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Larry King's Wife Wants Home Alone

4/14/2010 8:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Both Larry King and his newly-estranged wife Shawn say they separated Tuesday ... this according to documents obtained by TMZ ... and we're learning more about the fight over their very expensive homes.

Larry King's Wife Wants Home Alone

In her divorce documents, Shawn is specifically asking the judge to declare the following her separate property -- their Beverly Hills mansion, a house in Provo, Utah, and a house in St. George, Utah.

TMZ broke the story ... Larry transferred these home to Shawn several years ago, after Shawn confronted him about having a relationship with her sister, Shannon -- a claim Shannon denies.  We're told Larry made the transfer to show Shawn he was committed to the marriage.

In Larry's legal docs, he's asking the judge to void the transfers ... though he does not state the legal grounds.

In addition to the 3 properties, Shawn is asking the judge to declare all the furniture and artwork in the homes as her separate property.


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In the beginning this was a headscratcher for sure.
Why would a seemingly georgous blonde woman be getting married to scrawney old Larry King?
Now we see that it's always the same story......I want the houses and the artwork and the cars and the,.....well I want everything but you Larry!!!

1619 days ago


This skank and her hooker of a sister need to get lives. Larry needs to clue in and realize relationships are more important then looks.She learned from the best---her daddy. He soaked the Osmonds and got fired for it.


1619 days ago


Well atleast she upgraded with that hot hunk of a man, the baseball playa;)Hector Penate. I dont blame her I would have tore his sexy little cuban ass up also!!!! Go Shawn!!

1619 days ago

Mark Franklin    

"She can barely contain her glee everytime he takes an extra long blink", that's ****'in hilarious Mark.

1619 days ago


Okay Mr Burns,

There has to be a problem 8 now?, you have been married to some of the most sexiest ladies, and you can't even learn, you are a crusty old man that will die with a lot of money , but alone, not counting the wanna be women, for your money, good luck with that,

you are such a loser, and I refuse to watch your ugly mug on tv anymore!

1619 days ago

jank brock    

Who gives a rat's ass about this Gold Digging whore and the old fool?
They both get what they deserve. What a joke. Hey Larry, maybe you and Rick Pitino could use the same lawyer and save a little cake.
This slut should kick off like Anna nicole smith did and King should have his little **** cut off. Stupid bastard, stupid whore.

1619 days ago


Didn't she have psychological problems in the past?? I thought I had read somewhere that she had to go through treatment for some kind of disorder. She really isn't even pretty (a big teethy mouth). So sad to see this happen to Larry. I like his show. When are these guys going to wake up and realize that getting to these gold digger type of women is bad news.

1619 days ago


come on man ,larrys wife sticked her sister on him so she can get a divorce from him ,she knew she wanted out cause he getting wrinkly an old for her.Just another gold diggin bitches blackmailing larry.

1619 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Transfering title to her name effectively gave her the homes. He had basically become a hostage in this marriage, it's time he removes the blindfold and shackles.

Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty, Free at last.

1619 days ago


Sad day for larry king. I knew it was coming when she was involved with the situation a doctor during the shots in lips some time ago.The kind of man larry is i saw this coming.A woman had the baby to secure herself for the future.Larry king is at great man! We love larry.He had to see this coming.All she saw in larry's eyes was money whe he die. But the KING lives on!! So sad he did not have a real woman in his life to stick by him through stick and thin.She need to watch herself, GOD don't like that. Larry loves his son.Good father to take his son to school in the morning. Hang in there larry. We love you!!!!!!!!

1619 days ago


Scott Cacciatore

1619 days ago


When you marry some one that wealthy and that much older than you are love does not seems to play as big a part as MONEY.

1619 days ago


When you marry some one that wealthy and that much older than you are love does not seems to play as big a part as MONEY.

1619 days ago


Guess Larry was the only one who didn't know this big-boned bimbo was using him. The key word is PRE-NUP!

1618 days ago


I am positive Larry knew what he was doing; he doesnt look that dumd after all. Fair-enough she may be trying to take him for the ride of his life and get his millions, but we all know Larry wont go down with-out a fight. And yea I reckon he was screwing the sister in-law and well good on him, she looks more the millions then the wife does. Dont underestimate the sister in-law or Larry, they knew very well what they where up to and, well if Larry likes the women yonger and more good looking then go for it with all the millions you have. Let her have the houses and the artwork plus furniture, at the end of the day - Im sure it would take Larry a day to replace it all. Look at all the support he has from so many fan's compared to her, fair enough he screwed around, spent thousands on the sister in-law. and what does she get from his fan's, a bunch in the nose. Larry let her have what she wants! It only shows she is a gold digger, wanted you millions, but who has been by your-side through out it all - "The Sister In-Law" Surely she will stand by you thick and thin and bring things out about the ex wife to be that no one else knew, not even you!

1618 days ago
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