look at him, he isnt that ''second hand smoke'' effecting the children when jon smokes (DETAILS ON THE NEXT CHAPTER OF THE SAGA)

1660 days ago
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