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Sheen's Lawyers Challenge Damning Evidence

4/14/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's lawyers have made their move to block incriminating evidence from his criminal trial ... TMZ has learned.


TMZ has obtained a motion to suppress incriminating statements made by Charlie, on grounds cops failed to read him his Miranda rights.

Charlie's lawyers claim  ... when officers arrived at his home on Christmas Day, the "Two and a Half Men" star was effectively in custody, because anyone in Charlie's shoes would have felt they were not free to leave.  People in custody must be told they have a right to remain silent, a right to an attorney, etc., before cops can question them.

Sources tell TMZ that Charlie admitted to cops, among other things, that he broke Brooke Mueller's eyeglasses, and that is the basis of one of the charges.  Sheen's lawyers want all his statements excluded from evidence.

And the defense filed other motions.  They want the prosecution to disclose "all attempts on the part of the alleged victim to supplement her statement to law enforcement..."  Translation -- Brooke changed her story and the defense wants every last detail.

And in yet another motion, Charlie's lawyers want the personnel file of former Officer Valerie McFarlane, the Aspen cop who interviewed Brooke.  According to docs, McFarlane was fired by the P.D., because she reportedly used her position to get free concert tickets, and then gave "favorable treatment" to a local reporter who was working the story. A surveillance camera captured some of the contact between McFarlane and the reporter, and the defense wants a copy of the tape.

The documents make it clear ... if the case goes to trial the defense wants to rip the former officer apart on the stand, and they want prosecutors to supply them with the ammunition.  They also want to impeach Brooke, if push comes to shove.

Elin Nordegren -- Heading for Sweden?

Elin Nordegren is fixing up the house on her newly purchased property in her native Sweden -- proof that it may be the spot where Elin's headed to rebuild her life.

As we previously reported, Tiger Woods' current wife picked up the $2 million home late last year -- a home that could only be described as a dump, at best.

But now, new photos reveal that a major renovation is underway on the property -- and we're told the builders are trying to get everything done by the summer.

Tiger is scheduled to play the U.S. Open at the end of June -- seems the only way Elin will be watching is if they get cable in Sweden.

Heidi Montag Takes the Twins to the Pool

Heidi Montag charged her batteries, lubed up her parts and made her way to the Liquid Pool at Aria at CityCenter in Las Vegas yesterday.

Does plastic even really tan?

Battle of the Hot Bods!

TMZ is tackling the age-old question -- Who's hotter? So step right up and vote for which celebrity bod is better!


TMZ's Feline Photo Contest -- MEOW!

The feline photos poured in for TMZ's Kitty Contest like we were passing out free cat nip!

Celebrity Bieber Bangs!

Check out which short-haired stars might look rad rockin' those trendy L-word chic Justin Bieber bangs!

Justin Bieber Hair


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HEIDI MONTAG IS AWESOME! Just some days ago I've found her almost nudde VIDEO! It's here:

1562 days ago

cill malik    

are you kidding me? are you kidding me? do we really care when our country is going to crap what sheen does? come on america!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1562 days ago

Jeannette Schiavone     

Heidi is a plastic FREAK ! Real women do not look like this.
Keep it real !!

1562 days ago



1562 days ago



1562 days ago


Yes, our country is in a mess, but that doesn't mean that we should stop caring about our fellow man, or celebrity as it were.I care what happens to Charlie Sheen! I think he is a great actor,He has had his share of 'issues',but I believe that his wife has also.She was reportedly drunk that night, and surprisingly, Charlie was not, so it seems this whole thing has just been blown out of proportion by the media.Let them resolve their differences, get the help they both need, raise their kids,etc. Two And A 1/2 Men is a great show and I hope Charlie doesn't have to face jail time and can continue to work, as long as he gets help and doesn't repeat this type of incident again.They were both wrong!

1562 days ago


Why would Heidi do that to herself. She went from a natural beauty to a freak. Her chest is way too large and looks painfully stretched to the max.

1562 days ago


I can't believe the above poster said, "I care what happens to Charlie Sheen!" Are you on his payroll?? PLEASE! You know what? Charlie Sheen is a WOMEN ABUSER! He hates women and he has some deep down psychological issues that need to be addressed in THERAPY! )intensive and long term) He's got this wife of his recalling statements? This Hollywood bad boy IS crying FOWL on his Miranda rights he's such a WIMP!!! he can do the crime but he's going to wiggle out of the time? I think NOT!! IS he the biggest CRY BABY or what??? No, I think it's time Charlie Sheen be held accountable for what his money has afforded him all of his life, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!!
Hollywood has covered up for this sorry sack of sh&t for years! Women have been paid off and hushed...I would not be surprised one bit if he's paid off the McFarlane cop.
Charlie needs to learn women aren't to be beaten or abused, they are to be loved and nurtured. He see's women as objects and less than. He's got issues that I could not possibly type in this small area! He's been out of control for years and quiet frankly I hope the State of Colorado throws the book @ him and he serves TIME in PRISON!
It's time he takes a long, hard, look at what he truly is as a human being..a spineless half legged man who thinks it's ok to beat a woman in front of her children!! Then, slowly ruin that woman publicly and she's too stupid she can't see what he and his pack of lawyers are doing! I would REFUSE!!! He's made her out to be a crack smoking, alcoholic junkie whore because?? he chose this bad behavior for HIMSELF! I don't care about Charlie Sheen can you tell?? He ties his shoes just as you and I. No special treatment for this SPOILED HOLYWOOD WASH UP! Go to JAIL Charlie Sheen and keep your hands off WOMEN! because your going to hit the wrong woman one day and she may shoot you like you shot Kelly Preston! you loser! If I were your wife I'd wipe you sorry as& all over the streets of Hollywood until you begged for mercy!

1562 days ago


Remember when he shot Kelly Preston? I remember.

1562 days ago


heidi. you look like crap. You were fine before. You look like you don't work out. because you probably don't. Please!

1562 days ago


Could you imagine what it would be like to be married to such a woman as Heidi Montag? Someone who use to be so naturally pretty, is so unappreciative of the gift of beauty given to her, that there must be little out there that would make her happy. No Thanks

1562 days ago


Charlie is a worthless piece of $#!* and should go to jail. I can comprehend all eleven dimensions of the time space continuum, or quantum physics, but I cant understand why anyone thinks he is special.

1562 days ago


HEIDI MONTAG looked better before now she look just like the other fake chicks in hollywood!She probly did it for that white haired ass clown she`s with!

1562 days ago


no. 13 if you can comprehend all eleven dimensions of the time space continuum, or quantum physics. then why haven't you built a time machine. because you are the only person on this earth that fully understands about showing our scientist how to find worm holes or better yet a parallel time ban.

1562 days ago
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