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Larry King Shocker -- No Prenup!

4/15/2010 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Larry King does not have a prenup with estranged wife Shawn Southwick.

Larry King Shocker -- No Prenup!

Sources tell us Larry -- who was married 7 times before tying the knot with Shawn -- did not demand a prenup.  As one source close to the situation tells TMZ, "She is a tall, good-looking blonde and that pretty much explains it."

Larry's net worth is reportedly estimated at $144 million.  He's in the middle of a CNN contract reportedly worth $56 million over 4 years.

In California, earnings accumulated during a marriage are split 50/50.  Shawn and Larry have been married for nearly 13 years. 



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I hope she gets whatever Madoff left him. Old fart in contract negotiations? Jeez, he NEEDS to retire. Looks like he'll drift off to sleep on every interview, and the typical old folks mouth movements. Oi. He is hurting CNN. Give it up to Anderson Cooper. Then try to find a woman who will love you with a lot less money and don't BUY a wife this time. You'll be a whole lot happier - ya ain't got that much time left, bud.

1598 days ago


Someones needs to interview Larry..and ask, "What were you thinking"? That's why it's not smart to get married..unless you feel like giving half of everything you've worked for away to a non-working wife that shops all day..what a chump..if that you're much of a lame-ass, you get what you deserve. Sorry Larry - stupid move or lack of move..

1598 days ago


LK is so old ... sooner or later he will pass away so really what does he need 144 mil for?? So if his soon to be ex gets half then so be it she was with him 13 yrs and she will be responsible for raising there 2 sons.

1598 days ago


no fool like an old fool

1598 days ago


No pre-nup? That dumb old geezer!

1598 days ago


Larry, if you wanted the A grade bitch all looks no heart or soul money whore ***** you could have made like Tiger Woods and paid hos the going rate without the kids and baggage. Then you'd still have all your millions and wouldn't be taken to the cleaners.

1598 days ago


oh no he didn't!? After 7 failed marriages you'd think he would of figured it, either get a prenup or don't get married YET AGAIN you old fool!

1598 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Well that explains why she married him in his hospital room before open heart surgery.

Whale trolling in Beverly Hills really paid off big for her, Larry swallowed her lure hook line & sinker.

No prenep, signed over all his real estate, he's not going to have so much as a pot to pee in when she's through with him. But at least he'll be free of her.

1598 days ago


Who could be shocked by anything that this dried up looking (even when young) loose lipped trophy wife collecting womanizing moron might or might not do? If he had 500 million I still wouldn't get in the same car or between the covers with him....even to just sleep. He sure can't jump fast or high enough for their sons right now. He's always looked like a praying mantis.

1598 days ago


God...she has seen that old wrinkled dude naked ...thats got to be worth millions alone....not to mention she touched him.

1598 days ago


Oh my god if this is true i would fire my business manager wow poor Larry

1598 days ago


I wish I had a prenup. My exhusband turned ***got. He is now butt fu$$ing my ***got brother after i put my inheritance into fixing his house. A house those ***gots are living in. They say God hates ***s - well i hate these 2 ***got & hope they rot in hell for eternity with the rest of the s0d0mites.

1598 days ago


That's what you get for marrying a gold-digger who has an even better looking sister. The sisters probably have had a plan in place for this doofus.

1598 days ago


The eternal romantic! HAHA! What an idiot! On the other hand, lucky (if one can even call her that!) Shawn!

1598 days ago


@harleystpeters: I feel your anger, girl, but attacking all gay people is ridiculous!

1598 days ago
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