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Larry King's Wife: He Never Got Me That Necklace

4/15/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources directly connected with Larry King and Shawn Southwick tell TMZ Shawn believes Larry has been having an affair with her sister for 5 years ... and the cover was blown when Shawn checked his Visa statement.

larry king  and his wife Shawn Southwick
One source intimately familiar with the situation tells us Larry bought wildly expensive gifts for Shannon Engemann, including a $160,000 car and "tons of gifts from Cartier."  We're told Larry used his credit card to purchase many of the gifts. The credit card bills were paid by Larry's business manager. 

We're told Shawn started looking at the statements, saw a Cartier diamond necklace, and then told a friend, "He never gave me a diamond necklace."

So began 5 years of never-ending drama.  Friends tell TMZ there were numerous instances where the couple was fighting, sometimes physically.  One friend recalls an incident outside of Nate 'n Al in Beverly Hills a year and a half ago where the couple was "punching each other."

As we first reported, several years ago Larry attempted to save their marriage by transferring 3 homes -- including the one in Beverly Hills -- into Shawn's name alone, to show his commitment to the marriage.

Friends tell TMZ Shawn went into a "deep depression" for a long time and literally wouldn't leave the house. 

Ironically, in the last two weeks, friends felt things were "calming down" between Larry and Shawn.


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What's that saying? Marrying for money is a hard way to make a living?? She has every right to be mad...she was working hard for that money...and he broke her "employment" contract. Something tells me the divorce laws in California were made for this situation. Those women need to be compensated...WELL...I mean...look at him. He's 800 years old.

1623 days ago

pink floyd    

b.s. he gave you lots of pearl necklaces.

1623 days ago


YUCK to her for ever even DATING the old man. Obviously this was some sick mess from the beginning. what a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to decieve

1623 days ago

The Dish    

I had a front row seat to the Nate & Al arguement, I worked across the street and watched the spat, It was the day after Anna Nicole passed away. She was screaming, he was screaming (mind you, this was in public) as she was waking away he was yelling at her down the street "see ya later kiddo" Its over kiddo" (he used kiddo alot) Ah, but it was not over!!
she walked up Beverly Dr and he walked back to N & A came back out and proceed to walk in the direction she left, there is a walk thru half way on the block where she came out, he reappeared and they yelled alittle more, he walked one way, she another, both popping in & out of corners looking for the other. It was like a game of cat & mouse. They never did find each other again. I wanted to yell "she went that way" or "he went that way" alas I sat quitely highy amused. 2 weeks later I read that they purchased a new house with a large guest home attached, Since then I have often wondered which of the two moved into back house.

1623 days ago


Strange - the name 'Engemann' (German or Dutch) means 'Scary Man'..

1623 days ago


Another story to ad to the multiple quakes in California...You cant get the rich and famous to repent of sin, and turn to the Jewish Messiah Jesus...Each incident actually causes the earth to quake once again...Hollywood has no is running rampant with reprobates...One day soon the earth will open up and swallow all of them up...

1623 days ago


He did give her a bunch of pear necklaces though

1623 days ago


Did she have an affair with the Little League coach?

1623 days ago


Did she hired a private detective ? A couple of weeks ago TMZ was waiting for Larry King in front of a store and a guy (who was waiting for him too) said he was a private detective ...

1623 days ago


I cannot believe how anyone young and pretty, would want larry king.His record tells it all.He did not want anyone talking to him yet he likes to put all the gossip out there if its someone else.He really blasted sarah pa lins daughter to levi asked the most serious questions & he was advise ing levi .I believe he can be vicious to others yet he do not like been asked questions.I beleive he needs go on his show and tell us all.Larry you owe your viewers that much.Eileen in buffalo

1623 days ago


I can't imagine there being enough money on the entire planet to ever compensate someone for having to see Larry King naked! UGH!! And what about the added agony of having to admit to people that you VOLUNTEERED for this by marrying him?!!! Yet, amazingly, seven women decided that this was a fabulous,irresistable idea! (And one even agreed to RE-marry him!!) Color me incredulous...and GRATEFUL...because I would NEVER want money to matter to me THAT much!!! For me,the price of that money (or fame) would be excruciating!!

1623 days ago


Disgusting. What a lowlife.

1623 days ago


Hey Chris (Page 5): How do you 'trick' someone into having kids...TWICE? Once, not impossible. But especially when you're Larry's age, just go get a vasectomy and ensure that no woman will ever be able to make you vulnerable to that again!

1623 days ago


Wow for the one whos always up in other peoples business trying to get all their perosnal **** out this sure is one hell of a story..maybe sort your own **** out before worrying about everyone elses business Larry..Shame

1623 days ago


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1623 days ago
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