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Kate's Brother: Reality Show Damaged the Kids

4/14/2010 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon and Kate Gosselin's 8 kids suffered psychological damage while filming "Jon & Kate Plus 8 ... this according to Kate's own brother.

Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin
Kevin Kreider and his wife Jodi just testified at a Philadelphia hearing on child labor laws and reality television shows. Kevin said the kids had no privacy during the taping -- even their potty training was captured on video.

Kevin also said the kids suffered psychological damage as a result of the show, adding there were safety issues in the house, including large lighting equipment that created a danger.

During his testimony, Kevin said the Gosselins' kids were manipulated by producers who wanted drama.

UPDATE: Kevin's testimony is interesting ... considered a potty training scene was filmed at his house.

TLC tells TMZ the allegations are "either completely inaccurate or a distorted representation for maximum attention."

Jon Gosselin also released a statement, saying "the allegations made by Kevin and Jodi have not been my experience at all during the production."


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you need to read your own original post back to me...honey. you are on the tmz site so very worried about my intentions and moral standing. you are so worked up, half of your posts dont even make sense. settle down, sweetie!!!!!

go get a hug and some rest. we all know you are beautiful. dont be so insecure.

no mention of the kids...interesting.

and if you notice in my original post, i never once mentioned anything about kate's outer appearance. shes a witch.

surgery away girls. i support any womans choice to do what she wants with her body. never said anything about that in my original post.

you came on the personal attack. very ugly. typical..still ugly.

when people are insecure with themselves, they typically try to belittle people around them for their own security and sometimes what they consider survival. aka...kate. all i was sayin'. kinda coming to that same impression about you. would almost bet that drives you nuts too.

you think i am ignorant, jealous, and you think kate probably looks better than me. doesn't change my day!!!

still...just my opinion. i would ask why you care. but i know the answer to that question. you are in hollywood caring about little ole me. i am flattered.

smile...wink wink...what do you say there in the big flashy cali? bye?

glad you stopped by to straighten me out. so very wise.

1651 days ago


hahahahahah thought so bipolar for sure go read you posts and no i dont care about you honey have enough people in my life to care about and yes i have 3 grown children you are very sick person probly live in the caves of the amazon mountains lol

1651 days ago


For those of us that watched the show, we know that jodi and kevin used to be on it. They turned on Kate when they tried to make extra $ from the show, and were unsuccessful.
Funny, don't they make money from these interviews and media shows? I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they just wanted to take the kids from Kate to make money.
Sounds horrible, but I can't believe how nuts family goes over a little freaking money.

1651 days ago


I am so sick of Kate, she is nothing but a money hungry evil woman. She was fooling around on John long before all this came to light, with her bodyguard. She wants everyone to feel sorry for her, I don't she uses her kids to gain in her quest for fame. I think John should have custody of the kids, and let Kate become a "movie star", lol. When the show was on, everyone seems to have forgot have evil and mean Kate was to John, and the kids. The kids needs to be removed from her. She is still using them to get her 15 minutes of fame.

1651 days ago


The whole point about Kate's brother (and former child actor, Paul Peterson) testifying about the "Christmas" episode, was not to say that telling the kids it was Christmas day to get their "reaction" caused any psychological damage. It was to point out the fact that "reality" tv is not really "reality", but staged, scripted "work" that the children were subjected to for hours at a time without any protections by the state for hours "worked", safety, compensation,etc. When "real" acting children work, at the end of the day they can go home to their family, the privacy of their home and their "real" life. The Gosselin children can't do that. Their home is their "stage", there have been cameras in their rooms, and they have no real privacy. All for the sake of their fame seeking parents. Sorry, I am an RN. I make good money and I work 3 twelve hour shifts a week. Kate could do the same and if Jon would get a job, move to a cheaper house, stop all the glamor and makeovers, they could easily support these children without whoring them out to show business.

1650 days ago


I've come to believe that reality television shows such as this are unethical because the children are not able to give informed consent. Consent for the children is provided by the parents, who stand to make large amounts of money through the show. We cannot determine if the children are "psychologically damaged" or not, and it doesn't matter. The point is, they never got to make the decision of whether they wanted their potty training to be displayed before millions of other people and available on the internet for the rest of time. Chances are, at some point in their lives they'll wish these videos weren't available to everyone with an internet connection. I know I wouldn't want the whole world to see that!

1650 days ago


Oh Please CLS millions of kids do acting and commercials and are fine i took a pic of son when he was about 2 sitting on the potty with cowboy hat and little gun naked and he has that photo now and loves it shows his freinds and all so stop wow people are koo koo

1650 days ago


I find it amusing when people who want MONEY step into the limelight. These people were on the show for heavens sake! How do they know that these kids were "damaged"? What a crock.

1650 days ago


Thank you so much Kate for reminding all of us without brains not to believe everything that is written-- dont forget that goes for you also-- or in clearer terms- dont believe everything Kate says..You now have no family support- hard to believe true Christians are out just looking for money at your expense-- oh oops I forgot you wouldn't want to HELP any of them pay their kids college bills either (selfish woman)--you need a publisicist-- lots of people - Mormons , Catholics have huge families and DO NOT go around discussing how to pay for all these children in public at all...and there are lots of big families that still have relatives that talk to them....probably even many rich ones--oh yeah the Osmonds for one easy example--you Kate are tiring people out with your really very boring conversations--let Jon raise the kids- he obviously loves them- work something out with him where he can be with them- and you can go off and do your thing to absorb some more of the SPOTLIGHT that you obviously adore so much--will save oodles of money on nannies and they will get to see their dad....i understand about the other women-- let it go and put something in the contract about the help around the house-- hire men or really old women for gods sake- it can be worked out-- but YOU must want it to- and that is not apparent at all- you seem very vindictive and mean to alot of us....

1648 days ago


I believe Kate's brother & his wife are JEALOUS. Shame on them for turning so sour against Kate & Jon. Children are resillent and Kate's job (tv, etc.) is no worse than that of a 9 to 5'er. It's evident she loves those children and is trying to make a good living for them. What about all the A-list movie stars that film across the world w/o their children. GET A GRIP PEOPLE.. Mind your own business, leave Kate and the children alone. Jon is the bad person in this relationship. Yep, she talked down to him in the episodes, but he needed it.

1644 days ago


Have little use for the Gossleins. Try a hard working Father with a job and a Mother who is home schooling and raising their 19 children. Even going to church reading the Bible etc. Learn about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar with 19 counting. Wholesome!!!

1639 days ago


Why is Kates brother not taking up for his sister and where are Kates mother and father???? Why won't Kates' parents step in and bring all of this to an end. I really like Kate and the 8 kids however blood is thicker then water and GRANDPARENTS...COME ON!!!! And also why the heck is Gloria Allred sticking her nose in?? What does she have to do with anything? Kate's family needs to step up and show some love for daughter Kate. A united front is required at this point!

1638 days ago
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