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Larry King's Sister-in-Law Denies Affair

4/14/2010 6:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Larry King's marriage fell apart in large part because Shawn Southwick believes Larry is having an affair with her sister, Shannon Engemann ... but Shannon tells TMZ exclusively it's absolutely not true.


Shannon says Shawn has been accusing her of fooling around with Larry for months.  She says Shawn has repeatedly pointed to the fact that Larry gave Shannon numerous gifts as evidence.  But Shannon says, "This is so ludicrous.  She's singling me out, but Larry has been nothing but generous to our entire family, including me."

Shannon says it's true ... Larry has given her gifts for Xmas and her birthday.  Shannon was not specific, but Shawn reportedly believes Larry bought Shannon a $160,000 car, among other things.

Shannon said, "Shawn has left me threatening messages."  After the National Enquirer published a story suggesting an affair, Shannon says, "Shawn left me a message ... 'If you dare sue the Enquirer I will pull out every last receipt that proves you had an affair with Larry.'"

Shannon EngemannShannon adds, "I'm tired for taking the rap for things.  I did not have an affair with Larry.  He's been like a father to me."

And finally, Shannon added, "I have a date tonight and I'm not going to worry about it.  I love my sister.  What's happening is not my fault."


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Just hope that Larry is not being swindled by Both sisters. Because Larry is a kind man with standards and he could be elderly and taken advantage of but who knows. Just hope he is not been given anything in his food. He could wind up broke. There may be more to this story for instance she could be cheating allegedly but who knows. Just would be a good thing not to jump to conclusions that he is the one doing ALL the dirt. The story will come out, and it will be another story or more to the story by next week. The truth will come out sooner or later.

1615 days ago


You've got to hand to Larry. His tiny, shriveled, limp, gray, 97 year old pecker comes first. No one gets out alive. Might as well get some insane Mormon pootie while you're still breathing.

1615 days ago


For those of us who have been around Shannon since the early 1980's (she was mind-numbingly vain and predatory even then), we don't know who exactly to believe, but yet we are not surprised. And both Shawn and Larry knew exactly what they were getting into. Shawn has been pounded behind his back for years. She reached for $ and the spotlight; he reached for . . well, take a look at her and you can see what he reached for (duh).

1614 days ago


Last night on The Wendy Williams Show. HOW U DOIN!!!!!! Well sounds like I heard her say that Shawn has been accused by Larry of Dating their son's baseball coach allegedy. Wendy did go on to make jokes about the alleged coach, saying something like if Shawn wins custody of the kids is their Coach included. The audience thought that was very funny!!! Well there will be more and more to this story. Maybe the alleged coach will come forward and tell his story for money of course. No matter what Larry is so much older than his wife and it is not a surprise THIS STORY SOUNDS LIKE SOME GOLDDIGGIN GOIN ON it is not a surprise. FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY is the root of ALL EVIL. Oh well who knows the real truth, they should split the houses right down the middle. CHAINSAW WHERE ARE U!!!!!

1614 days ago


How could either one those women want to be seen with Larry King wearing that day-glow green shirt and those jeans. He must be color blind. Or maybe he just mixed up the sisters and had to "feel" his way around them. that would explain the mixup. I am sure it is just a mistake

1612 days ago


did he have help to get her pregnant?? Had to!

1582 days ago


PU ! who would want that bony old man!You would have to put a wrap over your face so you couldn't look at him in the bed. Then,throw up afterwards.

1582 days ago


its funny, that so called wife of his, didn't take his last name. Whats wrong with these women?It should be a law. Names have to change when you get married. He should of stayed singe.he's only been married about 8 times.He probably can't get it up anymore. She's sick of that.She told her sister to try to take over for her.What does a person expect.He's almost 100 yrs old.

1582 days ago


Who in the world would sleep with that creep...most likely a gold digger.Larry must keep his $ in his Johnson.

1558 days ago
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